Crack SSC CHSL Exam 2023-2024 with The Help of Avision Institute

Our country is obsessed with government jobs. SSC CHSL is one of the most-sought after exams. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) examination is a gateway to lucrative government job opportunities for thousands of aspirants each year. If you are an SSC CHSL aspirant, you must gear up for the SSC CHSL Exam 2023-2024 with hopes of securing a bright future. Here in this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the essential aspects of the exam and provide valuable insights to help aspirants navigate their preparation journey successfully.

Crack SSC CHSL Exam with The Help of Avision Institute

Overview of SSC CHSL exam 2023-2024:

The SSC CHSL Exam is conducted by the SSC to recruit candidates in various positions such as Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), Postal Assistant (PA), Sorting Assistant (SA), and Data Entry Operator (DEO) in various government ministries, departments and organisations.

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern:

The SSC CHSL Exam is conducted to recruit candidates for various posts in government departments and offices. The exam is divided into three tiers:

Tier-I (Computer-Based Examination):

  1. Objective type questions with sections on General Intelligence, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness.
  2. Time management is crucial; practice solving previous years' papers to enhance speed and accuracy.

Tier-II (Descriptive Paper):

  1. A pen-and-paper mode exam to test your writing skills.
  2. Practice essay and letter writing regularly to improve expression and coherence.

Tier-III (Skill Test/Typing Test):

  1. Skill Test for Data Entry Operator (DEO) and Typing Test for Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant LDC/JSA and Court Clerk.
  2. Regular practice is essential to enhance typing speed and accuracy.

SSC CHSL Syllabus: Tier 1

SSC CHSL Tier-I Syllabus comprises 4 subjects which are: English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence: & General Awareness. The subject-wise topics for SSC CHSL 2024 Tier-I exam is given below:

SSC CHSL Tier-I Syllabus 2024
General IntelligenceQuantitative AptitudeEnglish LanguageGeneral Awareness
Logical ReasoningSimplificationReading ComprehensionHistory
Alphanumeric SeriesProfit and LossCloze TestCulture
Ranking/Direction/Alphabet TestMixtures & AllegationsPara jumblesGeography
Data SufficiencySimple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & IndicesMiscellaneousEconomic Scene
Coded InequalitiesWork & TimeFill in the blanksGeneral Policy
Seating ArrangementTime & DistanceMultiple Meaning/Error SpottingScientific Research
PuzzleMensuration – Cylinder, Cone, SphereParagraph CompletionAwards and Honors
TabulationData InterpretationOne Word SubstitutionBooks and Authors
SyllogismRatio and Proportion, PercentageActive and Passive Voice 
Blood RelationsNumber Systems  
Input-OutputCoding-DecodingSequence & Series
Coding DecodingPermutation, Combination & Probability

SSC CHSL Syllabus: Tier-II 

Module-I of Session-I (Mathematical Abilities)

Module-I of Session-I (Mathematical Abilities)
Number SystemsComputation of Whole Number
Decimal and Fractions
Relationship between numbers
Fundamental arithmetical operationsPercentages
Ratio and Proportion
Square roots
Interest (Simple and Compound)Profit and Loss
Partnership Business
Mixture and Alligation
Time and distance
Time and work
AlgebraBasic algebraic identities of School Algebra and Elementary surds (simple problems)Graphs of Linear Equations
GeometryFamiliarity with elementary geometric figures and facts: Triangle and its various kinds of centres
Congruence and similarity of triangles
Circle and its chords
Angles subtended by chords of a circle
Common tangents to two or more circles.
Regular Polygons
Right Prism
Right Circular Cone
Right Circular Cylinder
Rectangular Parallelepiped
Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or square Base
Trigonometric ratios
Complementary angles
Height and distances (simple problems only) Standard Identities like sin2? + Cos2?=1 etc.
Statistics and probabilityUse of Tables and Graphs
Frequency polygon
Measures of central tendency: mean, median, mode, standard deviation
calculation of simple probabilities

Module-II of Section-I (Reasoning and General Intelligence)

Module-II of Section-I (Reasoning and General Intelligence):
Verbal and non-verbal type:
Semantic Analogy
Symbolic operations
Symbolic/ Number Analogy
Trends, Figural Analogy
Space Orientation
Semantic Classification
Venn Diagrams
Symbolic/ Number Classification
Drawing inferences
Figural Classification
Punched hole/ pattern-folding & unfolding
Semantic Series
Figural Pattern-folding and completion
Number Series
Embedded figures
Figural Series
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Word Building
Social Intelligence
Coding and decoding
Numerical operations

Module-I of Section-II (English Language And Comprehension)

Module-I of Section-II (English Language And Comprehension)
Sentence structure
Spot the Error
Fill in the Blanks
Spellings/ Detecting mis-spelt words
Idioms and Phrases
One-word substitution
Improvement of Sentences
Active/ Passive Voice of Verbs
Conversion into Direct/ Indirect narration
Shuffling of Sentence parts
Shuffling of Sentences in a passage
Cloze Passage
Comprehension Passage

Module-II of Section-II (General Awareness)

Module-II of Section-II (General Awareness)
Questions are also designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspect as may be expected of an educated person. Questions relating to India and its neighboring countries especially pertaining to
Economic Scene
General policy
Scientific research

Module-I of Section-III of Paper-I (Computer Proficiency)

Module-I of Section-III of Paper-I (Computer Proficiency)
Computer BasicsOrganization of a computer
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Input/ output devices
Computer memory
Memory organisation
Back- up devices
Windows Explorer
Keyboard shortcuts
SoftwareWindows Operating system including basics of Microsoft Office like MS word, MS Excel and PowerPoint etc
Working with Internet and emailsWeb Browsing & Searching
Downloading & Uploading
Managing an Email Account
Basics of networking and cyber securityNetworking devices and protocols
Network and information security threats (like hacking, virus, worms, Trojan etc.) and preventive measures.

Preparation strategies of SSC CHSL:

Time Management: Time management is a critical aspect of success in SSC CHSL. Developing effective time management skills during the preparation phase is essential, especially during the Tier-I exam where candidates need to answer 100 questions in 60 minutes.

Mock Tests: Practice makes perfect, and SSC CHSL is no exception. Regularly taking mock tests will not only familiarise aspirants with the exam pattern but also help in identifying strengths and weaknesses, allowing targeted improvement.

Previous Year Papers: Analysing previous year papers is a valuable strategy to understand the exam trends, question patterns, and the level of difficulty. It provides insight into the types of questions likely to appear in the upcoming exam.

Subject-Wise Tips: Offering subject-specific tips can enhance preparation. For example, focusing on grammar rules for English, mastering mathematical concepts for Quantitative Aptitude, and staying updated with current affairs for General Awareness.

Effective Revision Techniques: With an extensive syllabus, effective revision techniques are crucial. Aspirants should create concise notes, use mnemonics, and adopt other memory aids to reinforce their learning.

Stay Informed: Being aware of the latest updates, exam notifications, and changes in the exam pattern is essential. Regularly visiting the official SSC website and staying connected with reliable coaching institutes like Avision Institute can help aspirants stay informed.

As the journey to crack SSC CHSL Exam 2023-2024 begins, aspirants must approach their preparation with dedication, a strategic mindset, and the right resources. Avision Institute, with its proven track record and experienced faculty, stands as a reliable partner in this journey, providing guidance and support to help candidates realise their dream of a successful career in government service. If SSC CHSL is your aim, join Avision today and start preparing for the upcoming SSC CHSL examination!

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