IBPS PO Salary 2022: Check IBPS PO Salary Structure, Perks and Allowances

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IBPS PO Salary 2023 Overview

IBPS PO jobs are one of the most sought jobs among Indian graduates. The main reason is an attractive salary. The salary across various banks is almost the same where vacancies are filled by IBPS PO exam qualified candidates. The offered salary also depends on the venue of posting. In addition to the lucrative salary, there are additional perks and benefits which the probationary officers get.

This quite explains the extreme competition in IBPS PO exams. Therefore in order to qualify this exam, the students need to work extremely hard. 

IBPS PO Salary Structure 2023

The IBPS PO salary has the following structure

23700 - (980 / 7) - 30560 - (1145 / 2) - 32850 - (1310 / 7) – 42020. Every year there is an increment of Rs. 980 which continues till 7 years.

 23700 - (980 x 7) - 30560 - (1145 x 2) - 32850 - (1310 x 7) – 42020 is the revised IBPS PO salary structure. This implies that the IBPS PO basic salary after 7 years is ₹ 30,560. ₹ 32,850 is the basic salary of IBPS PO after 7+2 years. ₹ 42,020 is the basic IBPS PO salary after 7+2+7 years.  

IBPS PO Salary Structure

IBPS Bank PO Salary Structure in India

Basic Pay


Special Allowance






Total (without HRA)




Gross with HRA


IBPS PO Salary after 11th Bipartite Settlement

The IBPS PO salary 2023 is due from 10th November 2017 to be revised. This comes under the 11th bipartite settlement. This will continue to be applicable till five years, which is 2022. If this 11th bipartite settlement is accepted, nearly 8.8 employees are expected to be benefitted.

The employees are demanding a 15% salary hike, so the salary would look like their current basic pay + D.A.

IBPS PO Allowances

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is revised quarterly and it depends on the cpi data which is released by our government. Currently the D.A is 75.9% of the basic pay.
  2. Special Allowance: this was added later into the salary structure of the po, in accordance with the latest revision of IBPS PO. It is 7.75% of the basic pay.
  3. House Rent Allowance: the allotment of this allowance is based on the venue of posting of the probationary officer, whether it is a metropolitan, a big city or any other location. Accordingly the allowance is 9%,8%, or 7%.
  4. City Compensatory Allowance: this also depends on the place of posting and is up to 4%,3% or 0%.

IBPS PO Salary Allowances

Dearness Allowance (DA)

75.9% of the basic pay. It has been increased by 1.4. DA is revised after every 3 months.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

       7% of basic pay

Special Allowances (SA)

7.75% of the basic pay.

Other Allowances (Depends on Bank to the bank)

       Travel Allowance

       Newspaper Allowance

       Medical Reimbursement


       Leased Accommodation

       Other Miscellaneous


  1. Leased Accommodation: this facility is provided instead of HRA in some banks. They have the facility of providing official bank accommodations or lease out the official bank quarters. The amount is not available in cash. It is paid to the owner whose quarters are leased.
  2. Travelling allowance: some banks provide fixed allowance for travel while the others pay the petrol bills if the officer possesses scooter or car at the place of his being posted.
  3. Newspaper Reimbursement: cost of one newspaper is paid monthly for the officers.
  4. Medical Aid: each officer is paid a fixed amount of Rs. 8000 per month as medical aid.
  5. NPS benefits which is 10% of basic pay + DA is deducted

IBPS PO In-Hand Salary

The newly recruited probationary officers receive an in-hand salary of Rs. 42000-44000, depending on bank and the venue they are posted.

  • Officers in IBPS PO get an almost equal salary as the other PO.
  • The minimum period of probation to be served after getting selected as a PO is two years. They are eligible to get increments during this period.
  • They start working as probationary officers after the two-year period.
  • The employees can get promoted to higher levels of the hierarchy based on their own hard work and talent. 

IBPS PO Promotion

Like every public sector job there is a properly defined hierarchy and grades. Hardworking, dedicated and potential employees can climb up in the ladder and hold higher posts. With the new revised promotion policies, it does not take very long for the employees to get promoted to higher ranks, provided they have the capacity. Most of the higher authorities of the banks joined as scale 1 officer.

Posts like executive director, chairman and other higher posts are recruited based on decisions of the Government of India, and not solely on the recommendations of the banks. A capable IBPS PO can get promoted to the post of general managers in 14 years.

Promotion not only promises higher pay and perks but also an opportunity of working abroad, since many public sector banks have foreign branches. 

Apart from this, the probationary officers get promoted to different parts of our country which allows them to experience the diversity of our country more and see our country more. Hence, from all perspectives, IBPS PO jobs are extremely lucrative. 

IBPS PO Career Growth

1.     Junior Management Grade – Scale I: Officer i.e. PO

2.     Middle Management Grade – Scale II: Manager

3.     Middle Management Grade – Scale III: Senior Manager

4.     Senior Management Grade – Scale IV: Chief Manager

5.     Senior Management Grade Scale V: Assistant General Manager

6.     Top Management Grade Scale VI: Deputy General Manager

7.     Top Management Grade Scale VII: General Manager

8.     Executive Director (ED)

9.     Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

This sums up the important details like IBPS PO salary, IBPS PO in-hand salary and the higher

levels of the job. 


Some of the queries of the students are answered below:


What is the basic IBPS PO salary?

The basic pay of an IBPS PO is 23700 - (980 / 7) - 30560 - (1145 / 2) - 32850 - (1310 / 7) – 42020

What allowances are entitled to an IBPS PO?

The allowances which an IBPS PO is eligible to receive are:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Special Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Newspaper Reimbursement
  •  Medical Aid

What is the promotional hierarchy for an IBPS PO?

An IBPS PO can get promoted into the following higher posts:

1.     Junior Management Grade – Scale I: Officer i.e. PO

2.     Middle Management Grade – Scale II: Manager

3.     Middle Management Grade – Scale III: Senior Manager

4.     Senior Management Grade – Scale IV: Chief Manager

5.     Senior Management Grade Scale V: Assistant General Manager

6.     Top Management Grade Scale VI: Deputy General Manager

7.     Top Management Grade Scale VII: General Manager

8.     Executive Director (ED)

9.     Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

What is the probation period for an IBPS PO?

After getting selected as an IBPS PO, one will be kept under probation for two years.

Is IBPS PO a permanent job?

The job of an IBPS PO is permanent but only when the two year probation period is completed.


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