Get Ready to Score The Best Marks in Quantitative Aptitude with Best Coaching

Math is one of the fun subjects that is easy to score. Hence, if you have the basic knowledge you have the ability to crack the Quants with best accuracy. However, you need a better ability to perform in the examination. Therefore, you should know the term, logic, calculation, and formulae to crack the exam. A specification of the short tricks will also help you to solve the question quickly. If you want to be involved with the best quantitative tricks then join the Best Banking Coaching in Kolkata that help you to provide the solution. In this blog, we will discuss how to get ready to score the best marks in quantitative aptitude with best coaching guidance. Let’s discuss things in detail.

Get Ready to Score The Best Marks in Quantitative Aptitude with Best Coaching

Know the Syllabus:

This is the primary thing to know about the syllabus of the Quantitative Aptitude before appearing for the competitive exam. This will mainly provide the information about the Maths topic with proper time management. Coming to the Best Banking Coaching in India that helps you to provide the detailed topic and method of learning techniques. Let’s discuss things below. 

Time and Work
Shortcut technique with concept examples {Video lecture}
Practice questions (Easy)
Questions from previous papers
70 Practice Questions in PDF
15 Repeated Question from Recent Papers
Time and Work Tricks with Examples
Time, Work and Wages
Time and Distance
Concept video with examples {Video}
Basic concepts
Practice questions
Shortcut technique
Races and games questions
Time Speed And Distance Tricks
Probability Concepts with Examples (updated)
Concepts and tricks {Video lectures}
Formulae and technique
Venn diagrams
Dice problems (2 dices rolled)
Dice problems (3 dices rolled)
Practice questions
Practice questions set 2
Number system
Number System Concepts
Number series workbook PDF
Finding missing numbers
Rules and techniques
Formulae with examples
Number system Guide
Video lecture on Approximation
Technique and Tricks {PDF}
Technique to solve complex equations
Fast maths tricks
Doubt Clearing Session no Approximation
Boats and Streams
Detailed Video lecture
Important questions
Tricks with Examples
Shortcut Tricks
Problems based on Trains
Concept with examples
Shortcut technique with examples
Examples solved with shortcut technique
Practice questions
Simple and Compound Interest
Tricks to solve {PDF}
Find Compound Interest in Quick Way
Basic concepts
Practice questions from previous papers
Practice questions set 2 (Moderate difficulty)
Profit and Loss
Profit and loss Formulas and Tricks
Concepts and tricks {Video lecture}
Important questions (Set 2)
Practice questions Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
Using rule of Fraction to solve Profit and Loss questions
Ratio and Proportions
Basic concepts and techniques
Tricks, questions and Formulae
Practice questions
Ratio vs Ratio
Questions from recent exams
High level questions
Percentage problems
7 Tricks to solve questions
Technique to questions {PDF}
Practice questions (using shortcut tricks)
Quadratic Equations
Concepts with examples
Quick approach
Important questions for practices
Video lecture
High level questions
Problems based on Ages
Concepts of Ages
Techniques to solve
Questions from previous papers
Practice questions solved using shortcut methods
Permutation and Combinations
Concept and techniques
Practice questions solved using shortcuts
Permutation and Combination - Tricks
Types and Cases with Examples
Difference between Permutations and Combinations
Lines and Angles
Basics of Geometry in PDF
Mixtures and Alligations
Concept - with Examples
Tricks and Problems
Practice Questions
Alligations and Mixtures Shortcuts(Video)
Average Formulas
Tricks and practice questions
Video lecture 1 - Average6 Average Tricks
Data Sufficiency
Data Sufficiency Workbook
Data Sufficiency Questions, Methods and Tips
Data Sufficiency Questions
Data Sufficiency Live Session
Data Sufficiency Test
Clocks and Calendar
Clocks and Calendars Concepts
Concepts of Calendar
Clocks - Concept, Shortcut with Examples
Concept & Tricks To Solve Clock Questions
Calendars : 10 Expected Questions
Tricks to Solve Calendar Questions
Concepts of Partnership
5 Repeated Partnership Questions
Partnership : 7 repeated Questions
Partnership Shortcut Trick (Video)
Pipes and Cisterns
Concepts and Tricks
Pipes and Cisterns Shortcuts
Pipes and Cisterns Concepts and Tricks(in Hindi)
Shortcut Trick for Problems12 Questions Repeated in the Exams
Problems and formulas
Application of LCM and HCF
10 Questions Repeated in the Exams
LCM and HCF Short Tricks
Problems on Trains
Types of Problems with Examples
Rules and Tricks
Problems on Trains with Solution
Problems Based on Trains Made Easy
Shortcut Trick for Problems based on Trains

Rules of Solving Maths Tricks:

  • Power Multiplication.
  • Formulae that help in Solving Test Series.
  • Practice Mock test series.

Hence, these are some of the best ways to get ready to score the best marks in quantitative aptitude with best coaching guidance. These institutes will provide the learning video, study material, techniques, test series, and many more. Avision Institute is the successful Banking Coaching in Kolkata that helps you to score best marks in exams with their responsibility, goals, and objectives. The Institute provides the topic, question methods of each topic, solution, tricks and tips. 

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