IBPS PO Job Profile 2022: Find IBPS PO Job Profile, Job Roles, Designation, Probation Period

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IBPS PO Job Profile 2023

The prelims of the IBPS PO exam 2023 had been conducted in November 2022 and the mains will be conducted in January 2023, in accordance with the latest IBPS PO exam 2023 notification. As we know, IBPS PO jobs are one of the coveted jobs among the Indian graduates. This is because of the attractive salary, perks and job security attached to the job. This explains the extremely tough competition in the IBPS PO exams. 

But there are many candidates who are simply preparing for the exams but they do not have a clear concept and knowledge about the job profile of IBPS PO; that is the job roles and responsibilities of a PO. It is important to have an adequate idea about what the job role of probationary officers looks like. We will now discuss the same and then the aspirants can take extra preparations for their desired job and exam. 

IBPS Probationary Officers' Designation

The job profile of an IBPS PO falls under Junior Management Grade-1 (JMG-Scale 1) and is referred to as Scale 1 officer or Assistant Manager.


Initial Posting of IBPS Probationary Officer (PO)

  • When the probationary officers are selected, they have to undergo compulsory training which is known as the Induction Training program, at the Management Training Academy of the respective banks.
  • The duration of training is usually 10 to 20 days but it may vary from bank to bank
  • After successful completion of the training at Management Academy, the candidates selected as PO might be posted anywhere in the country.
  • Usually they are posted in the various zonal offices, corporate offices, head office or the various branches of the respective banks in the post of Assistant Manager on probation.
  • Other than these, they can also be posted at the treasury branch, microstate branch, etc.

Role of Probationary Officers (PO) in Banks

Already being full of dedication and enthusiasm since they already qualified for an extremely competitive exam, the job role of the freshly trained probationary officer has the following characteristics: 

Multitasking Job: the probationary officers have to perform the various banking activities and this makes their job role multitasking in nature. They have to be familiar with all kinds of banking activity.

Practical knowledge: the officers have to be sound with the practical knowledge of Loans, finance, Marketing, Accounting and others.

Customer services: this is one of the most important roles of probationary officers. They help out the customers in handling their banking activities. They also issue cheque books, ATM cards, and demand drafts for their customers. The officers also guide the customers on occasion of any problem like discrepancies in accounts, any undue charge deducted

Supervision of Clerical work: the PO supervises the activities which the clerk performs like opening accounts, managing the money and handling all customer queries. They also look over the cash transactions handled by the clerks like whether they have placed the correct digits

Loan supervision: this is one of the vital functions of the bank to grant loans to the ones who need it. The officers are the ones who look after all the important documentations before approval of the loan.

The PO works in various departments like loans, learning, deposit, payment and cheque clearances, fixed deposit etc. 

Duration of IBPS PO Probation Period

  • Normally the probation period is of two years
  • During this period, the officers gain an understanding of the various banking activities.
  • The probation is also limited to one year in some banks
  • In some banks, this entire period is divided into phases. For example, Indian Bank has their probation period divided into the following phases:

1st phase: 6 months

2nd phase: 6 months

3rd phase: 1 year

  • During the probation, the posting of the officers is frequently changed. But once they complete this period, they are confirmed as Assistant Managers and are posted somewhere permanently. 

IBPS PO Job Profile FAQs

1.     What is the job of an IBPS PO? 

The PO has to perform manifold tasks at the bank but the prime functions are as follows:

a.  Customer service

b.  Documentation and Processing loans

c.   Supervising clerical tasks

2.     Is IBPS PO a government job?

Yes, the IBPS PO works at public sector banks which are controlled by the Indian Government.

3.     Is IBPS PO a good job?

IBPS PO job is an extremely lucrative job with decent salary and additional perks and benefits, along with job security.

 4.     Is IBPS PO a permanent job?

Yes but only after completion of the probationary period the officers are designated as Assistant Managers with a permanent posting.

 5.     What is the duration of the IBPS PO probation period?

The probation period for IBPS PO job is two years. Depending on the bank, this period is limited to one year and sometimes, even divided into phases.



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