Get Prepare to Score 60+ Marks in RRB Exam 2022

If you want to score 60+ marks in IBPS RRB exam then review the exam properly and give maximum time to your preparation. The total marks of IBPS RRB is 80 and the subject included in RRB section is Reasoning and Numerical Ability. Each section allotted 40 marks in total and therefore you need to make a plan from both the sections that will help you to score at least 60+ marks in IBPS RRB exam. In this blog, we will discuss how to get prepared to score 60+ marks in IBPS RRB exam 2022. Let’s discuss in detail. 

Get Prepare to Score 60+ Marks in RRB Exam 2022

Check out the Prelims Pattern:

SectionsNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Numerical Ability4040

Understand topic of RRB Syllabus:

Logical Reasoning
Alphanumeric Series
Seat Arrangement & Puzzle
Numerical Ability
Number Series
Data Interpretation

Tips on How to Prepare for IBPS RRB Reasoning:

IBPS RRB Reasoning section is a scoring subject. It helps in improving the marks of RRB in a short time. However, you need lots and lots of practice to get the speed to attempt the marks. To improve the practice you need to enroll in some of the best test series that can help you to improve the marking. The test series also helps you to enhance the idea of the question and understand the difficulty level of the question that can ease your preparation. There are lots of important topics discussed in the reasoning section. Hence, create a schedule and focus on your study. If you find an error then make sure to complete with the best solution and steps. The major sections that are majorly discussed for the scoring in exams are inequality, number series, puzzle, coding-decoding, syllogism, and many more.   

Tips on How to Prepare for IBPS RRB Numerical Ability:

Numerical Ability is the most scoring subject. All you need to have the basic knowledge, calculation, and remember the formulae to calculate. The best part of the numerical ability is that you can easily be able to solve the section using the knowledge of formulae. However, there are also various short tricks that will help you to solve 2-3 questions in a minute. All you need is practice from the ultimate test series and improve the speed of attempting questions. The IBPS RRB also helps you to score with the guidance of the IBPS RRB Exam.

Hence, Join Avision Institute, one of the best coaching for IBPS RRB that will help you to score best with featuring the guidance of the top faculty. The faculty members of this institute are great and involve the best learning technique, pattern, and many more. Our faculty is providing dedicated effort and also enrolling the planning that helps the candidates to score at best.

Understand Reasoning Section Weightage:

TopicWeightage (Office Assistant)Weightage (Officer Scale 1)
Inequalities3-5 Questions5 Questions
Coding-Decoding5-7 Questions5-7 Questions
Syllogisms4-6 Questions4-6 Questions
Linear Seat Arrangement5-10 Questions0-5 Questions
Circular Seat Arrangement5-10 Questions0-5 Questions
Puzzles0-5 Questions0-5 Questions
Arrangement & Patterns10-12 Questions3-6 Questions
Blood Relations1-4 Questions2-7 Questions
Order & Ranking0-5 Questions0-5 Questions
Direction & Distances0-5 Questions0-5 Questions
Data Sufficiency0-5 Questions0-5 Questions
Verbal Reasoning0-3 Questions0-5 Questions

Understand Numerical Ability Section Weightage:

TopicWeightage (Office Assistant)Weightage (Officer Scale 1)
Number Series0-5 Questions0-5 Questions
Algebra0-7 Questions0-7 Questions
Simplification0-5 Questions10-15 Questions
Data Interpretation10-15 Questions10-20 Questions
Miscellaneous10-15 Questions10-15 Questions

Hence, these weightage will enable the idea on how to initiate the exam and the idea of attempting the question at first. The section will provide the idea of both weightage including Reasoning and Numerical Ability. Avision Institute is the expert coaching with top dedicated faculty that makes the best online coaching for IBPS RRB PO Clerk with their lot of services for IBPS exam. The test series of this institute is also formed in such a way that helps you to score at best. 

Hence, coming to the part of conclusion we understood how to get prepared to score 60+ marks in IBPS RRB exam 2022. We provide various information including the pattern, syllabus, tricks, question weightage. Therefore, it’s candidate roles and responsibility to gather all information and enroll to the online IBPS RRB PO Clerk coaching in India that features the guidance that leads towards the success. If an aspirant can give their entire effort and dedication then that will complete the mission in the upcoming exam RRB. Wish all the best for the upcoming exams to the aspirants those who are participating in the IBPS RRB exam.

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