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CTET Salary for PRT, TGT, & PGT Teachers

The CTET salary for PRT, PGT, and TGTs are different. The CTET-qualified teachers get recruited in the most reputed schools around the country. After qualifying for the CTET Exam,they are designated the posts as Primary Teachers (PRT), Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT), and Post-Graduate Teachers (PGT).

The pay scale of CTET teachers has been revised according to the 7th Pay Commission. The starting salary of PRT Teachers ranges between Rs. 35,000 and 37,000, whereas the salary for TGT teachers ranges between Rs. 43,000 and 46,000 and PGT Teachers Salary ranges between Rs. 48,000 and 50,000. The decent CTET salary is inclusive of various allowances and other benefits.

CTET Salary after 7th Pay Commission

After the 7th pay commission, the CTET teacher salary is revised and has been raised for PRTs, TGTs, and PGTs. A CTET teacher salary consists of basic pay, grade pay allowances, gross pay, and net pay. The pay scale varies depending on the level of experience and the number of years of service. The pay scale for CTET teachers for PRTs, TGTs, and PGTs is listed here. 

CTET PRT Teacher Salary

The starting CTET salary for Primary Teachers is from Rs.35,400. Aspirants must check the complete salary structure for PRT teachers to get an idea of what to expect after being appointed as PRT teachers. CTET PRT salary 2023 includes the grade pay, pay scale, gross salary, and net salary. The detailed salary structure for primary teachers is given in the table below.


CTET PRT Salary Structure (in INR)

CTET PRT Pay Scale


Grade Pay


Basic Pay after 7th Pay Commission






Gross Salary (Basic Pay+HRA+TA)


CTET PRT Net Salary


CTET TGT Teacher Salary

The starting CTET salary for trained graduate teachers is from Rs. 44,900. Candidates can check out the grade pay, pay scale, gross income, and net compensation for TGT teachers in the table below:


CTET TGT Salary Structure (INR)

CTET TGT Pay Scale


Grade Pay


Basic Pay after 7th Pay Commission






CTET TGT Gross Salary (Basic Pay+HRA+TA)


Net Salary


CTET PGT Teacher Salary

The starting CTET salary for postgraduate teachers is from Rs. 47,600. The most sought-after job through the exam is PGT. We have provided the grade pay, pay scale, gross income, HRA, and net compensation details here. Candidates can check the complete salary structure for PGT teachers in the given table:


CTET PGT Salary Structure (in Rs)

Pay Scale


Grade Pay


Basic Pay after 7th Pay Commission






Gross Salary (Basic Pay+HRA+TA)


CTET PGT Net Salary


CTET Teacher Job Profile

Aspirants must look at the job profile along with the CTET salary to get an idea of their job after being recruited, because great postings come with a lot of responsibility. The job profile for a teacher is huge, they plan courses and assess student abilities. These are some of the most common job responsibilities.

       Test and analyze the student's talent and skills.

       Maintain & update attendance records.

       Promote students' interests, abilities, and coordinate through activities.

       Plan, prepare, and present lessons as per the class curriculum.

       Motivate students to do creative activities.

       Arrange extra-curricular activities for children's development.

       Should be able to communicate well both orally and in writing.

       Enhance kids' academic, physical, and social development.

CTET Teacher Career Growth

The growth and opportunity of the aspirants opens wide once they pass the examination and are recruited as a teacher. The CTET qualified teachers are initially hired as primary, elementary, and secondary school teachers.

The CTET career growth and promotion are done based on work experience, skills acquired, and the rating based on performance. The general career growth and promotion has an order - in a primary or secondary school, they can become the Headmaster, Senior teacher, Assistant teacher, a Senior teacher in Upper Primary School. and Principal in Higher Grade Schools.

CTET Salary FAQs

Q. What is the pay scale of qualified teachers under CTET salary structure 2023?

Ans. The CTET qualified teachers' pay scale ranges from INR 9,300/- to INR 34,800/-. The CTET salary of qualified teachers varies depending on a variety of criteria, including the place of employment, the position, and others.

Q. How much CTET salary does a qualified teachers gets?

Ans. A CTET qualified PRT teacher will get INR 35,000/- to INR 37,000/-. An upper primary teacher will get INR 43,000/- to INR 46,000/-, and a PGT teacher will get INR 48,000/- to INR 50,000/-. The CTET salary may vary depending on the post, skill, and work experience.

Q. Other than CTET salary, do CTET qualified teachers get any allowances?

Ans. Yes, the CTET qualified teachers are entitled to allowances like HRA and TA. Although, a CTET teacher salary is made up of base pay, grade pay allowances, gross pay, and net pay.

Q. What is CTET PRT Salary?

Ans. The salary of a CTET PRT Teacher ranges between INR 35,000/- and INR 37,000/-. After passing the exam, the PRT teacher is appointed to teach as a primary teacher in government schools.

Q. What is the CTET TGT Salary?

Ans. TGT teachers are paid salaries between INR 43,000/- and INR 46,000/-. After passing the exam, the teachers are hired as trained graduate teachers in government schools.

Q. What is CTET PGT teacher salary?

Ans. A CTET PGT Teachers salary ranges from Rs. 48,000/- to Rs. 50,000/-. The CTET salary varies according to the position, skill, and work experience.

Q. What is the CTET Salary for Teachers?

Ans. The salary has been revised in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. A CTET-qualified primary school teacher earns between Rs 35,000 and Rs 37,000. A teacher at the upper primary level earns between Rs 43,000 and 46,000 per month. A CTET-qualified PGT teacher typically earns between Rs 48,000 and Rs 50,000 per month.


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