IBPS PO Exam? Things You Should Not Miss in 2021


Getting confused with that word just mentioned above? 

Well, we are congratulating you with that word because we know you have taken a decision to be an IBPS PO, which will help you be a remarkable person someday. 

Being such a professional will not only offer you a number of facilities, but it will also gift you something you consider very valuable all the time and that is SECURITY. 

Besides all of this, you must not forget the level of prestige and respect that comes with these jobs and you will enjoy them as long as you work (and actually after that as well).

Added to all of this, there is another interesting fact about being an IBPS PO.  That is, working in such a position will offer you all the insights of the ever-growing and inflating banking industry that makes potential alterations at times, which can be observed as platforms to learn more about the work. In this way, your job basically never becomes ‘boring’ to you and you can get a lot of enthusiasm by visiting your bank everyday.


That is why you are reading this blog.

IBPS PO Exam? Things You Should Not Miss in 2021

IBPS PO Exam 2021 and Avision Institute 

The essential factor about getting hired as an IBPS PO is to crack the examination at first. It  is a challenging examination due to the number of candidates appearing each year. Moreover; the question papers; the exam patterns; the number  of vacancies and many other factors also shape the difficulty level and the type of exam held every single time. 

IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) with PO representing Probationary Officer (or Bank Probationary officer). The Institute takes this exam in an annual basis to screen candidates for recruitment in various designations in the banks of this country. 

So, you need to understand the recent and specific information in an examination beforehand in order to make sure you are ready to face it and be successful in it. 

This is why we have jotted down some vital information about the examination for this year. 

If you’re worried about the performance, then we have got a solution for you. Being considered the best institute to coach you for your IBPS Exam 2021; Avision Institute can make it a point to help you succeed this challenging exam probably in the first attempt or in the few first attempts. The institute is also going to aid you in clarifying your doubts regarding the exam pattern; the IBPS PO syllabus; question divisions and many more. You just need to be a pupil of it in order to discover its wonderful advantages preserved for you. 

But, it is time for you to know about the IBPS PO Exam 2021. 

IBPS PO Exam 2021: Notifications and Important Dates 

Notifications are generally released in the IBPS PO official website. If you want to take a look at progressive information; you may visit the website anytime. 

It is  also very important for you to visit the website frequently so that you can get the idea of the new updates and alterations made in the notifications. Anything vital like changing the date of registration; admit card deployment; declaring results; updated data about documentation and ID verification can be checked in the website. So, it is a wise step if you keep on checking it almost regularly. 

Usually, the registration and online application form is offered in the month of August (as per the data of 2019).

Examinations are scheduled in the month of September, while the results are declared by October or November. 

One more thing! There is a pre-exam training given to the candidates belonging to the minority groups (SC/ST). This training is generally given in September. 

IBPS PO Exam 2021: Vacancies

If  you ask for the total number then there are 4336 vacant seats available. 

But, the thing is these seats are also categorized extensively according to different banks and different categories of candidates. 

A particular number of seats are allotted to candidates from reserved categories such as the SC; the ST; the PWD and so on. 

To get that information, kindly visit the main website of the examination. 

IBPS PO Exam 2021: Eligibility Criteria

Your age has to be between 20 to 30 years for this examination. 

You must also qualify a graduation in any stream. But that must be done from a recognized  university.

That seems almost complete for the IBPS PO Eligibility Criteria but, in reality, there’s more  to it.  

Language proficiency is a must. You must be able to read; speak and write the language of the state/ UT.

Added to all of that, knowledge in computer operations is also a key requirement if you want to apply for this examination.  

IBPS PO Exam 2021: Exam Pattern

The IBPS PO exam pattern is fairly easy to understand. But you may still have doubts with the changes in the new IBPS PO Exam Pattern and can definitely ask your trainers to help you with that. In Avision Institute, you shall surely find such trainers who will aid you in these matters anytime.  

The examination is divided into 3 parts. The prelims; the mains and the interview round. 

Phase I: Preliminary Examination

It is an examination, which will be conducted online. 

In the prelims examination; you need to answer the question paper in 3 separate divisions. Total marks for this question paper is 100. 

In the 3 sections; you will get a number of 30 questions for the first section; another 30 questions for the second one and a last 35 questions for the last one. 

All of these questions are going to allot you 20 minutes to answer. So, you will get a total of 60 minutes or an hour to finish answering the complete question paper. 

Phase II: Mains Examination

Like the prelims, it is also an online examination. 

You will get a total of 4 sections and an additional one for English. 

For the English Writing Examination, you might need to answer two descriptive question. However, it will carry 25 marks for these two questions and you will get 30 minutes to answer them. 

For the rest of the 4 sections you get a total time of 3 hours or 180 minutes for finishing the exam. 

A total of 155 questions are included in the 4 sections according to the subjects in the IBPS PO Syllabus for Mains exam and the number of questions for these 4 sections are 45; 40; 35 and 35 questions respectively. 

The marks distribution in these 4  sections are 60; 40; 40 and 60 marks respectively. 

Phase II: IBPS PO Interview 

Although noted as one of the most challenging rounds in the IBPS PO Exam; it is also something that you can qualify easily with the help of proper training. 

This interview we are talking about carries 100 marks in total. Here, the weightage of marks is distributed in the ratio of 80:20. 

However, your performance will not only include itself, but also a combination of both of these stages. 

In Avision Institute, we make you experience this interview as a real life situation. We simulate the IBPS PO Interview process by creating an environment where you are challenged in the same way the real interview would challenge you. In that regard, the more sessions like these you will get at Avision; the better you will be in your performance. 

IBPS PO Exam 2021: Syllabus 

Not much is to be taken for consideration in the IBPS PO Exam syllabus. According to professional trainers; the syllabus in the IBPS PO Exam 2021 is not just easy, but also interesting. 

But, you need to know the latest updates for the IBPS PO Syllabus 2021, right?

Read on a little bit more.

Subjects vary differently for the IBPS PO syllabus as per the phases or the divisions in the examination. The syllabus for the prelims will not match the one meant for the mains. So, know about this carefully. 

For Prelims:

You need to study:

  • English Language 
  • Reasoning Ability 
  • Quantitative Aptitude 

For Mains:

You need to study:

  • General Economy or Banking Awareness 
  • Reasoning or Computer Aptitude 
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation 
  • English Language
  • Writing in English (Letter and Essay Writing)

The last one is the extensive examination with 2 questions bearing a total of 25 marks. 

You may still have issues understanding or finding out more about these subjects. Chances are you never even knew about them in the past. So be it the IBPS PO syllabus for Prelims or the syllabus for the mains; you must have a clear discussion with your trainers about them…

…which brings us to our next point.

What Avision Can Do for You 

All we have is a full package where you will get not just IBPS PO Exam training, but also the most advanced content; mock test papers and a series of innovative classes to make you the best performer. But, above all, you will gain the priceless advice of your trainers; which will provide you with probably the shortest route to success. 

Isn’t that what you EXACTLY want considering the IBPS PO exam 2021?

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