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TIISNET Exam is a wonderful opportunity for you to turn your dreams into reality! Get all information about online TIISNET syllabus, preparation guide, last date to apply, exam dates, admit card, latest exam pattern and results here. Kick start your preparation now!

TIISNET Overview

It is not necessary that you need a good education for a good life. But, a good education can, at some points, offer you a better life than the one without it. 

As a matter of fact, you need to get educated in the right field as well if you want to relate your educational achievements to the quality of profession and, to some extent, the standard of life you want to live. 

Yes, above all, you need a  simple life. But that can happen with a good education too. Ironically speaking, good academic life may actually offer you a simple life in the future. 

So, let your search for that good education begin now!

TIISNET Are You Missing Something


You have been thinking about good education for the past few minutes if you have read the above-mentioned  lines properly. 

But, have you asked yourself the definition of a really good education and where can you find it?

Well, it is again wrong to say that good education only comes with entrance tests. But, on the other hand, it is true that whatever education you get from an entrance tests are basically high quality education. 

Not only do this type of education give you a superb academic qualification, but also aids in making the best of professional life  for  you.

TIISNET Choose Cracking Exam

In case you are still waiting for that perfect education to happen to you, then you can surely choose TISSNET Exam 2021. it is better if you aim finding the best TISSNET online coaching in India as that can help you amazingly to win over the challenge brought to you by this popular but competitive exam. All you need to do is to follow the instructions of your trainers from such institutes and be determined. If you want to talk to trainers from institutions like these, then you are always welcome to pay a visit to Avision Institute, a  quality training centre to help you meet all your  needs about TISSNET Exam preparation in 2021 and crack the exam ultimately. 

What is the TISSNET Exam 2021? Well, it is an annually organized entrance test observed and controlled by TISS or the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. With a huge brand recognition to its educational degrees, TISSNET may turn out to be the game changer if you are looking for both academic enrichment and professional establishment at the same time. With this institute, a candidate from all over the country are welcome to pursue his or her academic career by studying and obtaining post graduation certifications. There are many kinds of PG programs in the TISS and all of them bear considerably high values in the academic as well as in the professional fields. 

The School of Management and Labor Studies usually look after the academic services offered by TISS. Some of the courses here are HRM or Human Resource Management and Labor Relations; Organization Development; Social Entrepreneurship and many more. Visit the website of TISS to learn extensively about the subjects and courses it offers. 

But, what can Avision Institute do with your TISSNET preparation?

To be frank, a lot!

If you visit  the premise of Avision Institute, then you would definitely understand the quality of services and the level of academic support we provide. It is for these services offered by our trainers and staff, we have become one of the most trustworthy and effective providers of Best online coaching for TISSNET and we will continue to do so as  long as there are aspirants like you guys. 

We cater to offer you precise services that will unlock the integral skills you have. It will make you stand out from the crowd and make your skills grab the spotlight. We would work at our best efforts to help you achieve the position you have been dreaming of for a really long time and we will not stop until you are secured in terms of what you desire. 

Interested? Well, we can interest you more with our strategic delivery of services that help us say these above-mentioned word and prove them as well. Stay with us a little bit more to read entire blog where we will try to give you some important information on the upcoming 

TISSNET 2021 Exam

 and what WE HAVE FOR YOU this year. 

TIISNET Exam Notifications

What are we looking at right now?

Well, the exam has been conducted in the this year on February, 20th. It has been recommended that you should start preparing for the exam from now on if you want to score well in the year 2022. 

The exam has been conducted by 02:00 p.m. to 03:40 p.m.

This year, it is going to be easier for you to crack TISSNET exam if you start thinking from now on and get in touch with a training institute.

You don’t need much to worry about. With Avision Institute’s quality sessions and qualified trainers by your side, you will be guided to the point of being promoted in this examination without a doubt. 

But, you must know what the examination is all about isn’t it?

For example, you chose courses like these:

HRM & LR (Human Relations Management and Labor Relations)

ODCL (Organization Development, Change and Leadership)

Once you get qualified in the main TISSNET exam; you need to appear for another Management Aptitude Test known as the TISS-MAT. 

This aptitude test is going to be based on 50 marks and you would get a complete 45 minutes to finish the exam. 

There is another exam of this  kind known as Program Aptitude Test or TISS-PAT. Visit the website of TISS to know more about both of these subordinate exams. 

The TISSNET is an entrance  that attracts thousands  of candidates each year. If you want crack it this year and gain the education you have been looking for, then it is probably the best time to think about it and, if possible, to start preparing for it.

TIISNET Important Dates

As far as the website of the exam notifies us, the TISSNET exam is going to be held in the month of February in the next year, which is 2022. 

The dates of the application form release; or the registration deadlines; or admit card issuing are still ot known as the website didn’t release it till now. 

However, such information is released in the right time, for which you need to keep visiting the website at almost a daily basis. 

Frequently checking the website results in getting the notifications early, which aids you to prepare early as well. 

Talk to the trainers of from

TISSNET online coaching 2021

 to learn more about this matter.

TIISNET Eligibility Criteria

You have got to know if you are eligible for the TISS Exam. 

To find that out in detail, you can surely visit the website later. But, for now, you can read the information shared in this blog below.

The good news is that you age is not going to stop you from applying in the  TISSNET exam as there are no upper  age limits in this examination. 

But, there are rules. 

You have to be a graduate from a recognized university. Be it a 3 year or a 4 year course (10+2+3/ 10+2+2+1/10+2+4/10+2+4); it must be completed and you have to pass all the subjects there are. 

If these study programs are based on semester systems; then you have too qualify in the exams based on all the subjects in those semesters. You have to get promoted in the first to the fourth semester for a 3 year graduation and in the first to the sixth semester in case of a 4 year graduation. 

TIISNET Exam Pattern

TISSNET exam pattern is quite easy to understand. However, you can still have issues with the TISSNET exam pattern of 2021 and few of the important aspects related to it. In that case, simply goo ahead and speak to our trainers who are always ready to help you. 

The entire examination is going to be based on the computer based test method.  So, it is an online exam. 

There are a total 100 questions in this exam and no negative marking exists. 

You would get 4 to 5 options in each questions, in which one is the correct answer. 

In a total 1 hour and 45 minutes; you are too finish answering the full question paper. 

There will be 3 different sections in the question paper.

The exam bears a total of 100 marks.

TIISNET Syllabus

TISSNET is an exam that is not heavily attributed in subjects. However, you need to be quite serious about studying them, don’t you?

You need to study:

  • English Proficiency
  • General Knowledge 
  • Mathematics and Logical Reasoning 

Do you still have doubts with the new 

TISSNET exam syllabus

 2021? Don’t worry. Speak to your trainers from Avision Institute right now.

TIISNET Why Choose Us

You can discover that rather than knowing about that. 

But, we’re not going to disappoint you since you have read this article till now. 

Read it a little bit more to know what special features do we have in store for you in case of this year’s special TISSNET exam training program.

1. Quality Mock Tests

They day that preparation is the building blocks of quality. To ensure that quality in your performance, you need to be sure what level is your performance at and what do you need to do (or do nothing about it but keeping up practising) in order to being it to the right level you and your trainers want them to be. 

In this regard, our trainers have used their years of experiences and invested their talents and researches into composing a quality set of mock test papers and a practice paper sets that will allow you to discover the real situation behind the examination. Now, with the help of this mock test papers, you can map your performance; be self-aware about it and make changes to it yourselves in order to improve it is quality and retain them till you get qualified in the TISSNET Exam. If you need guidance; then your trainers from TISSNET online coaching are always there to help you out. Keep in mind that their eyes are always open and every detail of your performance is being monitored by them.  

2.Improved Content Support 

You often worry about the right type of content, don’t you?

Plus, it is natural for you not to have enough time in hand to actually, you know, sit down and a arrange your own content because, frankly, you have got other jobs to do, right?

We have made a solution to this problem of yours. 

Our trainers have put together all the relevant content that  are USEFUL FOR THIS YEAR. 

You really don’t need to study a bunch of questions or notes, which, for this year, are literally IRRELEVANT. 

With our online availability, we ensure you get all the important notes and study materials with a tap of your fingertip. But, we also make sure that the content you’re looking for is the CONTENT YOU NEED. 

You can also be updated with additional information and guidance by our blog section available in the website. 

Check them out for once.

3.Mobile Availability 

Who doesn’t want to get all the study materials and question papers and all of that stuff delivered at home?

At Avision, we also bring the classes we offer in your home just by a simple app known as the Avision Institute mobile app. 

With a wonderful user interface design and interesting elements to keep you glued to it; the Avision App has been a game changer in our services as it actually helped usu to offer you our audio-visual content in a better way than usual. 

Now, just download the app to tune into the finest of our innovative classes, and video content and much more fun activities like quizzes and many more.

TIISNET To Conclude

Avision Institute can work wonders if you get to be our registered student and experience what our TISSNET online coaching 2021 has for you.

All we can do for you is to get you the position you have been desiring probably for a long time. 

We understand your dreams 

Let’s start working together to fulfil them.

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