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RRB JE Syllabus 2022

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has released the RRB JE Syllabus 2022 on their official website for CBT 1 and CBT 2. Candidates who wish to apply for the exam can check here the latest exam pattern and syllabus of RRB JE (various posts) based on the official notification. Thousands of candidates all over India will sit for the exam. Candidates should be well aware of all the topics under RRB JE syllabus so that they can prepare effectively for the exam.

The RRB JE exam consists of two stages conducted in the online mode: computer-based test 1 (CBT 1) and computer-based test 2 (CBT 2). The syllabus for CBT 1 consists of general subjects whereas the RRB JE CBT 2 syllabus consists of more specific subjects. Railway RRB JE syllabus 2022 for technical ability includes the individual disciplines such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics & Communication engineering

RRB JE Syllabus for CBT 1

RRJ JE syllabus for CBT 1 consists of all the subjects which will test the candidates on the basis of basic aptitude skills. Various subjects into which the RRB JE CBT 1 is divided are Mathematics, Reasoning, General Awareness, and General Science. Candidates can have a thorough read of the RRB JE CBT 1 syllabus in the table below. The Maths Syllabus for RRB JE, General Awareness Syllabus, Reasoning Syllabus & General Science Syllabus is Provided in detail below. The topics covered in each subject are listed in the following table.

Aspirants willing to apply for the RRB JE exam should note that the following list of subjects will be covered in CBT 1. Here are those subjects :

      General Awareness

      General Intelligence



      General Science

RRB JE Syllabus for CBT 2

Candidates who qualify the CBT 1 are eligible to appear for the RRB JE CBT 2. The various subjects under RRB JE Syllabus for CBT 2 include General Awareness, Science, Computer Application, and Environmental Science which aim to check the general awareness of the candidate about the current situations and developments in technology. The detailed RRB JE CBT 2 syllabus is tabulated below with all the topics covered under every subject.

RRB JE CBT 2 Syllabus

General Awareness

Basics of Computer and Applications

Basics of Environment and Pollution Control

Physics and Chemistry

Knowledge of Current Affairs

The architecture of Computers

Adverse effects of environmental pollution and control strategies, their effect and control

Basic concepts of Physics up to 10th Class

Indian Geography

Input and Output devices

Ozone Depletion

Basic concepts of Chemistry up to 10th Class

Indian Economy

Storage devices

Acid Rain


Indian History

MS Office

Different Types of Pollution


Scientific and Technological Developments


Global Warming


Environmental issues concerning India and the World

Operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux)

Waste Management


Indian Polity and Constitution

Computer Virus



Indian Culture

Internet, Web Browsers and Email




Various data representation



RRB JE Syllabus for Technical Abilities

The RRB JE syllabus for technical abilities covers the branch-wise syllabus for engineering students. The details of the RRB JE Technical abilities syllabus is given below:

RRB JE Civil Syllabus

RRB JE syllabus for Civil contains all important concepts from which questions come in the exam. Most of these topics are covered at the graduation level which makes them easier to prepare. Candidates can check the RRB JE civil engineering syllabus provided below to get an idea about the important topics they must know well in order to prepare well for the exam.

      Engineering Mechanics

      Building Construction & materials

      Construction of substructure & superstructure

      Building drawing, finishes & Maintenance

      Concrete Technology


      Computer-Aided Design



      Irrigation Engineering

      Mechanics of Structures

      Theory of structures

      Design of Concrete Structures

      Design of Steel Structures

      Transportation Engineering

      Highway Engineering

      Environmental Engineering

      Advanced Construction Techniques and Equipment

      Estimating and Costing

      Contracts and Accounts

RRB JE Electrical Syllabus

The RRB JE syllabus for electrical engineering contains a bunch of topics that are fundamental to the core study of the subject. Candidates who choose their subject as electrical engineering in the exam must have an in-depth knowledge of these subjects to score well. The RRB JE syllabus for electrical engineering is listed below:

      Basic concepts

      Circuit law

      Magnetic Circuit

      AC Fundamentals

      Measurement and measuring instruments

      Electrical Machines

      Synchronous Machines

      Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

      Switchgear Utilisation of Electrical Energy and Protection

      Estimation and costing

      Basic Electronics

RRB JE Mechanical Syllabus

Mechanical engineering syllabus for RRB JE is very interesting and many topics from it are the ones that candidates have already studied during their graduation. Those who have chosen this subject must prepare it well and pay extra attention to important topics in order to perform well in the exam. Candidates can check out the RRB JE mechanical engineering syllabus mentioned below.

      Engineering Mechanics

      Material Science

      Strength of Materials



      Grinding & Finishing Process


      Fluid Mechanics

      Hydraulic Machinery

      Industrial Management

      Thermal Engineering

RRB JE Electronics Syllabus

Candidates should check the RRB JE syllabus for electronics engineering to narrow down the list of topics they have to study for the exam. This will help them save time and effort. RRB JE syllabus for electronics is provided below for easy understanding.

      Electronic Components & Materials

      Electronic Devices and circuits

      Digital Electronics

      Linear Integrated Circuit

      Microprocessor and Microcontroller

      Electronic Measurements

      Communication Engineering

      Data communication and Network

      Computer Programming

      Basic Electrical Engineering

RRB JE Syllabus for Printing Technology

Candidates should study the printing technology syllabus for RRB JE well to understand the important topics that are crucial to the exam. RRB JE printing technology syllabus is provided below for the candidate's reference.

      Printing Systems

      Printing Materials

      Flexo, Gravure and Screen Printing

      Printing Finishing Processing

      Image Processing

      Design & Advertising in Print Media

      Sheetfed offset Machines

      Publishing Software

      Paper and Ink

      Colour Separation and Management

      Plate Making Methods

      Printing Machine Maintenance

      Digital Imaging

      Web offset Printing

      Printer’s Accounting and Estimating

      Advanced Printing Technologies

      Package Technology

RRB Junior Engineer IT and CMA Syllabus

Various important topics which candidates can refer to in order to cover for the RRB JE IT syllabus and RRB JE CMA syllabus can take a look at the table given below:

Computer Science and Information Technology (JE-IT)

CMA Exam

PC Software


Computer Fundamentals

Light, Heat & Sound

C Language


Computer Organisation


Information Systems

Electricity & Electro-Magnetism

Data Structure using C++

Modern Physics

DBMS fundamentals

Electronics and Communications:

System Programming


Operating System using LINUX

Chemical Reactions

Web Technologies and Programming

Acids and Bases, Salts

System Analysis and Design

Atomic Structure

Data and Network Communication:

Periodic Classification of Elements

Java Programming

Chemical Bonding

Software Engineering

Carbon and its Compounds


Environmental Chemistry


Difference Between SSC JE and RRB JE Syllabus

The syllabus for RRB JE and SSC JE seems similar but has significant differences. One of the most glaring differences between SSC JE and RRB JE Syllabus is that the RRB JE syllabus has more than 3 sections which make it quite vast whereas SSC JE only has 3 sections. SSC JE is conducted by SSC for recruitment into various Ministries while RRB JE is conducted for appointment into the Indian Railways only. Here is the difference between SSC JE and RRB JE Syllabus provided in detail for better understanding.

RRB JE Syllabus

SSC JE Syllabus

RRB JE syllabus tests your overall knowledge on all the relevant topics that are considered of importance for a government job aspirant.

SSC JE exam syllabus focuses on testing your engineering skills and abilities.

RRB JE Syllabus tests candidate's knowledge of Mathematics, GI, Reasoning, General Science, Computer Application,  Environment and Pollution. It also tests the technical abilities of the candidates in various branches of engineering, as per their educational qualifications.

The syllabus of SSC JE focuses majorly on general subjects like GK, Reasoning and engineering subjects, i.e. Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical. There is no focus on other aspects.

It is conducted for various engineering disciplines.

It is conducted for only 3 engineering disciplines.

RRB JE exam consists of only objective types of questions which are tested in two stages of CBT exam.

The SSC JE exam has two stages out of which the paper for stage 2 is descriptive in nature.

Preparation Tips for RRB JE Syllabus 2022

To perform well in the exam, Candidates also need to understand how to prepare the RRB JE syllabus in the most efficient manner to perform well in the exam. Below, we have provided RRB Junior Engineer syllabus preparation tips that will improve chances of cracking this exam.

      Candidates should have an in-depth understanding of the RRB JE syllabus and exam pattern. Knowing the important topics and their weightage will allow for efficient allocation of time and resources.

      As the competition for this exam tends to be high, candidates should create a schedule for their preparation and devote a few hours every day to cover the full RRB JE syllabus. To achieve maximum results in the minimum time, follow a timetable.

      Practice for the exam by writing down important information to memorise it easily. Especially for subjects like Mathematics and Reasoning where numerical will come, practising by writing is essential to cover RRB JE syllabus properly.

      Candidates should practice RRB JE mock tests to check the level of their preparation and understanding of concepts. Practising these tests that happen in a stimulating environment will test your knowledge and will also help you become comfortable in the exam hall on the actual exam day.

      Candidates should refer to the RRB JE preparation books to have everything they need to know in one place. These books contain good explanations of all the important topics as well as practice questions for an overall good preparation.

      It is of utmost importance that candidates revise what they have studied. For that, they should attempt RRB JE previous year question papers to evaluate the level of their preparation and plan their future preparation strategy accordingly. 

RRB JE Exam Pattern 2022

Apart from RRB JE 2022 syllabus, candidates need to become familiar with the exam pattern in order to check the distribution of questions in different subjects and prepare accordingly. With the help of RRB JE exam pattern, candidates can have an idea of the weightage of each subject in RRB JE 2022 exam.

RRB JE Exam Pattern 2022

RRB exam



Time Duration

CBT – 1



90 minutes

General Intelligence & Reasoning


General Awareness


General Science


CBT – 2

General Awareness


120 minutes

Physics and Chemistry


Basics of Computer and Applications


Basics of Environment and Pollution control


Technical Abilities


RRB JE Exam Syllabus FAQs

Q. What is RRB JE syllabus 2022?

Ans. RRB JE Syllabus 2022 is prescribed by the Railway Recruitment Board and is available on its official website. The syllabus is divided into two parts, CBT 1 and CBT 2, as notified by the exam organising body which is the Railways Recruitment Board. The first part of the syllabus is General in nature with subjects like General Science, Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, and General Awareness. The RRB JE syllabus for the second part has more specific subjects like Physics and Chemistry, Environmental Science, Basic Computer Applications, and Technical Subjects.

Q. From where can I download RRB JE Syllabus PDF 2022?

Ans. Candidates can download RRB JE Syllabus PDF 2022 on the official RRB website. Alternatively, we will also be updating it here as soon as it is released by the authorities for ease of access for the candidates.

Q. What subjects are covered in RRB JE Syllabus?

Ans. RRB JE syllabus is divided into parts, the first part of the syllabus includes subjects like General Science, Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, and General Awareness. The RRB JE syllabus for the second part has the following subjects: Physics and Chemistry, Environmental Science, Basic Computer Applications, and Technical Subjects. The technical subjects include civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, etc. based on your education qualification as well as the post you have applied for.

Q. What is RRB JE mechanical syllabus?

Ans. RRB JE mechanical syllabus includes various topics, most of which you will find are often covered during your degree. RRB JE syllabus for mechanical engineering covers the following subjects, Engineering Mechanics, Material Science, Strength of Materials, Machining Welding, Grinding & Finishing Process, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machinery, Industrial Management, Thermal Engineering, etc.

Q. What is RRB JE civil syllabus?

Ans. The RRB JE syllabus of Civil is quite vast and covers various subjects that have been already covered at the graduation level. The most important topics of RRB JE civil syllabus include Engineering Mechanics, Building Construction & materials, Construction of substructure & superstructure, Building drawing, finishes & Maintenance, Concrete Technology, Surveying, Computer-Aided Design, Geo-Technical Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Mechanics of Structures, etc.

Q. What is the RRB JE syllabus for electronics?

Ans. The RRB JE electronics syllabus includes the following topics, Electronic Components and Materials, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Electronics, Linear Integrated Circuit, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Electronic Measurements, Communication Engineering, Data communication and Network, Computer Programming and Basic Electrical Engineering. These are the most important topics that candidates must study well to crack the RRB JE exam.

Q. Is the SSC JE and RRB JE syllabus same?

Ans. The RRB JE syllabus has two stages both of which are objective in nature. The RRB JE syllabus for CBT 1 consists of Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Reasoning, General Science while RRB JE CBT 2 has subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, Basics of Computer and Applications, Basics of Environment and Pollution Control, General Awareness, and Technical Abilities.

SSC JE Syllabus, on the other hand, consists of two papers: Paper 1 is objective in nature and the syllabus has General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness and General Engineering while Paper 2 will have only General Engineering-based questions and it is descriptive in nature.

Q. Does RRB JE Syllabus change every year?

Ans. Any information about any change in RRB JE 2022 syllabus will be available in the official RRB JE notification released on the official website of the Railway Recruitment Board. The chances of any change happening in the syllabus are quite less, however, in case of any, we will be updating it here.

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