Smart Way to Prepare for WBCS Government Job 2022

If you want to start your WBCS preparation smartly then go through the syllabus and exam pattern at first. It mainly helps you in giving ideas to start your preparation and nature of the exam. You can also start preparing for several competitive exams because the syllabus of others courses are more or less the same. You should also take the help of the coaching that assure you the success with their expert availability. Join the Best WBCS Coaching in Kolkata that provides smart preparation to crack WBCS exam. In this blog, we will discuss the smart way to prepare for WBCS government job 2022. Let’s discuss it below. 

If you are spending 4 to 5 hours in a day for your WBCS then this would be enough to get the best score in your exam. However, while doing preparation do not stress or get pressured. Below we have mentioned some expert and smartest tips to prepare for the WBCS exam. Let’s discuss it below.

Smart Way to Prepare for WBCS Government Job 2022

Analyze Exam Pattern:

It is the basic concept to understand exam pattern and syllabus before you start your preparation. The various sections of the WBCS are included in both Preliminary and Mains Exam format.

Start Study for Preliminary Exam:

  1. English Composition.
  2. General Science.
  3. Current Events.
  4. History of India.
  5. Geography of India specially (West Bengal).
  6. Indian Polity and Economy.
  7. Indian National Movement.
  8. General Mental Ability.

Start Study for Mains Exam:

  1. Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali.
  2. English
  3. General Studies-I
  4. General Studies-II
  5. The Constitution of India and Indian Economy include the role and function of the Reserve Bank of India.
  6. Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning.

Hence, you can see the syllabus and subject of the WBCS exam that explains the details of the courses. This will mainly explain that the level of questions and standard of the syllabus is proportionate to standard 10. Hence, a candidate must have the basic and advanced knowledge of class 10. 

Get associated with the top WBCS Coaching in Kolkata that provides valuable data, learning techniques, smart study plan, test series, and many more that help you to definitely crack WBCS exam.

Mark your Strong and Weak Topic:

Once you complete the entire syllabus of the WBCS course you will be able to understand your weak and strong areas. To clear the concept and idea of the weak and strong areas you need to prepare a lot, spend more time and research the solution to avoid the mistakes. 

Cultivate Reading Habits:

There are a couple of subjects in the WBCS that need reading habits. Hence, always read newspapers that can increase the level of your reading habit. There are a lot of benefits of reading newspapers such as improving vocabulary and current events knowledge.  

Make Good use of Weekends:

You need to be productive with the weekends with vital planning. The prime plans would be to start your study in the week days and practice your test series on the weekend that can help you to balance your preparation. 

Practice Previous Year Paper and Mock test:

Doing regular practice of the previous year paper will give you the idea of the exam. It also helps in explaining the level of the question with the nature of the exam. Such as exam pattern, time duration, and other levels of the exam.

Also, do practice the mock test paper of the Avision WBCS test series that can increase the basic knowledge, time management, strengthen the areas, improve confidence, increase speed, and many more. 

Hence, these are some of the smartest tips that discover the WBCS course exam. All you need to understand is the smart way to prepare for WBCS government job 2022 that can help you to score at maximum mark. Join the Top WBCS Coaching in Kolkata that helps in providing the study material, methods, syllabus, live interaction, doubt session, and many more with Avision Expertise. This formula will mainly help you to develop the skills of an individual.

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