IBPS RRB Exam: IBPS RRB Salary 2021, Eligibility Criteria

IBPS RRB or Regional Rural Banks job is a dream job for several students, due to its high peak salary structure. If you also desire a handsome salary in your banking profession, then you must be required to clear the IBPS RRB examination. Are you looking for a suitable organization that can help you obtain your desired banking position while cracking the IBPS RRB exam? Then "Avision Institute" is the perfect destination for you.  If you are thinking of yourself as an eligible candidate for the IBPS RRB exam 2021, we will guide you to chase your dream. We’re going to present a student guide for the IBPS RRB 2021 examination through this article. If you want to know some more details on IBPS RRB job profile and career growth, then this guide will surely help you, to clear up all your doubts.

IBPS RRB Salary 2021

According to the RRB notification 2021, there are about 5830 vacancies available in the IBPS RRB clerkship. Therefore, if you are planning to appear for this exam this year, then you might get a golden opportunity to crack the examination. As per the notification, provided by IBPS RRB exam salary 2021 circulation the basic IBPS RRB exam in-hand salary varies between 15,000 to 20,000. The IBPS RRB examination is regulated for the recruitment of Group A and Group B posts. The clear conception of the Group A and Group B positions are provided below:
  • Group A- Officer Scale- I, II, and III
  • Group B- Office Assistant (Multipurpose)

IBPS salary structure 2021

If you are planning to appear in this exam, then you must go through the following table chart. This will help you to get a clear conception of the IBPS RRB Exam Salary Structure.
The complete salary structure of IBPS RRB 
Posts  In-hand salary
IBPS RRB From Rs. 15,000 to 20,000/-
IBPS RRB PO officer From Rs. 29,000 to 33,000/-
Officer Scale-II From Rs. 33,000 to 39,000/-
Officer Scale III From Rs. 38,000 to 44,000/- 
Note: As per the new regulations of the banking sector, there will be a 10% salary deduction for NPS (basic pay+ DA) instead of the PF or Provident Fund.

IBPS RRB pay scale 2021

According to the IBPS RRB Exam Salary Pay Slip of the present employees, the basic salary package of the IBPS RRB jobs starts from 28,000 to 30,000/- in a month while including the Dearness Allowance and the other benefits of the concerning job. However, you will get a clear description of this in the following section.
  • Initial basic payments: The initial payment of the IBPS RRB clerkship is nearly 19,900/-. It also includes the 1000/- annual increment.
  • Basic payment after 3 years: After completing three years of service of IBPS RRB job you will earn nearly 20,900/- and will also get a 1230/- annual increment.
  • Basic payment after the next 3 years: You will be paid 24,590/- with a 1490/- increment for the upcoming four years of the job.
  • Basic payment after the next 4 years: You will get 30,550/- while including Rs 1730 annual increment for the upcoming 7 years of service.
  • Basic payment after the next 7 years: Rs 42,600 will be your salary after completing the 7 years of service and you will get 3270/- as the yearly increment.
  • Basic payment after the next 1 year: Thereafter, you will be paid 45,930/- with a 1990/- yearly increment for the upcoming new year of the service. 
  • Basic payment after next year: After the next year you will get 47,920/-. This is considered as the maximum basic pay of an IBPS clerkship. The "Avision Institute" will guide you properly to achieve this position.

IBPS RRB salary and other allowances

The IBPS RRB officers get several beneficial aspects through different kinds of job allowances. The IBPS RRB exam salary benefits also include House Rent Allowance or HRA and Dearness Allowances or DA. Here you will get to know about the IBPS RRB Exam Salary Allowances in the following chart.
IBPS RRB salary and other allowances
Dearness Allowance As an IBPS officer, you will get a 4% DA of your basic payment. However, it relies on the CPI and it gets revised after every three months.
House Rent Allowance The HRA relies on the location of the job you posted. If you are from a metropolitan city then you will get 7.5% HRA. And if you are from a rural or urban area that is enriched with less than 5 lakhs people, then you will get 6.5% HRA.
Travel Allowance The IBPS job will provide you a TA for any official tours and travels.
Medical Allowance IBPS job provides 2000 INR as the Medical Allowance once every year.
Special Allowance The IBPS RRB get 4118/- fixed amount as a Special Allowances, which is 7.75% of the basic payment.  

IBPS RRB job profile

Here we will discuss the IBPS RRB Exam Job Profile and its roles and responsibilities.
  • If you are holding the position of an IBPS , then you will be required to take the responsibility of verifying the customer's documents.
  • You will also need to take responsibility for different important official documents, keys, and bank cashes.
  • An IBPS RRB sanctions the customer's withdrawals from the bank. You will also need to resolve customer-related issues and queries. Updating the passbooks of the account holders is another responsibility of an IBPS officer.
  • As an IBPS officer, you will need to take the responsibilities of several bank documents, ledger, and balance sheets, etc.
  • The responsibility of issuing Demand Drafts or DDs, managing a customer's bank account and cash receipts controlled by an IBPS officer. You will also need to attend the treasury works of the bank organization.
  • As an IBPS officer, you will need to guide the customers properly and will need to provide them all the information that is associated with the latest government policies and schemes.
  • All the miscellaneous tasks of a bank organization are maintained by an IBPS officer.

IBPS RRB promotions

An IBPS RRB Exam Career Growth is considered an alluring opportunity. After joining the IBPS RRB job you will hold the position of IBPS RRB officer scale I as a Manager Trainee of the Regional Rural Banks or Gramin Bank. You will need to serve this probation period for two years. After the successful completion of this probation period, you will be promoted as the Assistant Manager of the bank. You will need to serve the bank for one year as an Assistant manager. However, the sequential stages of the IBPS RRB career growth are listed below.
  • IBPS RRB Officer Scale I (PO)
  • Assistant Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Senior Branch Manager
  • Chief Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
However, the career growth of the IBPS RRB jobs depends on your working performance. Each IBPS RRB gets promotions in each couple of years. The banking sectors maintain two several procedures to promote their employees. Normal process: In this process, the eligible candidates will not need any JAIIB and CAIIB diplomas. The candidates just need to appear on an internal written examination and get promoted as per their working seniority and experiences. After appearing in the written examination the IBPS RRB get the position of Trainee Officers, consequently, they hold the position of Probationary Officers or PO. Merit-based process: In this procedure, the candidates are required to clarify the JAIIB and CAIIB diploma from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. 


The IBPS RRB examination is considered one of the prestigious professions due to its high paid salary scale. Every year numbers of students pass this examination, but only a few of them are considered eligible. If you want to crack this examination, the "Avision Institute" will guide you properly. However, effortless work and your merit can help you to gain your dream profession.

Some FAQs on IBPS RRB salary 2021

Q 1. What is the in-hand salary of the IBPS RRB Office assistant?

Ans. The in-hand salary of an IBPS RRB Office Assistant is approximately Rs. 21,000/- to Rs. 23,000/-. It is also included with the IBPS RRB benefits.

Q 2. What is the job profile of an IBPS RRB Officer?

Ans. The RRB officer has several working responsibilities such as:
  •   Dealing with the customers
  •   Bank retail operations
  •   Verifying the loan documents
  •   Checking cash and Payment Transactions
  •   Sustaining the important data and Files

Q 3. What are the applicable posts for IBPS RRB jobs?

Ans. You can apply for the IBPS RRB or Office Assistant post; the posts like IBPS RRB Officer Scale I or PO, Officer Scale-II; and Officer Scale III. You can apply for any of these officer posts.

Q 4. What is the pattern of the IBPS RRB salary increment?

Ans. The pattern of the IBPS salary increment is like Rs.19900-1000/1-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550-1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920.
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