5 Steps to Crack IBPS PO Exam 2022

weaknesses. If you are a beginner and wondering how to prepare a complete and comprehensive study plan, you are in the right place. IBPS PO exam 2022 is a prestigious exam, and it demands lots of hard work and disciplined study hours.

The best way to cope with an exam is to cover the entire syllabus. The best IBPS PO coaching in Kolkata will help you with your syllabus so you can complete it in time and focus on more and more practice. 

Know Your Syllabus

A study plan depends on how many days you have till the exam. If you are aiming for the IBPS PO exam, 2022, then the first thing you should do is join the best coaching for banking in Kolkata. As a beginner, you must get equipped with the syllabus. 

IBPS PO exam has three stages, Pre, Mains, and Interview. You must prepare for Pre and Main simultaneously, as when you clear the Preliminary exam, there are only a handful of days until the next exam. Thus, it is essential to set a target and complete your pre syllabus in time. The best IBPS PO coaching in Kolkata will help you complete your syllabus to prepare for the next stage.

Three subjects for IBPS PO Pre exam

  1. Quantitative Aptitude 
  2. English Comprehension And Reading Skills
  3. Reasoning Ability

Go through each chapter of all three subjects. Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability have various chapters, while the English syllabus has few chapters.

Divide The Syllabus

It’s time to see which chapters you know by heart and which ones you need to learn from scratch. Divide the syllabus of all three chapters between easy, moderate, and difficult. 

The first step towards succeeding in the IBPS PO exam is to join the best online IBPS PO coaching. You should align your study plan with your topics at coaching. This way, you can practice what you have learned in class at home. 

English may look like the easiest, but it is not. Do not only focus on the chapters that are part of the syllabus but also incorporate the basic grammar in your study plan. Start reading the basics, such as tenses, kinds of speech, articles, phrases, active and passive voice, etc. 

Make A Schedule

Say you are making a 60-day study plan. With the best coaching for IBPS PO, make a schedule that aligns with your classes. If you have already completed your classes from the best IBPS PO coaching in Kolkata, you are a step ahead.

While preparing the schedule, ensure you study every subject every day. Do not discriminate between subjects. Now, divide your chapters into these 60 days. Do not try to finish all the difficult ones first or the easier ones first. Maintain a balance so that you are not tired by afternoon only.

Also, this schedule must specify revision days. Without revision, you will forget everything you had studied during the first week or so. The best approach is to make a study plan, where you study six days a week and revise everything on the 7th day. It will give you a break from your topics while keeping you up to date. 

Follow The Plan

Life is full of distractions, but they have no place in the life of a candidate preparing for the IBPS PO exam 2022. A study plan is successful only if you follow it. If you have planned to finish quadratic equations in two days, ensure that you do so. Then only there is a point in reading this article and making a study plan. 


Without including practice in your study plan, it will not work. Divide your syllabus so that you have at least ten days for practice and practice only. Take out previous year’s papers and mock test papers to assess your progress. But you must solve papers once you have completed your syllabus; otherwise, they will only lower your confidence. So, do incorporate practice as a part of your plan. 

The best coaching for banking conducts mock test series after syllabus completion. Join them to boost your confidence and tell you the areas where you must focus now. 

Make a study plan, follow it religiously, and success will come to you itself. This guide will help you make a complete study plan that fits you perfectly.  

IBPS PO exam preparation is not difficult with the best online IBPS PO coaching in India. The expert faculties and their well-crafted syllabus help you a lot in your journey. Join today! 

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