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CMAT Overview

So, is it the CMAT you’re targeting?

In that case, you have taken a very good decision. 

CMAT is one of the most  challenging exams out there. These exams can make one face a lot of hurdles  if he or she wants to crack it in the first attempt. But, the good news is that exams like these can surely be qualified in first attempts only if the preparation part is taken care of. 

Because of its uncommon subjects, limited time period and a challenging requirement for flexible performance; CMAT is considered one of the most difficult barriers to break by many aspirants. But what those aspirants miss out is organization. Couple it up with determination and you would get a qualification record in your CMAT performance history. 

The thing is CMAT can be a great exam to learn about the recent entrance exams challenges too. People knowing what CMAT is can prepare in a better way from the next time using advanced methodologies and strategies to ensure they ultimately  crack the exam for good in the next attempts. 

This is where there is a 50% chance of winning (which, of course, means that there is a 50% chance  of losing as well). 

e paper setters, like many other question paper composition specialists, stick to make the exam unpredictable and more complicated. So, if you’re sticking to planning and hard work only; you might not get what you want. 

Why so?

Each year, th

What you need is an advanced insight into the way the CMAT authority is looking at the exams and the ways it has chosen to screen merit. 

This is where you need experience and expertise at the same time. 

You may get that in trainers offering you the Best CMAT Online Coaching in India who are also, as their work has made them, ready to aid you in the exact way you want assistance to be delivered. 

Talk to Avision Institute and you will surely get to work with such trainers and gain their priceless advice and helpful services. 


Did we not tell you who we are?

Sorry! Read on. 

CMAT How we help

At Avision, we have prepared for you a range of carefully arranged practice set of question papers as well as a number of highly useful mock test papers. 

With the help of these valuable question papers, you can get a clear understanding of the exam and what challenges it might bring to you in 2021. 

Our trainers  have worked their best and invested their time and energy to research and development so that the accurate question papers can be made and the precise ENVIRONMENT for the exam can be simulated just to help you get familiar with the challenge and be strong in your performance. 

To access all of these, you might need to enrol in Avision Institute’s special CMAT training program. Discover the best CMAT  Online Coaching in India by joining hands with us.


Why us?

We can tell you that a little bit later. For now, let us know about what the CMAT exam updates have released.

CMAT Exam Notification

Behold the CMAT exam 2021. 

CMAT stands for the Common Management Admission Test. 

Some of the important data about this exam this year have already been notified  in the main website dedicated to the exam.

This is an annual admission test or entrance test conducted by the National Testing Agency or the NTA. 

It generally is scheduled  to happen in the month of January in each year. 

What’s surprising is that you get 800 colleges and institutions where you can be considered eligible for admission once you qualify the admission test. 

Once you crack the exam and score as required; you will be called for a Group Discussion Session and Interview round, after which your admission is made. 

If you still want too know more about the CMAT exam 2021, then you are welcome to visit the official website of the exam. 

Information posted in the website do change and is updated with time as the operations continue. Be sure to check the website frequently to make sure you stay connected wiwth the updates, which are highly essential for you.

CMAT Important Dates

The dates for this popular exams are all notified in the official website of the exam.

No such dates have been notified for now. You need to keep checking the website many times to know more about the updates on exam dates; registration; the last date of registration and many more.

However, as per experts’ suggestion, it can be assumed that the exam is likely to happen by 2022. 

In this light, you can deduce that the registration process can start from the second half of 2021. 

It is better to keep checking the website or more updates.

CMAT Eligibility Criteria

Good news for you is that CMAT eligibility is not something that can make you worried.

All you need to have to apply for this examination is that you need to have a formal education and that is a graduation from a recognized university of this country. 

You must be an Indian nationally. 

Age limits don’t apply for this exam. So, you may relax at that part.

CMAT Exam Pattern

Often, students are identified  confused with the exam pattern of CMAT. It’s  not that confusing though. But, it is again highly possible for you to get a little bit uncomfortable in understanding the different papers and subjects that make the whole CMAT exam pattern 2021 and that can be a real trouble on the exam hall, isn’t it?. Do not worry! Avision Institute trainers are here to help you in the best ways possible. 

All you need to do is to communicate with them. 

Let’s learn about the full marks and the number of questions.  

Usually, the entire exam carries a total mark of 250 including the optional subject, which is going to be based on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. 

There are 4 sections in the exam (another for the optional). Each of them carry 25 questions. Each question is allotted 4 marks. You lose 1 mark with one, wrong answer.

The good news is that you are going to get full 3 hours and 30 minutes extra (for the optional paper) to finish answering all the questions. 

All of these questions are objectives. 

And the exam is going to be an online one. 

So, prepare for it at the comfort of your home.

CMAT Syllabus

You need to study:

  • Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness
  • Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Having doubts with the CMAT exam syllabus 2021? Speak to 

Avision Institute

 trainers and clear your confusions.

CMAT Why Us?

There are many coaching institutes for CMAT training out there. But, why would you choose Avision Institute?

There are many reasons. 

To begin with, we can offer an aspirant the best of training by dividing that training into effective parts that  target strengthening different traits of performance in him or her. Performing in an exam like this may not always be a very smooth journey for any individual and that can be a reason making the candidate a little bit disheartened. In this regard, we pay special attention to the individual growth of a candidate by putting him or her in a ore competitive platform even when it comes to training. By doing this, we try to ensure all the qualities of the candidate are being taken care of and are utilized in proper ways so that they come in use to fulfil the candidate’s ultimate goal, which is to get the education he or she has been dreaming for long. 

We also take care of the potentials of a candidate by allowing him or her to explore integral skills that have been already existing inside. Each candidate has a special trait in performing and that is one of the best advantages he or she has  when it comes to performing in a competitive environment as offered by the CMAT exam.  With the help of these integral skills, one can easily stand out from the crowd and prove his or her potentials in a smart and efficient way that grabs attention of the observing authorities. 

At Avision, we believe in this theory where we contribute to a certain area for a student’s development, which then becomes the student’s core principle to engage his or her evaluators and prove his or her worth to them. 

This collection of interesting services is just a part  of the comprehensive solutions we provide. Once you get to know us in a more professional level, you’d get to know us better thann wha this bog has brought for you. 

Probably, that day, you’d discover your Best Online Coaching for CMAT Exams in Avision Institute. 


Q1. Do I need to study Reasoning for CMAT 2021?

Ans: Not all types of reasoning. You need to study logical reasoning for CMAT 2021.

Q2. Can I apply for the CMAT exam if I have qualified my 12th exam?

Ans: No. You need to qualify graduation from a recognized university to apply for the CMAT exam. 

Q3. What is the date of registration for  the CMAT Exam 2021?

Ans: Dates have not been mentioned in the official website for now. But, they will soon be. Keep checking the official website of the CMAT exam frequently. 

Q4. Is  there any negative marking for CMAT Exam 2021?

Ans: Yes, there is. You will marked -1 for one, wrong answer in the CMAT Exam 2021.

CMAT Concluding Words

CMAT is getting ready to challenge you. 

Don’t let  it over power you. 

You have the strength to defeat it. 

So, work with us and qualify CMAT 2021.

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