SSC CGL 18th July Analysis

SectionDifficulty Level (Shift 1)Difficulty Level (Shift 2)Difficulty Level (Shift 3)
QuantModerateModerate to Hard (Calculative)Easy to Moderate
ReasoningModerateModerate (Time consuming)Moderate
General AwarenessModerate to DifficultModerateEasy to Moderate
TotalModerateModerateEasy to Moderate

General Awareness Questions (Shift 1 ):  

  • Article 15 is related to :
  • Chandragupta Maurya defeated which ruler to establish the Mauryan Empire :
  • Who was the Minister of Information and Broadcasting :
  • Which day of Rajya Sabha was established:
  • Which Tiger Reserve has been awarded by TX2 after doubling the tiger population:
  • Sandalwood trees are grown in which forest: 
  • When was Japan invaded Imphal :
  • Collection of hymns in Vedas is known as :
  • What is the colour of emerald :
  • Who has been awarded with Global Goal keeper of the year 2020 :

General Awareness Questions (Shift 2 ):  

  • What does A stands for in SAGY scheme:
  • Which element reacts with hydrogen to form Water:
  • Parsec is the unit of :
  • What is the SI unit of Substance :
  • Svamitva Scheme is related to which Ministry :
  • In which year the Arjuna Award given for the first time :
  • The term “16 yard hit” is associated with which sport :
  • Who is the present head of communist party of India :
  • Who was called Alamgir :
  • Weber/sec is the unit of :
  • Which festival is celebrated in Bashar region :

General Awareness Questions (Shift 3 ):  

  • International Paragliding Festival is celebrated in which state ;
  • Anchar lake is located in :
  • Jadopatia is which type of art form :
  • National Disaster Management day is celebrated in :
  • Which state started the first state level bird festival Kalrav held in January :
  • Which of the following is not a member of the UN
  • Article 21A is related to :
  • National Award for best electoral Practices 2020 is given to which state:
  • Which is the rank of India in Global Innovation Index 2020 :
  • On which date Tripura foundation day is celebrated :
  • Which state launched Swastho Swathi health Insurance card :
  • Who is called the Napoleons of India
  • In which year deccan riot was started :
  • Who is the present speaker of Loksabha :
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