IBPS Clerk Salary 2021: In-Hand Salary Structure, Job Profile, Promotion, Allowances

For job seekers in the banking industry, the position of Clerk is a dream come true. For these positions, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is accepting applications. That means IBPS Clerks are recruited through the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). Those who have this position in society enjoy high social status. Many banks, including Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab National Bank, and Bank of Baroda, will use IBPS to hire personnel. Aspirants are looking forward to Salary, and Perks now that the IBPS Clerk Notification for 2021 has been out. A candidate must prepare extensively with the right strategy and complete course content to ace this examination. "Avision Institute" recognizes this need of students and so offers IBPS Clerk Coaching to them to assist them in preparing for these exams. But do you know how much IBPS Clerk Salary 2021 is? and what benefits do they receive? We are providing you with all of the necessary information in this article. Candidates will find information about the IBPS Clerk Job Profile, including salary, pay scale, allowances, job profile, and promotion, on this page. Continue reading for more information.

IBPS Clerk Salary in-Hand structure 2021

The Basic Pay and other benefits such as HRA make up the IBPS Clerk Salary (House Rent Allowance and Dearness Allowance etc.). For IBPS Clerk 2021, the first basic pay is Rs 11,765.IBPS Clerk Pay Scale is 11765-655/3- 13730-815/3- 16175-980/4- 20095-1145/7- 28110-2120/1- 30230/1310-1- 31540.It is not easy to comprehend, so we have included a table below to make it more obvious and understandable. In other words, the minimum basic pay for IBPS Clerk is Rs 11,765, while the maximum is Rs 31540.

IBPS Clerk Salary 2021:

Basic Pay Rs.19,900/-
Dearness Allowance Rs.5209.82/-
Special Allowance Rs.4118/-
Transport Allowance Rs.757.08/-
CCA Rs.0/-
House Rent Allowance(HRA) Rs.2039.75/-
Gross Pay Rs.32,024.65/-
Deduction (NPS Fund, Union Fee) Rs.2570.98/-
Net Pay Rs.29453.67/-
Please keep in mind that IBPS  Clerk in-Hand Salary Structure differs based on where you work. A candidate working in a semi-urban area will be paid more than a candidate working in a rural area (*Salary varies depending on the location of posting.)

IBPS Clerk Basic Pay Scale 2021

An applicant who works as a bank clerk receives a monthly salary of Rs 11,765. He is paid a basic salary of Rs 655, with an annual increment of Rs 655. For the first three years, the monthly salary was Rs 13,730, with an annual rise of Rs 815. After three years, the monthly income would be Rs 16,175, an increase of Rs 980 every year. In the same way, after four years, the monthly salary will be 20095. After then, the clerk would be paid Rs 28,110 each year for the next seven years. With a year-on-year increase of Rs 1310, the highest basic income of an IBPS Clerk would be Rs 31,540 per month.

IBPS Clerk Allowances:

The salary allowances for IBPS Clerks are extremely motivating. The IBPS offers a clerk with a lot of benefits. IBPS Clerk  Perks And Allowances are based on a variety of variables, including the location of posting, the progress of the branch, and other factors. The following are the several sorts of allowances available to IBPS Clerks:

1. Special Allowance-Rs 1561

You receive a special allowance of Rs. 1561 every month. 

2. Dearness Allowance (DA)

The DA is 4% of the IBPS Clerk Basic Pay.DA is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and is updated every three months. The initial DA will be Rs 7073.

3. House Rent Allowance (HRA)

HRA is determined by the location of employment.HRA varies from 6.5 percent to 8.5 percent, depending on the location of employment.

4. Travel Allowance (TA)

The Bank will pay expenses paid on official excursions and visits.

5. Medical Allowance (MA)

  • It's only paid once a year. The medical allowance for IBPS Clerks has been set at Rs 2000/.
  • IBPS Clerk job profile Salary and benefits are appealing. However, the job profile will likely be difficult. The IBPS Clerk job profile has a lot of tasks and duties. This job entails not only accounting, but also customer service, cash management, and consumer counseling.
  • For bank-related inquiries and issues, and IBPS Clerk is the primary point of contact. Given below are the job responsibilities of the IBPS Clerk.
  • Organize inquiry corners, receipts, and withdrawals, among other things.
  • Opening new accounts, collecting cash, issuing bank statements, and receiving mail and deliveries are all responsibilities of a clerk.
  • Customer-submitted documents and proofs are checked for accuracy.
  • Account holders' passbooks are being updated.
  • In charge of bank cash, vital paperwork, keys, and other items.
  • Customers are given Demand Drafts (DD), Bank Accounts, and Cash Receipts, among other things.
  • Customers' clearance clearance
  • Keeping track of numerous bank papers, such as balance sheets and ledgers.
  • Various client issues were resolved.
  • To assist consumers with a variety of banking tasks.
  • Take part in treasury matters
As a result, the IBPS Clerk job profile is quite a job, and several important bank operations may not be possible without it. As a clerk, you will be assigned a variety of responsibilities, some of which may be time-based. As a result, you may initially feel the strain of a heavy effort. However, you will quickly be able to adapt your working hours to create more pleasant settings. Working hours are set, and you can leave the office at any time during those hours. It necessitates a great deal of clerical effort. All you have to do now is work at a desk. It’s unlikely that you'll lose your job or be suspended. The position is long-term. It stands a good possibility of being promoted through a departmental exam. 

IBPS Clerk Salary & Promotions

IBPS Clerk has a lot of margin for advancement. There are various prospects for advancement as a bank clerk, depending on your performance and contribution to the bank. Working as a bank clerk teaches you several ways to operate in a bank and allows you to demonstrate your talent and aptitude. We get the talent to demonstrate here because of the knowledge we gain from the expert trainers we meet during IBPS CLERK EXAM training. Above mentioned institute, "Avision Institute “is the best option for this. Before seeking promotion, a clerk must work for a minimum of three years or two years in some institutions. The following two processes are used in the IBPS Clerk   Promotion
  • General/Seniority Process
  • Merit-Based / Fast Track Process

Normal process:

IBPS Clerks are promoted based on their experience and seniority in the institution. They must, however, pass an internal written examination. The JAIIB and CAIIB diplomas are not required for candidates who are promoted through this route.

Merit-Based Process:

Candidates must have JAIIB and CAIIB diplomas from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance to be considered for this process (IIBF).

Promotion levels for an IBPS Clerk:

Given below are the promotion levels for an IBPS Clerk in ascending order. Clerk > Officer > Senior Officer > Assistant Manager > Manager > Senior Manager > Chief Manager > Assistant General Manager > Deputy General Manager > General Manager


Every year, lakhs of young people apply for IBPS Clerk. Not only do you get a nice income, but you also get a variety of allowances and government benefits. There are also numerous vacation options. If you desire a good wage and a restricted level of job pressure and responsibilities, you should pursue a career as an IBPS Clerk. We believe that reviewing the IBPS Clerk analysis would assist you in deciding on a career path. If you want to get such a good job, you have to prepare well for the exam for IBPS Clerk. "Avision Institute" is the best institute that helps you to acquire your aim.
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