Crack The IBPS PO Exam with Help of Avision’s Test Series

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is a recruiting body who assigns candidates for the post of Probationary Officer (PO) with an examination named IBPS PO. The exam is a two-tier exam which has preliminary and mains level. The performance of the candidates and the cumulative grade determines the recruitment status of the candidates. To best prepare with the exam, candidates need to appear for IBPS PO Mock Test Series 2021. This blog will highlight you regarding the necessity of the mock tests and will introduce you to our course features.

Crack The IBPS PO Exam with Help of Avision’s Test Series

About IBPS PO exam type:

Like other important banking and governmental exams, IBPS PO carries 100 questions for the Prelims and 200 for Mains paper. What needs special attention in this exam is the scheme of negative marking. For every incorrect answer 0.25 marks is deducted. Thus, we at Avision believe that every student should be attentive in securing every mark with each answer. We expect our students not to lose the rank due to that loss of 0.25 marks. Thus we offer our students an effective practice session with our IBPS PO online test series

Why do you need a mock test?

Our teachers believe that practice provides a comprehensive knowledge of an exam. Often lesson knowledge is insufficient for appearing in any exam. Primarily in competitive exams that will lead you to your professional seats. It needs the knowledge of time management, awareness of attempting exams in CBT mode, MCQ type and much more. Mock tests lead you to knowledge of all these criteria. Here are some overviews of the benefits you can get from mock test practices:

A glimpse of the model questions in advance. Our teachers design the questions as per the standard of updated syllabus and ten-year pattern. Thus you can likely ask common questions.

Learning time management skills is an important one. With more appearance in mock tests, you can plan out which question or sections consume more time in solving.

As a student you can evaluate your study preparation and lack thereof. Often students ignore some subjects which causes them to lose extra marks. We want our students to be efficient with their lessons. 

Online exam mode of our mock test will help you to attend CBT mode exams later. Online exam tests the technical compatibility of the students. This is often an issue with the aspirants who are not thorough with computer based exams. Our online IBPS PO Test Series can be given via laptop / desktop / phone.

You can refer to the question of the mock exams as a part of your final preparation. Enroll in our course soon and Buy IBPS PO Test Series 2021 from us.

Mock test updates: 

For our enroll students we are providing the IBPS PO Test Series via online mode. However students can also contact us if they desire for offline mode. The test series will be updated to our students who are regular students of our banking course. As an authentic education service provider, we will attentively look into the convenience of our students regarding exam timing. 

Our mock test series will be on both prelims and main paper. For the prelims paper which will be conducted first, you will be given 100 questions within the duration of 1 hour just the main exam. The same pattern will be followed with the mains paper. We will also follow the marking scheme of the main IBPS PO exam.  

How will you appear for it?

Accessing exams is easy for us. Our technical support will help you lead with any technical error while exam. Here is basic information that you need to have regarding accessing IBPS PO online test series:

If you are an enrolled regular student, then you can log in with your provided id and given exam. The rest details will be provided before exams.

If you are an external student willing to appear in our test, you need to enroll or contact us for further information. 

More from Avision:

Post examination, our teacher will arrange the discussion session of the answer keys. This is to take place via an online medium for more students to access it simultaneously. Also we are open for the regular students to come with their personalized doubts through offline mode as well. Avision Institute is here to support you in all dimensions.

Enroll soon and explore multiple other training sessions offered by us. We coach students with job exams and entrance exams. Join our team and get the opportunity to learn from the best institute at Kolkata. 

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