SBI PO Salary 2021: In Hand, Pay Slip, Job Profile and Career Growth

Most job seekers who are preparing for a bank job will want to work for almost all banks. Most job seekers dream of becoming a PO at SBI Bank. The Probationary Officer (PO) position of the State Bank of India is India's most coveted and prestigious government position. Due to these reasons, every year lakhs of students take CB PO tests conducted by banks like SBI. Candidates applying for the position are encouraged to train with training institutions such as Avision institute for comprehensive training for the SBI PO Exam, which will assist You in achieving your objectives.  All students search for information related to SBI PO, such as SBI PO salary, how much does SBI PO get paid, and how much does the SB PO pay scale. Furthermore, each job profile has its unique set of benefits and bonuses. The details of SBI PO Salary, Handheld Salary, Perks, Job Profile and career growth are discussed in this article. Continue reading to find out.

SBI PO Salary 2021

The starting value of SBI PO Salary 2021  is Rs. 27620 that too with 4 increments. SBI Bank PO gets a minimum of Rs. 8.20 lakh per annum and maximum Rs. 13.08 lakh depending on where you are living and other factors also. Due to this the salary varies. payscale 23700-23980 / 7-30560-1145. 2-32850-1310 | is 7-42020.

SBI PO In Hand Salary

After deducting all the necessary deductions, SBI PO In Hand Salary ranges between 42,000 and 44,000/-. This amount may change based on the employee's posting location. Employees stationed in major cities are compensated slightly more. We've also included the SBI PO Salary Slip for your convenience. We can see SBI PO Pay Slip Models from many websites related to the above information and to better understand us.

SBI PO Salary Structure

Candidates who work as SBI POs get the highest salaries and hold the most prominent positions in the banking industry. SBI POs can earn a good pay raise after completing the IIBF certification training. Let's take a look at the SBI PO Salary Structure for 2021:
Basic Pay INR 41,960/- (with 4 advance increments)
1st Increment Increment of INR 980/- for next 7 years
2nd Increment Thereafter, Increment of INR 1145/- for next 2 years
3rd Increment Thereafter, Increment of INR 1310/- for next 7 years

SBI PO Allowances & Perks

Apart from these, SBI PO receives a slew of other benefits, in the name of SBI PO Salary Allowances. These are received in the form of a large sum of money as well as numerous admirers. The following are the allowances that come with the SBI PO salary:
BI PO Salary Allowances:
Dearness Allowance (DA) 46.9% of the Basic Pay (Revised Quarterly)
(CCA) This varies with the place of posting at 4% or 3%.
HRA 9%, 8% or 7% (Depends on the place of posting)
Furniture Allowance Rs. 120000/-
Medical Insurance 100% medical coverage for SBI employees and 75% for their family members
Travelling Allowance For official travels, reimbursement of AC 2-tier fare is provided
Petrol Rs. 1100-1250
  • Dearness Allowance - This allowance is granted in consideration of the cost of living. It is based on the consumer price index, and when the CPI rises, the allowances rise as well. This festival stipend is updated every quarter. DA currently accounts for 46.9% of the base salary.
  • House Rent Allowance HRA - HRA, or room rent, is provided depending on where you are worked if you are worked in a rural region, you will receive a lower allowance than if you are stationed in an urban area; if you are stationed in an urban location, you will receive a higher allowance. This stipend is granted up to Rs. 8000 in rural regions and up to Rs. 29500 in urban areas.
  • City Compensatory Allowance - This is likewise given in the range of three to four percent, and it is unique to each city. It is also supplied following your posting and location.
  • Traveling Allowance- SBI personnel are also given relief for traveling inside their own country; banks construct holiday homes and guest rooms in tourist areas, and travel is also provided in the form of transport from home to the bank.
  • Holiday Policy – SBI POs are given interesting vacations in which they have a particular privilege of 33 holidays, in addition to 12 holidays in case of a sudden problem. Sick leave and maternity leave (for Caring for small children) are also offered. Women and single men with children and elderly parents are eligible for up to two years of leave.

SBI PO Salary Benefits

The Probationary Officer of the State Bank of India receives a variety of benefits in addition to his or her income.
  • Medical insurance (100% for SBI PO and 75% for the family members)
  • Newspaper allowance
  • Petrol allowance
  • Telephone bill reimbursement
  • Leave fare concession/ Home Travel concession
  • Cashless treatment in selected medical facilities around the country
  • Books and magazines allowance
  • House maintenance allowance
  • Entertainment allowance
  • Concessionary interest rates for car loan, personal loan and house loan.
 SBI Bank offers its employees low-interest housing loans, personal loans, and car loans, among other things. Encourages and acknowledges merit by awarding scholarships to deserving employees' children. Above are SBI PO Salary Benefits .These are very interesting factors for the job seekers in the field of SBI PO .

SBI PO Job Profile & Promotion

SBI is one of the most well-known banks in India. Every year, SBI holds a promotion exam for its current employees to raise their SBI PO job profile, position, and compensation. As a result, this position offers tremendous opportunities for advancement. Candidates who are hired as POs at the State Bank of India have numerous prospects for advancement. When a candidate enters SBI as a probationary officer, they will serve a two-year probationary period or training. They will receive confirmation and be eligible to join as a Junior Manager Grade SCale I if they successfully complete the training session (JMGS-I). They will be evaluated on a regular basis during the training time before being promoted to the next level.  Aside from that, officers who meet the higher qualifications will be considered for quick promotion to the next higher grade, Middle Management Grade Scale II (MMGS-II), after receiving confirmation.Various growing advancement positions occur after a two-year trial period. As a result, their promotion trip begins. SBI PO Career Growth increases in the following manner.
  1. The first post is of Probationary Officer Assistant Manager.
  2. The next post from this is that of the manager.
  3. The next post from this is that of the Chief Manager.
  4. From this, the next post is Assistant General Manager only.
  5. The next post from this is that of the Deputy General Manager.
  6. The next post from this is that of the General Manager.
  7. The next post from this is that of the Chief General Manager.
  8. The next post from this is that of the Deputy Managing Director.
  9. The next post from this is that of the managing director.
  10. And from this, the next post is of the eldest chairman.


As a result, SBI PO candidates have a lot of opportunities for advancement. As a result, you must put in every effort to be selected for SBI PO 2021. You should make the most of this opportunity and work hard to attain success. If you need assistance with the SBI PO Exam, you can contact Avision institute. SBI's promotion policy is the greatest in the banking industry, and it is superior to the RBI's in many aspects. So, you start your employment at SBI with the above compensation, but your salary will increase with each promotion. SBI PO post is not only about the money when it comes to a career, but also about job satisfaction. SBI provides job happiness as well as financial security. SBI PO is the greatest job in the banking business; its employees receive the best entry-level compensation. If you want to advance your profession, SBI also provides amazing chances. Without salary and benefits, we can't evaluate any employment.  However, based on the bank's reputation and brand, it is clear that the bank's pay scale would be excellent, and this is something that always motivates every applicant to study hard for the SBI PO test. We can enlist the help of a training institute like Avision Institute to make our effort effective.


  • Q. What is the SBI PO's in-hand salary?
  • Ans. The in-hand salary of a SBI PO is between 40000 and 42000 rupees.
  • Q. What is the starting pay for an SBI PO?
  • Ans. SBI POs are paid a base pay of 26720 rupees.
  • Q. What is SBI PO’S gross salary?
  • Ans. The minimum compensation for an SBI PO is 8.20 lakhs, while the highest income for promotion is 13.08 lakhs.
  • Q. What is the highest position that an SBI Probationary can hold?
  • Ans. In his banking career, an SBI PO can rise to the top position of chairman
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