Top Methods to Reduce Negative Marking in Bank Exam 2022

Negative marking is a natural concept. We can't be genius in every topic, syllabus, or subject. Following that, we can't be calculated and expert in solving all types of questions. As a result, the term negative marking exists. However, it is very important to reduce the negative marking because of accuracy and next one is to cut-offs. Therefore, in this blog we will discuss the top methods to reduce negative marking in Bank Exam 2022. We will discuss several methods but one thing to ensure that without proper guidance from the Best Banking Coaching in Kolkata, students are unable to perform. Let's explain everything in detail.

Top Methods to Reduce Negative Marking in Bank Exam 2022

Answer Easiest Question at First:

At first, once you get the question try to attempt the easiest question at first. Easiest questions will always help you get more marks and improve the level of confidence during the exam sessions. Hence, make sure to decide which is your strongest section and easy to answer.

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Don't Attempt any question that you are unsure to Answer:

Competitive exams are very calculative and it is not an ordinary exam of any school. This has several criteria of getting passed. You need to clear the cut-offs section wise to crack the Bank exam. Therefore, candidates always need to open their eyes and mind during the time of exam. Do not take any unnecessary risk during the exam. Don't try to attempt the question that you are unsure to answer. Negative making is very crucial and can damage the level of accuracy. Hence, attempt the question that you can answer surely.   

Read Question Properly:

Before answering any question make sure to read the question properly. This can impact your exam at last. Sometimes candidates read half of the question and start to answer with over confidence. That leads them to negative marking because of its solution. I would like to highly recommend every candidate to read at least what is the observation of the question. With the help of the observation you can easily implement the formulae and knowledge to answer the question.  

Take Calculated Risk in your Exam:

Try to take calculated risk while answering the question in your exam. If you are ready to take the risk then take the closest risk of all. Such as, if you want to answer a question and you know you can calculate but you are not getting the options then generally choose the closest of all. Risk is good but it must be calculative.  

Don't Answer in any Rush Situation:

This is similar to the point we discussed above, like reading the question carefully while answering. Similarly, don't be in too rush while answering the question. The competitive exam has a time limitation. Therefore, make a plan for proper time management while answering the question. This will avoid the rush at the last moment. Usually, students are getting nervous at the last minute and start making mistakes by answering all the questions. This will mainly give you negative marking that can impact you during selection. 

Hence, these are some of the valuable methods that describe the top methods to reduce negative marking in Bank Exam 2022. However, you need to participate in the banking coaching institute in Kolkata that will guide you all with their basic knowledge, formulae, notes, video lectures, and many more. The institute will also help in proving the test series that can help you in improving the weak zone and also reduce the negative marking by the above methods discussed.

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