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MH CET Overview

MH CET Law Entrance Exam is one of the best options in this time to get quality law education you have been looking for. With a number of institutions working under its authority and many specially attributed law courses to choose from; MH CET Law Entrance Exam can become your route to reach your ‘dream come true’ education. 

But, you have to get prepared in the best ways possible to ultimately be the ONE. 

What we mean by the ONE is that you are going to be the winner winner winning this challenge. 

In this regard, it is the best if you do two things at first and they are 1. learning about the examination and 2. getting an admission in one of the providers of the best MH CET online coaching in India and get  to know insights and techniques on cracking the examination in a few attempts or, probably, in the first one. 

Want an institute to get that coaching? Well, you might find Avision Institute helpful in this regard. We have launched our brand new MH CET Law Entrance Exam 2021 Preparation course only for you. To know more about that; you can read the full blog and we can promise you that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

So, without further ado, let us get into it and learn more about MH CET.

MH CET Vacancies

The thing about MH CET is that it is an examination taken by the Maharashtran government. 

3 years back, the government of that state in India decided to introduce a new but effective law entrance test that opens the gate for hundreds and thousands of students with the will the study law education and become a law professional.

You have got a 5 year course and a 3 year course, to which you will gain access once you a re qualified in the exam. 

There are a total number of 5000 seats available for the 5 year course. 

Surprised? Catch your breath. 

You have got more 15000 seats for the 3 year course. 

Isn’t that interesting for you all law enthusiasts?

MH CET Important Dates

It is always the wisest decision to stick to checking the official website of the exam frequently in order to know about the latest updates and changes in certain data. It will help you be more alert of what’s going on. 

For now, we can tell that registration for the MH CET Law Entrance exam 2021 launches at July 15 and closes at July 29 of 2021. 

The exam authority has allowed extended form fill up which starts at August 2, 2021 and ends in August 9, 2021.

MH CET Eligibility Criteria

Let us talk about the nationality and age limit at first.

You must be an Indian citizen by your nationality status. The aspirants from Maharashtra domicile would get the advantage of 85% seats while the rest 15% would be reserved from candidates from other states of India.  

As far as age is concerned, there is no such specific age limit for this  examination.

These rules mentioned above apply both for the 3 and the 5 year courses.

MH CET Exam Pattern

First of all, you should remind yourself that you should not be having any doubt with the examination guidelines and the exam pattern. If you, however, do have such issues, then we recommend talking to our trainers to clear doubts on the latest MH CET Exam Pattern and be completely okay with that. Once you cleared  these doubts you are having in your mind, then you can definitely make sure what you might do in case of your performance in the real life scenario. 

So, there are two kinds of courses (as mentioned before) here and they are the 5 year one and then the 3 year one. 

For the 5 year long course, you’ll need to answer the questions in 5 different sections. The total marks of this exam is going to be 150.  There will also be 150 questions, which will make every question carry 1 mark. 

You will get 120 minutes or two hour to finish the examination. 

The next examination is the one for the 3 year course. The number of question; total marks and the time for this exam are as same as the 5 year course exam. 

But, you need to answer the questions in 4 different sections.

MH CET Syllabus

Now, with the syllabus, comes the point of study tips, right?

Well, we are definitely going to aid you with that. 

Just keep reading on:

You need to study (for the 5 year course):

  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs 
  • English 
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 
  • Mathematical Aptitude 

You need to study (for the 3 year course)   

  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs 
  • English
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 

Still having doubts? Probably you have never known about some of these subjects of the 

MH CET Syllabus


in the past. That is why your trainers are there for you .Just talk to them and they will explain all you need to know about these subjects.

MH CET How to Prepare

You need to maximize the potentials for your preparation and  that can be done by using these following tips your expert trainers suggest you. In this regard, it is highly important to tell you that most of the training centerswill tell you the same guidelines. But, Avision Institute can give you more than  what you consider the best services regarding this, for which you need to register yourself with the institute. 

For now, you may as well concentrate on the exam preparation tips trainers have selected for you in this year. 

Practice and Evaluate 

You need  to know what you are doing and why you are doing that. This theory (or technique) Is very useful in performing anything in your life and one of them is preparing for your examination. In this regard, evaluation is the key to understand a problem and to find out a a solution for that. Do this with mock tests. The more mock test question papers  you practice; the better you are going to be in performing in the exam while nullifying your weaknesses and learning to deal with problem areas faster and better. 

Practice Sets?

Yes, they can be really useful alongside the mock test papers just mentioned. The thing is practice papers work not just as an extension to mock test question papers, but they also take care of your general traits relating to your performance like speed; thinking power; choice of answering particular questions and time management. With solving each practice paper; you will learn new insights about your own kind of preparation and be better at solving problems all by yourself. 

Attempt Maximum Questions 

The best idea to make the best scores in an examination is to understand the question pattern and when the question pattern you get carries zero negative marking; like the one found in the MH CET Law Entrance Exam, then you might need to make sure you answer all the questions. If you fail to do that, then do not leave an answer and try to give answers to as many questions as you can. In that way, you may ensure you have given your best efforts in answering a question paper. 

Decide Which Section to Answer at First 

Sometimes  referred to as a chronological selection of the sections, this attempt again helps you maximizing your chances in getting the best  marks you deserve. Think clearly. If you answer the section you’re  comfortable answering, then you already maximize scoring really high there. So, when you go to the other sections, to answer which you get the “I am not sure’ alert, you will again get time to think on it; get a probable solution and make the most out [of your performance. Think of this situation in the reversed form and that might not make you happy, isn’t it?

But Which Sections Do You Have in Mind?

Like they say, experts’ words are priceless. Staying true to that statement, we must remember that answering questions is going to be okay if you know how much time you should devoted in answering questions of  a particular  type of topic. In terms of mathematical aptitude along with the other aptitudes and reasoning related subjects you find in the syllabus of the MH CET Law Entrance Exam 2021; you need a good  time to think on solving a problem or answering a question because of the extensive information in those subjects. ON the other hand, you don’t really need much time to think about the section of general knowledge and current affairs, right? So, choose answering that in the last while devoting the time to answering questions in the aptitude and reasoning sections. 

Before the Exam: TALK

And what we mean is that  you should have a really good conversation with your trainers as they are the ones who can help you the best if you feel troubled or stuck somewhere. Find  the Best Online Coaching for  MH CET Exams and be frank in speaking with the trainers about your weak points; the exam pattern; how they can help you out; what you need from them and many more aspects related to crack this examination. Avision Institute can offer the best guidance as its trainers are super-friendly and are always ready to talk if you need their assistance. Want to find out how friendly they are? Well, you can ring us anytime and have a conversation with them. 

MH CET How We Help

We, at Avision Institute, can help you in numerous ways. We can make sure what we have gets  to be of the best use for you. To do that, we have included some really special features in our MH CET Law Entrance Examination 2021 preparation course. Read more to learn on them in details:

Access the Most Relevant Mock Tests 

For this year, we decided to take things a little bit more competitive. 

Wondering what that is?

Well, we have prepared our online mock test question papers in such a way that they become more and more interesting to you. 

To make it competitive in a little bit different way; we made  them in the form of mock test challenges. These challenges are the ones, which will not only ask you to solve them for the sake  of evaluating your performance, but will also make you motivated to sit down take MH CET Law Entrance Exam preparation sportingly. 

Go Online 

The most interesting factor about an online education is that you get to have all the facilities of education only from the comfort of your home.

Frankly speaking, that’s quite enjoyable. 

In this regard, consider the mobile Avision Institute mobile application and find out its really cool features that will help you access all of the essential features of the new MH CET Law Entrance Exam Preparation course 2021 in a tap of a finger. With the mobile Avision Institute App; you can also get all the innovative classes and video lectures in one solution.  

Advanced Content 

Who doesn’t want that?

And that too all prepared and arranged by expert trainers…

Yes, you have heard that right. In Avision Institute, you get all of the content sorted and handpicked by your trainers for a particular year. They also work at their best efforts to make a part of the content. 

And, through the Avision Institute mobile application, you can access all of that.

Why don’t you take your time and think about what content is waiting for you in regards to the MH CET Law Entrance Test 2021? We will surely share all of that too you and be of your service once you have decided to join forces with us. 

MH CET Concluding Words

We humbly state that the above mentioned features for the recent program we talked about and many other similar points have made our services qualified as one of the Best  MH CET Exams Coaching in India, for which we are largely grateful to our trainers; our candidates and our staffs. 

Avision Institute works in the motto and vision to keep up assisting people with more effective services than it did  before. 

So, if you are one of the persons desiring to experience this inflating groups of facilities in this examination, then you can join us anytime. 

We will be happy to have you.

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