Difference between IAS and IFS exam 2020

IAS and IFS are the two most competitive level exams for the UPSC Services 2020. It is one of the most prestigious and dream jobs for every aspirant. There are various differences between IAS and IFS. Let’s find out.  

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS) are two different forms of exams for recruitment to the All India Services (AIS). All these exams are conducted by the government recruitment agency — Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). While there are similarities between the IAS and IFS recruitment exams, there are major differences existing between IAS and IFS recruitment under UPSC Services 2020.

Level of IAS and IFS: The fundamental level of both IAS & IFS is the civil services exam is conducted by the UPSC to fill up group A and B posts in the Indian Administrative Service departments.

The forest service exam is for recruitment into the agencies that are engaged in the conservation and maintenance of the forest reserves as well as wildlife. IFS toppers hold important positions in state forest departments and similar agencies of the government that are entrusted with the responsibility of conservation and maintenance of forest reserves.

Level of Competitive Exam: The next difference between the IAS and IFS examinations is the level of competitiveness. It is a common perception that cracking the IAS is the toughest feat to achieve. However, the level of competitiveness is actually higher in IFS. This is because the number of vacancies in the IFS has conventionally remained lower than the IAS leading to a large number of applicants left to compete for fewer positions when in case of IFS recruitment. For instance, the UPSC has announced 796 vacancies in IAS compared to 90 vacancies in IFS in 2020.

Final Merit List: The biggest differences between the IAS and IFS during the appointment of candidates who make it to the final merit list. IAS applicants can serve at the highest position of their career at the level of the cabinet secretary. The candidates who are appointed for IFS positions have the opportunity to rise up to the highest level of the chief of the department of the forest of a state.

Roles and Responsibilities: The roles and responsibilities of an IAS officer and an IFS officer huge differences can also be observed. An IFS officer’s key role is to enforce the National Forest Policy. On the other hand, an IAS officer is a full-fledged bureaucrat who engages in the enforcement of government policies and acts as an administrative authority.

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