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The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, or IBPS, is the regulatory agency that oversees the annual Probationary Officer examination in India. There are three phases to the exam: preliminary, main, and interview. It's challenging to pass the IBPS P.O. exam but this challenge can be cracked with the guidance of the best Bank PO coaching in Kolkata that is Avision Institute. The curriculum is extensive and the competition is fierce. Thus the secret is a well-thought-out study schedule along with appropriate direction and planning. It is challenging to meet the cutoff point if you don't comprehend the subjects well. In this blog, we will be discussing on Join IBPS Bank PO Special Preparation With Avision Institute. Let’s discuss things in details.

IBPS PO Syllabus:

EnglishQuantitative AptitudeReasoningGeneral Awareness
GrammarMensurationPuzzlesBanking & Financial Awareness
VocabularyTime and WorkSeating ArrangementMonetary Policies
Error SpottingAverage, Ratio, PercentagesDirections and DistanceEconomic Terms
ComprehensionSpeed, Distance and TimeData SufficiencyCurrent Affairs
Passage MakingMixture and AllegationsBlood RelationsFinancial & Economics News
Jumble WordsPermutation and CombinationSyllogismStatic GK
Fill in the BlanksData InterpretationCoding DecodingGovernment Schemes, Agreement & Deals
Sentence FramingProbabilityInequalityBanking terms, rates, processes

Steps for special preparation for IBPS PO Exam:

The Plan:

Success rarely happens by chance; it's the result of meticulous planning and dedicated effort. At Avision Institute the top Bank PO coaching in Kolkata, we understand the significance of a well-structured study plan tailored to the IBPS Bank PO exam syllabus. Our experts have crafted comprehensive study schedules that cover all sections of the exam, ensuring that you stay on track and make the most of your preparation time.

Don’t Get Rush:

Rushing through the syllabus may leave gaps in your understanding and hinder your performance on the exam day. Our program emphasizes a steady and consistent approach, allowing you to delve deep into each topic, understand key concepts, and master problem-solving techniques at your own pace.

Read a Lot:

A strong foundation in banking and current affairs is essential for success in the IBPS Bank PO exam. Our study materials include curated reading lists and daily updates on important news events, economic trends, and banking developments to keep you informed and well-prepared for the exam's general awareness section.

Brush up Your English:

Proficiency in English is a key requirement for the IBPS Bank PO exam. Whether it's vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, or writing skills, our program offers targeted lessons and practice exercises to help you improve your English proficiency and excel in the exam's English language section.

Get Professional Help:

Studying alone can be challenging, especially when faced with complex topics and difficult questions. Avision Institute provides expert guidance and support through live classes, doubt-solving sessions, and one-on-one mentoring to address your individual learning needs and ensure clarity and confidence in every aspect of the exam.


In conclusion, cracking the IBPS Bank PO exam requires more than just hard work. It demands strategic preparation, expert guidance, and a commitment to excellence. With the best coaching for Bank PO Avision Institute's specialized preparation program, you can embark on your journey to success with confidence and determination. So why wait? Join us today and let us help you realize your dreams of a rewarding career in banking. Remember, with Avision Institute by your side, your success is inevitable!

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