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RRB NTPC Book 2023

RRB NTPC books are the most efficient way to prepare for the exam. They help the candidates clear the concept and present the information in a precise manner. Therefore it is essential to pick the right set of books that can help them sail smoothly through the exam. Here we have provided a list of RRB NTPC books for Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, and General Awareness subjects.

Best Book for RRB NTPC

There are four stages of the RRB NTPC exam out of which the first two stages are the Computer Based Test (CBT) comprising objective questions on the following three subjects - Reasoning, General Awareness, and Mathematics. Some of the best RRB NTPC books are as follows:

      Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M Tyra

      General Intelligence and Test of Reasoning by Arihant Publications

      Lucent GK

RRB NTPC General Awareness Book

The General Awareness section of RRB NTPC is very important as it comprises the maximum number of questions in both stages. In CBT 1, there are a total of 40 questions, whereas, 50 questions are there in CBT 2 exam. Candidates can check the best books for RRB NTPC General Awareness below.

RRB NTPC General Awareness Book


Lucent GK

Dr Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

Arihant General Knowledge

Manohar Pandey

Test of Reasoning

Edgar Thorpe

RRB NTPC Maths Book

This section of RRB NTPC comprises a total of 30 questions in CBT 1 and 35 questions in CBT 2. Candidates must have a clear concept of basic topics like Number Systems, CI & SI, Geometry etc. Candidates can refer to the list of RRB NTPC books for Maths below to prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude section in the upcoming exam.

RRB NTPC Maths Book


Quickest Mathematics

Kiran Publication

Quantitative Aptitude

RS Aggarwal

Advance Maths

Rakesh Yadav

NTPC Book for Reasoning

Here we have listed below the RRB NTPC books for Reasoning that not only contain tips and tactics but also have numerous questions that can enhance their performance exponentially. These books also contain high-level questions that will boost your confidence, increase your speed and clear your concepts.

NTPC Book for Reasoning


Lucent Reasoning

Lucent Publication

General Intelligence and Test of Reasoning

Arihant Publications

Analytical Reasoning

MK Pandey

Importance of RRB NTPC Books

Candidates need to put continuous efforts till the exam day to achieve their goal. The only way to do it is by referring to the best RRB NTPC book. It also covers the entire syllabus in a conceptual and comprehensive manner that helps the candidates get a firm grasp on the subjects. It is mandatory for the candidates to reach out to the above mentioned RRB NTPC books and clear the exam with flying colours.

How to Choose the Best Book for RRB NTPC?

The choice of the best book for RRB NTPC for candidates might differ from person to person. So, follow the important points written below to know how to choose the best RRB NTPC book for yourself:

      Solve a mock test or a previous year paper to find the areas or subjects where you need more practice.

      Go through the list of RRB NTPC books available in the market for each subject.

      Read their reviews and features online and then decide whether it suits your requirement or not.

It is better to have a book with numerous practice questions along with an explanation of concepts.


1.What are the best RRB NTPC Books for the General Awareness section?

The General Awareness subject is one of the most scoring sections of the NTPC 2023 exam. For this section, some of the best RRB NTPC books are Lucent G.K. by Dr Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul, Arihant General Knowledge, etc.

2.Which NTPC book should I refer to for the Reasoning section?

Several RRB NTPC books are available for General Intelligence & Reasoning subject in the market. However, you must refer to the best NTPC book for Reasoning which can be selected from the following:

       Lucent Reasoning

       Quizzes by AVISION'S Exam Prep

       Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

3.Does the Railway Recruitment Board prescribe the RRB NTPC Books?

No, the Railway Recruitment Board doesn't prescribe the books for the RRB NTPC exam. But in this post, we have mentioned books for General Awareness, Mathematics, and Reasoning sections which might be helpful to crack the upcoming exam with good scores.

4.Which RRB NTPC book should I refer to for Mathematics?

RRB NTPC exam is conducted in two stages- CBT 1 and CBT 2. Both the stages have a Maths section, thus, it is mandatory for the candidates to choose the best RRB NTPC books 2022 for it. Following are the RRB NTPC Maths books candidates must have:

       Quickest Mathematics by Kiran Publication

       Quick Arithmetic

5.Are RRB NTPC Books enough to crack the exam?

The RRB NTPC books provide complete and comprehensive information about all the topics. Books also contain tips and tricks which help the candidates clear their concepts and memorise them. But it is advisable to use other resources as well such as mock tests, previous year question papers, daily quizzes, practice questions, etc along with the NTPC book.

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