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LIC Assistant Overview

You're restless!

Seeking a job and getting to be appointed in a good position are the two things that are probably making you so.

You cannot be blamed though! Read a few articles in the newspaper about the condition revolving around professional lives of people like you; you'd sure be disappointed a little bit.

Added to that, the increasing number of candidates and competition have already created a scarcity of positions with a good salary and  of course, a job security.

Everybody wants to get a decent job with perks. Hopefully, that is still possible in India.

You may be wondering how, right?

Well, no worries! With Avision Institute and its best LIC exam preparation coaching in India, you'd be the candidate who will not be appalled at the anxiety of getting a job. You're surely going to get it. It's just a matter of time.

However, why insurance?

There are a lot of other kinds of job opportunities out there apart from insurance, right?

Well, there are.

But, in this blog, we are going to explain why insurance related jobs might be your one and only career opportunity.

We can interest you in other kinds of professions as well. But, that's going to be another story.

For now, let us learn a little bit about the good things waiting for you at the world of professions relating insurance.

1.Insurance Professions Are Interesting

It's not just the 9 to 5 shift with the same kind of work everyday. Insurance jobs are very popular and demanded because of the interesting challenges that come with it. Not all of these challenges are difficult to overcome. Most of them are pretty simple and easy to win over. But, what you learn from these challenges is that you get to learn a lot of new features about the profession, which you can use later in your own ways to get more benefits.

2. Benefits?

Speaking of benefits, insurance related works gives you tons of facilities that you have probably never expected or considered before reading this blog.

From dearness allowances to house rent allowances to medical or travel allowances; you just need to name it to get it when you're an insurance pro.

3. They Offer You Security

Being secure in a job is something we alllook for. That's what makes us positive about a job. Being the owner of a secure job life also makes us stress free and  help us focus more on our performance. Added to that, job security works as a motivation for us throughput our professional life till it ends.

With a job like the LIC Assistant Officer, you would surely be free of stress. Any of these insurance services offer their employees the best of the perks they should have. But, while providing all of these attractive facilities, the insurance services also offer you the best security not often found or accessed in many other jobs. So, it is therefore, a wise decision if you say 'yes' to jobs of this category. Once you have achieved your position, you'll surely get the security you have been desiringfor long and there is no doubts about that.

Avision Institute comes forward with its variety of supportive measures to help you reach your destination when it is about getting your dream job in the insurance sector (or in other sectors).

Working with students all over the country with many centers, Avision Institute has garnered enough respect and gratitude from its students that helped it become an exceptional brand in the fields of job preparation training.

Avision Institute follows its best methodologies and advanced techniques to teach its students. It directed the experiences of its teachers to create the most engaging and efficient learning environment that can actually help people discover the amazing perks of professional training as well as the surprising progress of performance and its qualities.

This institute has been providing training courses for a variety of causes. It offers training for the much deserved government jobs. It again offers you a good training to crack private job examinations. Moreover, you get training for insurance services and a number of courses designed in an innovative way to help get a good education you dream of. Our services cover a wide array of exam training and can help you achieve your dreams in many areas. If you want quality training with versatile devices and a lot of perks in store; then you can surely choose Avision Institute.

In this blog, we're going to be explaining a little bit about the popular LIC Assistant Officer Examination and what you need to look out for if you're having it as a target.

So, let's learn about it.

LIC Assistant How We Help

How we help can be answered  the best by our services.

However, this blog cannot offer you that, but can tell you a little bit on that.

We have been aiding students  all over India with our quality strategies and dedicated services for a really long time. Thanks to our trainers and their sincere but smart efforts, we can call ourselves one of the providers of effective online coaching for LIC assistant in the country. We are growing too and have been implementing new policies to help our students more.

Our vision is to assist a student make the most out of his or her potential by using integral skills that the person is born with. Often, students do face an issue in understanding these skills or the ways to use them. But, with Avision Institute’s coaching classes and trainers by your side, learning what you can do best with your integral skills and getting them revealed is but a piece of cake.

We not only provide a number of insurance exam training like the LIC AAO, LIC ADO, NICL and many more similar examinations, but we are also the providers of good training and preparation courses revolving a number of government job exams, private job examinations and popular entrance examinations in this country. Few of the courses you will find at our institute are WBCS, SSC CGL, IBPS PO/ Clerk and other bank exams, Railway, CAT, MAT, SNAP, AILET, CLAT, SLAT, LIC AAO, LIC ADO, NICL etc.

There are more to discover at Avision Institute, for which you need to b a student of it. But, we might give you an introductory idea on the particular perks of our services as well.

Let’s learn about a few of them.

  1. We have been able to make our classes interesting by adding innovative teaching techniques that guarantee maximum effectiveness in learning.
  2. We have also tailored our service in the online medium in order to provide uninterested training support to students in the situation of this pandemic.
  3. Moreover, we have composed useful content in the audio/visual medium (academic videos) in order to help you relate more  to studies and learn faster than usual.

Added to all of these, we do have some special perks only for you at Avision Institute. Once you get to be a student of ours, you will surely be the person accessing all of these perks and the benefits they offer you.

LIC Assistant LIC Assistant Officer

LIC or the Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the oldest and the largest enterprises in this country offering hundreds and thousands of people with insurance plans and facilities. Not just people, but LIC has been the professional home for a lot of employees and agents. Now, it has become an insurance giant and there are reasons to call it so.

No wonder  you'd find yourself happy to work in such a brand, wouldn't you?

LIC is also officially.undertaken by the government of India. The job value associated with this brand becomes a significant package of features anyone looks for in a job nowadays.

If you have got to be an LIC officer, then consider yourself lucky.

But what is this assistant officer post? Do you know everything about it? Do you know the exam patterns and other important information related to it? If you don't, then let's find out...

LIC Assistant Vacancy

Usually, the number of vacant positions are updated each year in the official website of the examination.

Last vacancies were already released. But, in 2021.No such notifications have arrived in the official website yet.

It will soon be.

Experts and trainers from institutes offering online coaching for LIC Assistant have speculated a probable number if vacancies. In 2021, as per their deductions, there might be 7,919 vacant posts for LIC Assistants.

Isn't that interesting?

These vacant positions are also distributed particularly for 8 zonal divisions.

You might need to check that in the official website of the exam. Plus, keep visiting the website frequently not to miss important updates.

LIC Assistant Eligibility Criteria

Well, no such strict regulations apply for LIC Assistant's post. But there are some.

You have to be a graduate from a recognized university. As mentioned just now, LIC Assistant exam doesn't mandate any particular percentage of marks to allow you for the test.

But, there are some additional factors based on various other posts. They are:

  1. HSC (10+2+3 pattern): The candidate must have 10 years of work experience.
  2. Matric: The candidate must have 15 years of service.
  3. Non-matric: You need to initially pass an examination of the Indian Air Force or the Navy or any exam of the Indian Army. Along with this qualification, you have to show a total of 15 years of experience.

There would also be a medical test to check if you're physically fit for the job.

Your age limit applies for this post. Your age must come around between 21 years to 28 years.

LIC Assistant Important Dates

Again, checking the website would do you good in case you want to make sure you've kept yourself updated.

For now  dates are not notified in the website.

It will be declared soon.

So, you should better check the website of the exam frequently.

LIC Assistant Salary

This is where you may get interested.

The salary of the LIC Assistant post has been fixed to Rs. 14,000 a month.

But that's not all.

You might get additional perks and privileges on how you perform and where you have been posted.

  1. Some of these perks are:
  2. Dearness Allowance
  3. House Rent Allowance
  4. City Compensatory Allowance
  5. Insurance Allowance
  6. Lunch Allowance

LIC Assistant Syllabus

You might need to study:

For Prelims:

  1. English/ Hindi Language
  2. Numerical Ability
  3. Reasoning Ability

For Mains:

  1. English/ Hindi Language
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. General/ Financial Awareness
  4. Reasoning Ability
  5. Computer Aptitude

LIC Assistant Exam Pattern

Well, everyone gets a little bit nervous while this topic comes into picture, right?

You need not be.

With quality trainers from Avision Institute and rigorous training sessions backed up by the right kind of content, all you should expect is to get appointed and nothing else.

The examination is basically going to happen in two divisions. They are the Preliminary and the Mains examination. You also need to qualify a medical test and a screening test.

Let us know a little bit about the exams now.

Both the examinations are going to be taken in the CBT way, which means the Computer Based Test method. Again, both the examinations are going to carry MCQs with 4 options and correct answer. In both the cases, negative marking is applied.

Divisional time frame is also present in both the exams. It means you need to finish the divisions of an exam within the time frame meant for it. The prelims has 3 divisions with a time span of 20 minutes to complete the exam. So, you get an hour for the full exam. In the similar way, you get 5 divisions in the Mains exam with a time span of 30 minutes, which would give you a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish the exam.

Complicated? Don't worry. Speak to experts working in the best LIC Assistant coaching in India and learn about the exam pattern in a more detailed and organized way. They're going to make this process more planned and linear only for you.

LIC Assistant Conclusion

If you think that you want to make a difference in terms of getting a job or achieving a position, we can say that we can help you in the best ways possible.

We just need to work together. That’s what keeping us both waiting, isn’t it?

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