Amazing Tricks to Crack WBCS Exam 2023 with Avision Coaching

The WBCS preparation takes more than a year, and applicants must study consistently and strategically. A monthly current events magazine and the newspaper are good places for the candidate to start. In addition to studying current events, applicants had to begin taking notes from the NCERT texts. However, an aspirant needs the best guidance of the Top WBCS Coaching in India to crack the WBCS exam this year. In this blog, we will be discussing Amazing Tricks to Crack WBCS Exam 2023 with Avision Coaching. Let’s discuss things in detail below.

Amazing Tricks to Crack WBCS Exam 2023 with Avision Coaching

Proper Study Routine:

A study plan should be created by the candidate based on their strengths and weaknesses. The candidate's educational history is taken into consideration while creating the study schedule for the WBCS exam. Because the candidate will feel at ease discussing subjects related to his or her academic background, the study plan is crucial. As a result, they will devote less time to those subjects. To finish the topics in the least amount of time, divide the entire syllabus into concrete and smaller sections. Always allow an opportunity for the topic to be revised.

NCERT Books Revision:

The greatest place to acquire basic knowledge and comprehension of the subject is through NCERT books. NCERT books methodically and simply present difficult subjects to its readers. The WBCS curriculum bears a strong resemblance to the IAS curriculum, with NCERT books available for every topic covered.

The NCERT books are necessary for WBCS preparation, even though they are insufficient. The applicants should quickly jot down notes regarding the factual material provided in the NCERT books after finishing them. It is recommended that the applicants attempt to compose the responses to the questions that follow each chapter.

Last Year Question Paper Analysis:

The most recent reports from the government and its affiliated agencies should be monitored by the candidates. Because the exam bodies can directly pose questions based on these reports, these reports are extremely crucial. Among them are the reports from the Forest Commission, the Finance Commission, NITI Aayog, state governments, the Union Budget, and the State Budget.
In addition, government schemes are crucial for the WBSC exams. The Union and state governments' state-centric government systems are consistently questioned by the WBPSC. The government programmes and the amenities offered under them should be noted by the candidates.

Preparing Notes:

Making notes for yourself is essential to acing the WBCS exam. During test times, notes are really helpful. The notes you prepared on your own are simple to recall. Having pre-written notes on hand is highly beneficial when making rapid edits. The notes that you prepared yourself are easily editable. As always, candidates should make plans to revise the notes later. For this reason, there should be more blank space. However, our Best Coaching for WBCS is Avison Institute providing notes for all the subjects for the right direction towards your preparation.


The secret to remembering anything is to review. The only way to cover and retain the facts and analysis is to revise often and on time. The WBCS syllabus has to be revised because it is so extensive.

In their study plan, the candidate should include information regarding the revision. After the first reading, the first revision needs to be completed the same day. It is recommended to complete the second revision in a week and the third revision in a month. Within two or three months following the third revision, candidates may request a fourth.

Hence, in the section of conclusion we would like to add that dreams need planning and strategy that will help you to achieve your goal. All you need to do is to get the guidance of the Best WBCS Coaching in Kolkata that helps in providing Amazing Tricks to Crack WBCS Exam 2023 with Avision Coaching. I wish you all the best and success in the preparation for WBCS exam.

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