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RPF Constable Salary 2023

RPF Salary is a motivation for aspirants preparing to crack the RPF exam since along with salary, they furthermore receive benefits and allowances.

The RPF Constable Salary has increased significantly since the 7th pay commission. Those who are selected successfully will get RPF Salary, based on a pay matrix, along with other benefits and allowances that are available to government employees. 

RPF Constable Salary Per Month

The location of posting determines the RPF Salary. With a grade pay of Rs 2000 per month, the average minimum wage varies from Rs 5,200 to Rs 20,200. The maximum salary earned by an RPF Constable is between Rs 26,000 and Rs 32,000 per month as their maximum salary. The population density of the cities is a factor in the RPF Constable Salary structure. According to their population, different cities are categorized as Class X, Y, or Z.

      Class X - Cities with a population of more than 50 lakhs (Metropolis).

      Class Y - Cities with a population between 5 and 50 lakhs (Metropolis+Other Big Cities)

      Class Z - Cities with a population under 5 lakh (Villages+Small Cities).

Candidates can obtain a summary of the RPF Constable Salary by city categorization.

RPF Salary Structure

Class X

Class Y

Class Z

Basic Pay

Rs. 21,700

Rs. 21,700

Rs. 21,700

House Rent Allowances

Rs. 5,208

Rs. 3,472

Rs. 1,734

Dearness Allowances

Rs. 868

Rs. 868

Rs. 868

Transport Allowances

Rs. 3,600

Rs. 3,600

Rs. 3,600

RPF Constable Salary

Rs. 31, 270

Rs. 29,636

Rs. 27,902

RPF Constable Salary In Hand

The basic RPF Constable Salary In Hand is Rs 21,700 in addition to the different allowances and extra benefits. The basic RPF Salary remains the same even if each class has a different salary structure. Thus it doesn’t matter where the officer is posted, they will get the same basic pay.

RPF Constable Salary: Perks and Allowances

There are various perks and allowances under the 7th Pay Commission salary structure in addition to RPF Constable Salary as a part of their jobs.

      Transport Allowance.

      House rent Allowance.

      Night Duty Allowance.

      Overtime Allowance.


      Monthly Pension.

      Ration Allowance.

      Provident Fund.

      House Rent (HRA).

      Educational Assistance

      Pass and Privilege Ticket Orders.

      Medical Facilities.

      Transport Allowance.

RPF Constable Pay Scale

The RPF Constable Salary scale is between Rs 5200 to Rs 20,200, where the grade pay of Rs 2000 also comes along with it. The RPF Salary differs according to classes, in which the officers are divided. The average minimum pay scale of the RPF Constable Salary remains the same, and officers are entitled to many other wage benefits along with it.

RPF Constable Salary and Promotions

The posts of RPF SI and Constable positions have a bright future in terms of career development. The candidate's performance is examined, verified, and assessed when it comes to promotion. The RPF Constable Salary will also increase due to rigorous evaluation of the candidate's performance. 

RPF Constable Salary: Classification of Cities

The pay scale varies from class to class. Aspirants should review the table below that classifies cities according to cities X and Y to better comprehend the RPF Salary structure.

Cities X:

State/Union Territories

Cities X


Delhi (UA)

Telangana/Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad (UA)


Bengaluru (UA)


Navi Mumbai (UA)

West Bengal

Kolkata (UA)

Tamil Nadu

Chennai (UA)

Cities Y:

State/Union Territories

Cities Y


Guwahati (UA)


Patna (UA)




Raipur (UA)/ Durg-Bhilai Nagar (UA)



Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar (UA)/Jammu (UA)


Jamshedpur (UA)/Ranchi (UA)/Dhanbad (UA)

Telangana/Andhra Pradesh

Warangal (UA)/Vijayawada (UA)/Visakhapatnam (UA)/Guntur


Khozhikode (UA)/Thiruvananthapuram (UA)/Kochi (UA)

Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior (UA)/Jabalpur (UA)/Indore (UA)/Bhopal (UA)


Belgaum (UA)/Mysore (UA)/Hubli-Dharwad/Mangalore (UA),


Cuttack (UA)/Bhubaneswar (UA)


Jamnagar (UA)/Ahmedabad (UA)/Bhavnagar (UA)/Rajkot (UA)/Vadodara (UA)/Surat (UA)


Amritsar (UA)/Jalandhar (UA)/Ludhiana


Pondicherry (UA)


Bikaner/Jaipur/Jodhpur (UA)/Kota (UA)


Amravati/Kolhapur (UA)/Aurangabad (UA)/Nagpur (UA)/Nashik (UA)/Pune (UA)/Solapur/Bhiwandi (UA)


Dehradun (UA)

West Bengal

Asansol (UA)

Uttar Pradesh

Moradabad/Agra (UA)/Bareilly (UA)/Lucknow (UA)/Kanpur (UA)/Meerut (UA)/Ghaziabad/Gorakhpur/Aligarh/Allahabad (UA)/Varanasi (UA)/Saharanpur

Tamil Nadu

Salem (UA)/Coimbatore (UA)/Tiruchirappalli (UA)/Tiruppur (UA)/Madurai (UA)

RPF Constable Job Profile

RPF Constable service involves the safety and security of railways property and passengers and the post is full of important responsibilities and requires outstanding levels of integrity, morality, and honesty. The pointers below sum up key role of the RPF Constable job profile.

      Maintaining law and order and ensuring peace inside the railway premises.

      Protecting the amenities and properties of the Indian Railways.

      Providing protection to all the passengers travelling on the Indian rail.

      Tracking issues and collecting data involving railway security.

      Taking necessary action in case of any crime during the train journey.

      Regularly patrolling the train during the journey to make sure no notorious activities take place.

RPF Constable Salary FAQs

Q. What is the RPF Constable Salary?

Ans. The RPF Constable Salary ranges from Rs 26,000 and Rs 32,000 per month. However, the post also offers many additional perks and benefits that might be even more appealing to some candidates. Candidates must go through the list of allowances to get a better idea before applying for the RPF Exam for Constable and Sub Inspector positions.

Q. Is there a change in the RPF Constable Salary after the 7th Pay Commission?

Ans. Yes, there has been a considerable increase in the RPF Constable Salary since the 7th Pay Commission. Government employee benefits and wages were revised as a result of the 7th Pay Commission across all departments and job profiles.

Q. What benefits are included along with the RPF Constable Salary?

Ans. Apart from RPF Constable Salary that differs from class to class, an RPF Constable also enjoys numerous other perks. These perks are in addition to their basic monthly salary and include allowances like

      House Rent Allowance.

      Transport Allowance.

      Night duty Allowance.

      Ration Allowance.

      Over time Allowance.

Q. What is the RPF Constable Salary for Class X cities?

Ans. There are six cities that come under the Class X category and these cities are Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Greater Mumbai. The RPF Constable Salary structure for Class X cities is as follows:

      Primary Salary - Rs 21,700.

      House Rent Allowance - Rs 5,208.

      Dearness allowance - Rs 868.

      Transport Allowance - Rs 3,600.

      Total Salary - Rs 31, 270.

Q. How much Transport allowance (TA) does the RPF Constable Salary include?

Ans. An RPF Constable receives a travel allowance of Rs 3600 along with the basic RPF Salary. The travel allowance is fixed and doesn’t change according to the city the officer is posted in. Hence, all RPF Constables get the same amount of travel allowance in addition to their monthly salary.

Q. What is the dearness allowance in the RPF Salary?

Ans. The dearness allowance is a percentage of the primary salary that is added to the basic salaries of government employees. This allowance depends on the basic salary of the officer as well as their home rent. A candidate can expect a dearness allowance of Rs 868/- along with the primary RPF Salary.

Q. What is the RPF Constable job profile?

Ans. The job profile of an RPF Constable mainly includes protecting the passengers travelling by Indian Railways as well as the property owned by the Indian Rail. They are responsible for maintaining security and order inside the Railway premises and taking action in case any crimes are committed during train journeys.

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