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RPF Constable Syllabus 2023

Aspirants must be familiar with the extensive RPF Syllabus before starting with the exam preparation process which will be released along with the notification. After knowing the syllabus, the aspirants need to create a study plan and adhere to it strictly in order to be successful in the exam. 

RPF Constable Syllabus PDF

Aspirants of the exam this year must download the RPF Syllabus PDF, they can get the RPF Syllabus PDF subject-wise from the direct link provided below. They can examine the list of topics and syllabus at any moment.

Subject-wise RPF Constable Syllabus

The RPF Constable Syllabus consists of 3 separate subjects, which include General Awareness, Arithmetic, General Intelligence, and Reasoning. Aspirants must possess the knowledge of subject-wise syllabus which will help candidates in preparing for the examination. They can check the complete RPF Constable Syllabus for each of the three subjects in the following sections.

RPF Constable Syllabus for General Awareness

This portion tests the candidate's knowledge of various subjects like current affairs, history, geography, politics, etc. and carries the highest marks in the exam (50) and consists of 50 objective-type questions. We have provided a list of topics included in the General Awareness subject of the RPF Constable Syllabus.



General Awareness


Current affairs

Indian History

Art and Culture




General Science

Indian Constitution

RPF Constable Syllabus of Arithmetics


This section tests the candidate's mathematical knowledge which is worth 35 marks. Aspirants must practice and solve different arithmetic questions daily to score well in this subject.









Number system

Profit and Loss

Whole numbers

Time and Distance

Decimal and Fraction

Ratio and Proportion

Table and Graphs

Relationships between numbers

Arithmetic Operations

RPF Constable Syllabus for Reasoning

Aspirants require sharp reasoning skills and general intelligence as an RPF Constable. This portion will examine the candidate's logical reasoning abilities and analytical skills and consists of 35 objective-type questions and carries 35 marks in total. The following list consists of topics:





Visual Memory

Decision Making

Spatial Visualization

Non-Verbal Series

Spatial Orientation

Problem Solving

Blood Relations

Similarities and Differences

Arithmetic Reasoning


Number Series


Statement and Conclusion

Verbal Reasoning

RPF Constable Exam Pattern 2023

There are 3 different stages in the RPF Constable Exam Pattern. Aspirants can read about all the stages of the exam process in detail below. Here are the 3 stages covered in the RPF Constable Syllabus and Exam pattern designed by the Indian Railways:

Exam Stage

Exam Mode

Stage 1

Computer Based Test (CBT)

Stage 2

Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

Stage 3

Physical Measurement Test (PMT)

Computer-Based Test (CBT)

The first stage of the RPF Exam Pattern is the Computer-Based Test. Examinees need to score at least the minimum qualifying marks in the online exam in order to proceed to the further stages. The exam is of secondary or matric level.

It must be noted all questions are compulsory and carry +1 mark each, as well there is a negative marking policy that is also applicable in the exam, and 1/3 of marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. We have provided the marking scheme for the online multiple-choice exam.

RPF Subjects

Number of Questions


General Awareness






General Intelligence and Reasoning



Total Marks



Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

It must noted that the aspirant must meet particular physical standards mentioned in the RPF Constable Syllabus and display physical efficiency in areas such as:




800 meters run


3 min 40 secs

1600 meters run

5 min 45 secs


Long jump

14 feet

9 feet

High jump

4 feet

3 feet

Physical Measurement Test (PMT)

Applicants must possess the required physical measurements mentioned by the ministry to qualify for the round, otherwise they will be disqualified from the selection process. We have mentioned the RPF Constable height and chest measurements below:



Chest (For Males)















For Marathas, Dogras, Garhwalis, Gorkhas, Kumaonese, and other categories specified by the Indian Government.





Verification of Documents

After clearing all the 3 stages mentioned in the RPF Constable Syllabus and Exam Pattern, aspirants have to verify documents by the regional Railway headquarters or some other office mentioned in their admit card, after which there will be medical examinations, where they will have to answer a few questions to help the exam authorities judge their personality and intelligence.

Important Topics in RPF Constable Syllabus 2023

Here are some of the most important topics in RPF Syllabus 2023 for General Intelligence and Reasoning, Arithmetic, and General Awareness:

      General Awareness: Current affairs, Art and Culture, Indian History, Indian Constitution, Sports, Geography, Economics, etc.

      Arithmetic: Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Mensuration, Time and Distance, Decimal and Fractions, Profit and Loss, etc.

      General Intelligence and Reasoning: Decision Making, Similarities and Differences, Visual Memory, Arithmetical Reasoning, Coding and Decoding, Arithmetic Number Series, etc.

Preparation Tips for RPF Syllabus

It is vital for candidates to be ready with the appropriate plan and move in the right route. Here we have provided some of the RPF Exam Preparation Tips provided by the professionals to assist candidates in covering their RPF Syllabus.

      Create a realistic yet effective study plan to help cover all the topics and allot appropriate time to the more difficult areas. This way, candidates can better prepare for their weak areas and score well in them.

      Go through the entire RPF Syllabus and exam pattern a few times to get acquainted with the minute details.

      Analyze strengths and weaknesses that will help in brushing up on the strengths and improving on the weaknesses

      Candidates must solve as many mock tests and previous year’s question papers as possible before the exam to gauge their preparation and increase their speed.

      Revise the topics that have been covered from the RPF Constable Syllabus regularly, along with the new topics.

      Make sure candidates exercise and sleep well, as they must focus on their physical and mental health before the exam. A healthy diet will help them in preparing for the PET and PMT rounds.

Best Books for RPF Syllabus

Good study materials are essential for preparing the RPF Syllabus. We've provided a list of a few renowned RPF Books. The content of these books is easily understandable and comprises solved sample papers.



Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations


Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Arihant Publications

A modern approach to verbal & Non-verbal reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal

Lucent General Science

Lucent Publications

Lucent General Knowledge

Dr Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

RPF Constable Syllabus FAQs

Q. What is the RPF Constable Syllabus 2023?

Ans. RPF Constable syllabus is divided into 3 sections that carry a total of 120 marks. The subjects candidates must prepare for are General Awareness, Arithmetic, and General Intelligence and Reasoning. To get a decent score in the RPF exam, candidates must give equal importance to all the subjects included in the RPF Syllabus and devote their time wisely.

Q. Does the RPF Syllabus change every year?

Ans. No, the RPF Syllabus does not change every year. However, the General Awareness subject consists of current affairs that change every day. Hence, candidates must keep their general knowledge up to date by reading the news and consuming current affairs regularly.

Q. How many marks does the General Awareness subject carry in the RPF Constable Syllabus?

Ans. The General Awareness section is the most scoring subject in the RPF Syllabus because it consists of maximum questions. The subject carries 50 questions of +1 mark each while the other sections carry 35 marks each. Hence, it is suggested that the candidates start preparing for this subject of the RPF Constable Syllabus early and keep revising to recall the information easily.

Q. Can I prepare the RPF Syllabus in 3 months?

Ans. Although every candidate must start preparing for the RPF Constable exam as soon as possible, Candidates can still give it a fair shot in 3 months. However, candidates must be extremely dedicated to this goal and follow these tips:

      Analyse the RPF Constable Syllabus and Exam Pattern carefully.

      Curate a proper study plan that devotes more time to important topics.

      Solve maximum mock tests and previous year’s question papers.

Q. What is the RPF Constable Syllabus for Reasoning?

Ans. The General Intelligence and Reasoning section of the RPF Syllabus consists of important topics such as Analogies, Similarities and Differences, Spatial Visualization, Spatial Orientation, Problem-Solving Analysis, Decision Making, Visual Memory, and more.

Q. What are the important topics in the RPF Constable Syllabus?

Ans. The important topics from the RPF Syllabus that candidates must give extra attention to are Current affairs, Indian History, Art and Culture, Economics, Mensuration, Percentages, Decision Making, Visual Memory, Time and Distance, Problem-Solving Analysis, Profit and Loss, etc.

Q. Where can I find the RPF Constable Syllabus PDF?

Ans. Candidates can download the RPF Constable Syllabus PDF from the direct link given provided above or from the official website. We have compiled the entire syllabus and divided it subject-wise for your convenience. Thus, candidates can access the comprehensive RPF Syllabus in one place and refer to it anytime while studying for the exam.

Q. Is there any negative marking in exam according to the RPF Constable Syllabus?

Ans. Yes, negative marking is applicable in the RPF Constable exam and a candidate must answer questions accordingly. Candidates will be awarded +1 mark for every correct answer and ⅓ marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. Hence, Candidates must prepare the RPF Constable Syllabus thoroughly to score well in the examination and avoid making wrong guesses while answering questions.

Q. What is the RPF Constable Syllabus for Mathematics?

Ans. Maths or Arithmetic is one of the scoring subjects in the RPF Constable syllabus 2022. It includes various topics such as:

      Number systems

      Whole numbers

      Decimal and Fractions


      Ratio and Proportion



      Profit and Loss, etc.

Q. Which are the best books for the RPF Syllabus?

Ans. The best RPF Book that candidates must use to cover all the RPF Syllabus is Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal, Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publications, A modern approach to Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal, Lucent General Science of Lucent Publications. Candidates can buy it offline or online without any issues.

Q. Is the RPF Constable Syllabus and SI syllabus the same?

Ans. The RPF Syllabus is similar for both RPF Constable and SI positions. However, the difficulty level of the questions will be different as RPF SI is a higher rank than Constable. Hence, candidates must take a slightly different approach while preparing for the SI exam but they can refer to the RPF Constable syllabus to get an idea about the topics they must study for the exam.

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