12 Month Study Plan for LIC AAO Preparation 2023

Candidates shouldn't wait until the last time to score well in the LIC AAO 2023 exam. Here is a study schedule that can be useful for applicants who have not yet begun their preparation and are awaiting the announcement of the exam date. Candidates who are currently preparing for exam must assist with the Best coaching for LIC AAO that can quickly review the pros & cons of preparation. An expert-curated study schedule for candidates to ace the LIC AAO exam is offered in this post. Although there is still plenty of time for candidates to study for the LIC AAO test because the dates are still far off, they should calmly go over each part, including Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English Language, General Knowledge, and Professional Knowledge, and cover the LIC AAO 2023 syllabus, with information on how to prepare, how much time is allocated for each unit, and more.

12 Month Study Plan for LIC AAO Preparation 2023

12 Month Study Plan for LIC AAO 2023:

Month 1:

1. Start with the fundamentals of Logical reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and the English language. Each section per week. 

2. There are 5 sections: Logic and Quantitative Aptitude, English and Language, Computer Knowledge, and General Knowledge. 

3. Each subject has many sub-topics, and aspirants must prepare a study hourly plan for each section.

4. Read about current affairs on a daily basis and take notes.

Month 2:

1. Start with arithmetic subjects like number series, simplification, percentages, and profit and loss.

2. Learn the keys for computer shortcuts, including Alt + F, Alt + E, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V.

3. Make it a practice to review all of the daily national and international news on the weekends.

4. Increase your vocabulary and review fundamental grammar principles.

Month 3:

1. Review the ideas of Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Simple and Compound Interest, Speed, Time and Distance, Time and Work, etc. 

2. To gain a command over it, parajumbles, the Cloze exam, and reading comprehension are also crucial.

3. Set aside a few days to review the professional knowledge part as well.

4. Answer the associated questions after finishing each topic to determine whether you comprehended the idea or not.

Month 4:

1. The same steps from the prior months should be followed to clarify your understanding of grammar and sentence correction.

2. Regularly review the fundamentals of quadratic equations, and attempt to answer the questions quickly and efficiently to save time on the test.

3. To recall every detail, learn general themes on sports, books, and authors, as well as awards and honours.

Month 5:

1. Even though the Quantitative Aptitude component is large, it needs to be practiced frequently.

2. Learn new ideas and techniques for quantitative topics like data interpretation and reasoning topics like syllogism.

3. Read publications on current affairs to stay informed about what's happening in the world and to improve your pronunciation.

4. Don't forget to practise logical reasoning since there are questions worth 35 marks in the preliminary test and 90 marks in the final exam.

Month 6:

1. Now move on to more challenging quantitative aptitude areas like probability, permutation and combination, metrication, and so forth.

2. Internet and Microsoft Office should be included.

3. Syllogism, Logical Inequalities, Ranking, and the completion of the concept as well as practice in the same month are examples of logical reasoning themes.

4. Continue answering questions from last year's papers and try simulated exams to determine where you stand today.

Month 7:

1. This month covers all the topics and focuses more on quantitative aptitude and logical thinking.

2. Practise your grammar because there are around 5–6 parts from the grammar portion that are questioned. Candidates are suggested to take practise tests and learn the concepts so they may easily receive all A’s.

3. Examine computer topics along with networking, the internet, and MS-Office to become knowledgeable.

Month 8:

1. Look at the entire syllabus for each section, organised by topic.

2. Verify that nothing is missing and that you have covered everything.

3. Don't forget to practise all subjects, including current events and general knowledge.

Month 9:

1. You must have discovered your areas of strength and weakness after training over the last eight months on each component.

2. This month, focus on improving your flaws and transforming them into your strengths.

3. Take a practise of the LIC AAO coaching in India that set after you're finished to gauge how well you did.

Month 10:

1. Start reviewing all of the Quantitative Aptitude, English, Computer, and General Knowledge topics.

2. Regularly take mock exams to gauge your degree of preparedness.

3. Examine your performance to see what needs improvement and where additional practice is needed.

Month 11:

1. Review the hints and techniques for logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude.

2. Review your day-by-day or month-by-month current affairs notes.

3. Take practice exams to evaluate your overall and sectional accuracy and speed.

Month 12:

1. Revision of all Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English Language, Current Affairs, and General Knowledge topics should be done during the last month.

2. Solve old exams and take as many practice exams as you can.

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