WBPSC Notifications 2021 and Information You Might Need to Know

The Public Service Commission, West Bengal has already released its notifications on the exams held recently. You might find out about some of the information in this blog. But, to get it in detail or to browse through specific sections, you can surely visit the official website of the exam.

Read on to find out more on the WBPSC results, notifications, recruitment options and other updates.

Results of the Clerkship Part II and the ICDS Supervisor Examinations

Both the mentioned examinations have been conducted  successfully. They have been conducted in the descriptive method and that means the exams were continued in the manual mode.  There were a reported a 4 lakh candidates for both these examinations. Results cannot yet be shared for the sudden outbreak of COVID 19 creating closure in Government Offices and complexities in the public transport systems. For now, the commission cannot declare the final date of the results but it is working at its best to finish the process. Hopefully, the results will be declared 2 months afterwards.

Waiting Lists

The commission has received requests from aspirants  about publishing the waiting lists for both the recommended and the vacant positions. They often say that such a list aid them to save time and immediately fill in the form for the examination.

But, the commission works in an organized way. A panel is only released with numbers of recommended candidates being equal to the numbers of vacant positions. The information regarding the non-joining or selected candidate’s disapproval of the appointment letter is verified and sent to the Government Department so that the latest update can be notified in the website. New aspirants are, thus, requested not to have a miscommunication about the recruitment process and the numbers of vacant positions.

EWS (Economically Weaker Section) Reservation

Many candidates often believe that the Economically Weaker Section vacancies and recruitment options are managed by the commission itself. But. That is not the case. The management regarding the recruitment of the reserved candidates or the EWS is entirely a governmental operation. The commission has no role in this matter and complies the orders sent by the government about it.

Notification of Vacancies

WBPSC releases notifications about vacant posts in different categories like the Assistant Engineer, SI if food, Clerks, Assistant Director of Horticulture and many. But, the information about these vacancies are fully managed by the Governmental Departments. WBPSC only acts as an agent to recruit the candidates by conducting the examination.  

Official Exam Notification

The WBPSC exam notifications were out earlier in 2021.

The prelims and mains examinations notifications were out. But the process has been stopped due to the pandemic.

Here are some important information on WBPSC exam 2021 written below.

WBPSC Exam 2021 Important Dates

The WBPSC vacancies were out in the years 2019 and 2020.

But, for obvious reasons, the tests have been canceled.

In the 7th February, 2021, the latest WBPSC notifications were out again.

However, the exam had to be canceled for COVID-19 outbreak.

It doesn’t mean one has to worry though. The Government officials are well aware of the situation and they are attempting their best to solve the situation as quickly as they can.

WBPSC Vacancies 2021

The vacancies for the exam has been released in the official website of the exam.

You may still view some of the information over here.

Exams Scheduled on Particular Dates

  • Examinations for the Inspector of Legal Metrology and Workshop Instructor are going to be held on 25.07.2021.
  • WBA&AS (Prelims) exam is going to be held on 07.08.2021.
  • WBCS (Executive) Prelims is going to be held on 22.08.2021.
  • WBCS (Executive) Mains exam is going to be held on the 27th, 28th, 29th and the 31st of August, 2021. 

Exams Scheduled on Tentative Dates

  • The tentative date for the Assistant Director of Horticulture is 28th of June to 9th of July, 2021.
  • The tentative date for Works Accountant is from 5th of July to 3rd of August 2021.
  • The tentative date for both the WBCS (Executive) 2019 - Groups C and D and the Assistant  Engineer (Civil) is 15th July onwards.

WBPSC Exam 2021: Updates 

For the recent situation caused by the Pandemic, and for the issues in public transportation, the WBPSC cannot officially declare the dates for upcoming examinations.

But, the good news is that they are collaborating with the Government to make sure these notifications come out early.

The schedules for the examination will be notified shortly. But, one may study how the exam is taken. There will be a three phases test that’s officially known as the WBPSC examination. You need to perform in a preliminary test and then a mains one. Later you would be called for an Interview as per the WBPSC interview schedule 2021, qualifying which you get a job.

WBPSC 2021 How to Apply

The exam website has all the notifications for applying.

You need to visit the webpage of the exam. You can access the registration form there.

Carefully fill the  details in. Recheck them before submission.

You need to pay Rs. 210/- for the application fee. You can use Internet banking, credit or debit cards, or other options like the UPI payment.

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