RBI Grade B Salary 2021: Check In-hand Salary, Pay Scale, allowances & Job Profile

The posts of Grade B officers of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are usually advertised every year. It provides better career opportunities with a good salary. Candidates in this recruitment are selected through online examination and interview. The candidates who pass the exam will be invited to the interview round. You must prepare for the exam qualification. This should be done with the assistance of training organizations such as Avision Institute. Here you can find information on the latest RBI Grade- B Salary 2021, Pay Scale, and Allowances. This information will inspire you to prepare for the RBI grade B exam. 

RBI Grade B Salary Structure

Selected candidates would receive a monthly beginning base pay of 35,150/-. Officers in Grade B are paid on the B Grade Officer pay scale, which is Rs. 35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750 (2) - 54400-2000(4)-62400 (16 years). This means that RBI Grade- B In  Hand Salary for a Grade B Officer is Rs. 35150. For the next 9 years, a rise of Rs. 1750 will be paid on this post until the base pay reaches Rs. 62400 after 6 years.The following table shows the RBI Grade- B  Salary Structure .
RBI Grade B Basic Pay Rs 35,150/-
RBI Grade B Pay Scale Rs.35150 – 1750(9)– 50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-624000
RBI Grade B Grade Pay Not applicable
RBI Grade B Salary: NET Salary Including All Allowances Rs. 67,933/-

RBI Grade B Salary Slip

The following table explains the RBI Grade B Salary pay Slip
Pay and Allowances RS. Deductions RS.
Basic Pay 35150.00 EE NPS Contrib Amount 6509.00
Grade Allowance 6800.00 Prof Tax-split period 200.00
Dearness Allow. 23144.00 BF EE NPS Monthly Contrib 13018.00
House Allowance 5273.00 House Rent Recovery 620.00
COPS Incentive 2720.00 Meal Coupon Deduction 400.00
Spl Perquisite Allowance 1465.00 MAF 300.00
Spl Allow-Direct Recruit 1800.00 RBI Officers Association 40.00
Local Compensatory Allows 3664.00 Sports Club Membership 30.00
Meal allowance 160.00 Income Tax 5319.00
Gross Pay 80,176.00 Total Deductions 26,436.00

RBI Grade B Salary Allowances

Grade B officers at the Reserve Bank of India are paid a basic salary as well as a variety of supplementary benefits. These are known as RBI Grade- B  Salary Allowances.That's what we're going to talk about today.
  • House Rent Allowance: - The Reserve Bank of India provides a rent allowance of up to 70000 rupees, or 113 percent of the base income, to those who work in this position.
  • Medical Allowance: The employee working in this position at the Reserve Bank of India receives a monthly medical allowance of Rs. 4000.
  • Vehicle Allowance;RBI officers can take advantage of a financing facility that allows them to get a vehicle at a lower interest rate.
  • Maid allowance: Each month, RBI Grade B employees are entitled to Rs. 3000 in maid allowance.
  • Vehicle Petrol Allowance: The person working in this capacity is charged 150 liters of gasoline per month as a petrol allowance, and a monthly allowance of Rs.3,000 is provided for a four-wheeler vehicle.
  • Mobile Allowance: The employee working in this position receives a monthly mobile allowance of Rs.1200.
  • Education allowance;Get an education allowance for their children/an annual reimbursement sum of around Rs 4000 per month.
  • Dearness Allowance: Officers in Grade B positions at the Reserve Bank of India are entitled to a Dearness Allowance of 17% of their basic salary.
  • Briefcase Allowance: RBI Grade B officers are given a briefcase allowance. An individual is awarded 7000 once every three years under this scheme.
  • Mobile Allowance: RBI grade B employees are entitled to a monthly mobile allowance of Rs. 1500.
  • Employees will be registered in the New Pension Scheme (NPS) (NPS). Additionally, they are eligible for Gratuity benefits.
  • The employee and his or her family are eligible for a Leave Fare Concession and Leave Travel Concession (LFC/LTC) once every two years. / Each one receives approximately Rs.10,700 from the RBI.
These are the RBI Grade- B  Salary Benefits.

RBI Grade B Officer Job (Job Profile)

RBI Grade- B  Job Profile is a very important factor in this field. So let’s examine what are the responsibilities of an RBI Grade B officer.
  • The main responsibility of a Grade B official at the Reserve Bank of India is to keep inflation under control. So that the country's economy remains stable.
  • The RBI Grade B officer is responsible for a variety of additional types of answers. The individual in this position must operate to ensure a sufficient supply of liquidity to the productive sector.
  • The individual in this position is held accountable and is a key role in sustaining the country's financial stability.
  • The individual in this role is also in charge of utilizing the bank's low-cost and cutting-edge technology offerings.
  • In the case of money, RBI Officer Grade Bs are in charge of issuing coins and currency. The Grade B officer is in charge of distributing the currency to the banks.
  • The person in charge of this role at the RBI is responsible for ensuring the seamless movement of currency to subordinate units, and he or she must monitor this regularly.
  •  The person working in the RBI Grade B role is also responsible for merchant banking activities and the management of state and federal government accounts.
  • RBI Grade B, which is responsible for maintaining the country's financial stability. Currency issuing is a term that refers to the act of issuing money. The primary responsibility of the individual in this position is to distribute currency and maintain government accounts.
  • The duties of a Reserve Bank of India Grade B officer will be determined by his location. Different departments are responsible for different things, such as:

Eligibility for RBI Grade B


A candidate who: -
  • Be an Indian citizen or
  • Subject of Nepal
  • Bhutanese
  • A Tibetan refugee who came to India before 1 January 1962 intending to permanently settle in India or.
  • Persons of Indian origin who migrated to India from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), East African countries such as Zambia, Zaire, Malawi, and Vietnam to settle in India must have a certificate issued by the Indian government.

Education qualifications

  • Being a graduate is required. Graduation can be in any field, but it must be from a recognized university or educational institution.
  • Graduation requires at least 60 percent (general category) and 50 percent (reserved category) marks.
  • Candidates with a master's degree must have a minimum score of 55 percent.

Age Limit for RBI Grade B 2021

Age Limit: Not below 21 years – Not above 30 years (This is for General Category) Candidate must be born not earlier than 2nd January 1991 and not later than 1st January 2000. M.Phil. and Ph.D. The upper age limit will be 32 and 34 years respectively for the candidates possessing the qualification of RBI grade B In bank exams, there is a lot of competition, thus one must prepare thoroughly. There are a few Institutes that can assist you in studying for bank exams. Among them, Avison institute is famous for its best training techniques.

Career growth

After passing Phases I and II of the written tests, RBI Grade B officials move on to the personal interview process. After they are cleared, RBI accepts these rounds for two years. The length of the probation period is determined by the candidate's performance and can range from two to four years. After completing their probationary period, RBI Grade B officers have a lot of opportunities for their RBI Grade B career growth.  Candidates who have passed the departmental examinations can go on more quickly. Aside from that, qualifying applicants can participate in fast-track promotion programmers. Following the examination, selected candidates may be assigned to a probationary period in any area of the country. They may be transferred to different locations throughout their probation period, depending on the bank's needs.

RBI Grade B officer promotion

The person who works in this position at the Reserve Bank of India will be promoted in the future. In addition to advancement, the person who works in this position. That person's basic income rises with time as well. After two years on the job, a person who joins RBI Grade B is promoted for the first time based on the annual work report. After two years, you will be promoted for the first time. The scope of promotion for RBI Grade B personnel is highly effective, so they can benefit from it and progress to managerial positions, eventually reaching the position of Deputy Governor. The candidates who start RBI Grade B career growth get promoted in the following series:
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager
  • Principal Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Deputy Governor
  • Governor


The Reserve Bank of India pays Grade B officers a competitive basic salary as well as a variety of additional RBI Grade salary allowances. The person working in this position has a lot of capacity for promotion in the future. A person who works in this position has the potential to advance to the position of Governor.With best training from Avision institute you will achieve your goal.


Q. What is the current in-hand salary of the RBI Grade B Manager?

Ans. According to the current notice, the RBI Grade B officer's basic Pay is Rs. 35150(approximately). This pay scale varies depending on the location of employment and deductions (that is PF, Tax cut, etc.).

Q. What is the best way to become a member of the RBI?

Ans. Aspirants can sit for the RBI Grade B recruitment exam if they meet the eligibility criterion. They will only be hired and join the RBI after passing the final round exam. There are many training institutes like Avison institute to help you.

Q. How To Apply for the post of RBI Grade b officer?

Ans. Online applications will be invited for RBI Vacancy . Candidates have to fill the application form from the RBI Recruitment .Apply Online given on the RBI official website and submit the application fee by online payment.
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