Check Out The Important Topic in Quantitative Aptitude for Banking Exam

Quantitative Aptitude is the highly scoring subject in the Bank exam that helps you to score at the best. However, students who are participating in the Banking exam consider this subject as one of the toughest to solve. But with the right preparation and guidance from the Best coaching for Banking in Kolkata can help you to score easily in this section. The right coaching will guide you with every topic of Quantitative Aptitude that is important in the upcoming exam of Banking. In this blog, we will discuss the important topic in quantitative aptitude for Banking Exam that will help you to ace things properly. Let's discuss it below.   

Check Out The Important Topic in Quantitative Aptitude for Banking Exam

Number Series:

This section is the easiest one to solve. You will get five questions approx where two to three questions are easy to solve. All you need is one minute approx to solve these questions.

Therefore, do an adequate amount of practice to solve these questions. Do not take more than one minutes on solving these problems. 


This is the important section that brings five to seven questions at a time. You can get a good score from this section by having proper knowledge of "BODMAS".

Practice 10 to 20 simplification questions on a daily basis and memorize the table till 25, square till 30, and cubes till 20 to become pro in this section.


Percentage questions are very common in Bank Exams. You will mostly get these kinds of questions in the DI section. 

Profit and Loss:

These sections also generally come in the DI section. You will find best concept from this topic that mentioned below:

1. Cost Price: It refers to the price at which you purchased from the Market.

2. Selling Price: It refers to the price you sell the product in the Market.

3. Profit or Gain= SP-CP

4. Loss= CP-SP


You will get a minimum one Question from Average that mostly comes in Data and Interpretation of DI Section. 

Time, Speed, and Distance:

In terms of Time, Speed, and Distance all you need to remember three concept to solve the Question:

  • Speed = Distance/Time
  • Time = Distance/Speed
  • Distance = Speed * Time

Ratio and Proportion:

To understand the concept of Ratio and Proportion one needs to go through the syllabus and pattern of CBSE NCERT books. Solve such types of questions to get a maximum score.

Avision Institute is the best Banking Coaching in Kolkata providing the ultimate guidance in the entire section of Quantitative Aptitude for the Banking exam.

Simple Interest:

In terms of Simple Interest you have to understand the concept of Principal, Rate of Interest, and Time that will be divided by 100. You might have the question to calculate Principal, ROI, and Time in the Banking Exam.

Compound Interest:

You will get at least one question from CI in the Banking exam. Learn the basic concept of Compound Interest and Simple Interest to solve the question of the CI. Also, do regular practice of CI and SI questions from the previous year to make these sections stronger.


Coming to the part of probability, this is one of the important terms in the Banking exam. To solve the questions one needs to go through the topic of various sections. Such as Experiment, Outcome, Favourable Outcome, and Total Possible Outcomes. 

Data and Interpretation:

This section is also one of the scoring sections. All you need to have the best knowledge of the Simplification, Number Series, Percentage, and many more. You will get an advanced level of questions in the Mains Exam compared to the Preliminary. The Data & Interpretation section includes following topic below:

  • Missing D.I.
  • Line Graph
  • Table Graph
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Mixed Graphs
  • Caselet

Hence, coming to the part of the conclusion section we understood that every topic is important and we need to have special focus on each topic to score high. Therefore, check out the important topic in quantitative aptitude in the Banking Exam that will help you to score in the real exam. These sections can be well calculated with the guidance of the Banking coaching in Kolkata that will help you with the latest techniques to solve the issues. Enroll to the Avision Institute for the best practice session of the Exam.

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