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RPF Preparation Tips 2023

Aspirants need a proper preparation plan to pass the exam. Thus in order to help the deserving candidates, we have provided the best plan to help them be selected for the position of Sub Inspector and RPF Constable.

The RPF Recruitment takes place at the national level to recruit eligible candidates for the post of RPF Constable and SI. They can check RPF Preparation Tips 2023 below.

RPF Preparation Tips Subject-Wise

Aspirants should have a good insight into the exam pattern and subject-wise weightage of the examination. They can go through the study and RPF preparation tips for different subjects and start following them to gain a high score in the exam.

RPF Preparation Tips for General Awareness

This is one of the most important sections from the exam point of view. Out of a total of 120 questions, 50 will be asked from this section only, which gives it more weightage. They must be very disciplined in revising this section.

1.     Current Affairs are vital for this examination. Candidates can check AVISION'S Exam Prep, weekly & monthly PDF for current affairs which are relevant to the examination.

2.     For the Static Part, they must refer to Lucent G.K. to cover this section's important aspects. This book is sufficient for the GK section; it will contain the static GK, which will have topics from History, Geography, Polity, Economics, etc., along with important general science parts. Also, there is a separate book for General Science from Lucent Publication which will only cover the science part.

3.     They can also download the General Science Questions for the railway exam. They must also attempt AVISION'S Exam Prep General Knowledge Quizzes & Railways GK Challenge Quizzes regularly to check where they stand in the competition. Candidates can check the PDF below and must do revision as much as they can.

      Weekly & Monthly Current Affairs PDF - Download Here

      Most Expected GK Questions PDF for RPF Constable /SI Exam - Download Here

      Sports Current Affairs - Download Here

      Complete List of Awards & Honours - Download Here

      Important Summits & Conferences PDF - Download Here

      India Ranking in Different Indexes - Download Here

      Science Questions PDF (Part 1 -5) - Download PDF.

      Complete Science Notes PDF - Download Now.

RPF Preparation Tips for General Intelligence and Reasoning

The Reasoning section is scoring too. It requires analytical skills and a good presence of mind to tackle questions in this section. We have provided the RPF Preparation Tips for strategy for the general intelligence and reasoning topics:

1.     Similarities and Differences & Discriminating Observation include problems based on the Odd One Out logic of the same category, meaning, & direction finding. Practicing these types of questions will help you find the different types of logic that are being interpreted.

2.     Syllogistic reasoning problems are mainly based on the application of the Venn Diagrams and how to solve Venn Diagrams. If one learns the concepts of this topic well, then it will be easier to attempt questions from this section.

3.     For problems based on Mathematical operations, one needs to substitute the signs with the given set of operators. Relationships-based problems can easily be tackled with the help of the family tree concept.

4.     Arithmetic Number Series formation questions are based upon a particular logic like square number series, Cube Number series, Arithmetic Progression, etc. Candidates need to learn the square numbers from 1 to 50 and the cube numbers from 1 to 20. For the number series part, one must memorize the standard series.

5.     In these last days of revision, aspirants must solve as many questions as possible because once you become familiar with the patterns by practicing the different types of questions, you will be able to score good marks. Aspirants should attempt AVISION'S Exam Prep Reasoning Quizzes regularly, which will give the same experience as the exam and help enhance their preparation.

RPF Preparation Tips for Mathematics

The key to score is going through all vital concepts of the mentioned topic in the syllabus. Revising the basics of these chapters and practicing on the questions based on these topics, such as whole numbers, decimals, fractions, age calculations, relationships between numbers, fundamental arithmetical operations, number system will help them a lot.

1.     The Arithmetic section comprises the important portion of the Quant Section. Hence, aspirants need to master this section, and apart from the basic knowledge, one must go through the important types of questions repeatedly asked in competitive examinations. Chapters from this category are averages, percentages, simple and compound interest, ratio and proportion, profit, loss & discount, time and distance, time and work, pipes & cistern, etc.

2.     Percentage plays an important role in mastering the arithmetic section & the key point to mastering it is to learn the values of the important fraction in percentage form, which are:








11(1/9) %




10 %


33(1/3) %


9 (1/11) %




8 (1/3) %




7 (9/13) %


16(2/3) %


7 (1/7) %


14(2/7) %


6 (2/3) %


12(1/2) %


6 (1/4) %

Last Minute RPF Preparation Tips

Aspirants should keep revising more and make plans as soon as possible because time is running out. We have listed a few of the essential tasks one has to perform during these last days of RPF Preparation.

      Revision is necessary: The most important phase of preparation is revision which increases candidates' self-assurance and makes them more knowledgeable about the subject.

      Allocate Time for Important Topics: they must allot a set amount of time for important topics and become familiar with the different types of questions.

      Complete and evaluate mock exam: Practising mock tests will not only help them align their performance following the time but also increase their question-solving speed.

      Consider Questions Carefully: The questions chosen by candidates can make or break their chances of passing. They must identify the weaknesses and thus avoid mistakes during the exam.

      Topic-wise Preparation: they must have access to the required books and other study tools for the RPF exam. They must cover the syllabus into its parts to ensure thorough coverage of each..

Best Book for RPF Preparation

In order to prepare for the RPF syllabus, aspirants must have comprehensive and useful study materials. We have included a few renowned RPF Books with easy understandable and solved sample papers.



Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations


Fasttrack Objective Arithmetic

Arihant Publications

A modern approach to verbal & Non-verbal reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal

Lucent General Science

Lucent Publications

Lucent General Knowledge

Dr Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

AVISION'S Exam Prep Reasoning Quizzes


AVISION'S Exam Prep Maths Quizzes


RPF Preparation FAQs

Q. How to prepare for the RPF Exam?

Ans. To gain a good score in the RPF exam, candidates must curate an effective study plan that covers all the topics from the RPF Syllabus. Candidates must follow a timetable to cover all the important subjects first and make time for revision. Also, it is crucial to look at the previous year's question papers and solve mock tests.

Q. How much time is needed for RPF preparation?

Ans. Since RPF is a government exam that is taken by lakhs of candidates every year, you must dedicate a good amount of time to prepare for it. Candidates must begin their RPF preparation at least 6 months before the exam date and study for more than 4 to 5 hours every day. Picking the best book for RPF Preparation can help you streamline the process.

Q. Is RPF preparation possible without coaching?

Ans. Candidates can study for the RPF exam without receiving professional coaching, despite the fact that it is one of the most prestigious exams in the nation. Candidate must need proper dedication and sincerity while preparing for the exam and a sound RPF Preparation strategy that will help cover all the topics in the RPF Syllabus. Candidates can refer to Avision's Exam Prep website for mock tests and notes for preparation.

Q. How to manage RPF Preparation along with a job?

Ans. While it can be challenging to prepare for a competitive exam while doing a job, it is not impossible. Candidates must devote a particular part of their day to RPF preparation and study using the best book for RPF preparation. Also, it is imperative that they refer to previous year question papers and solve mock tests to identify their weak areas and revise the topics they have covered.

Q. Which is the best book for RPF preparation?

Ans. Candidates can go through the above section to learn about the best book for RPF preparation for each subject in detail. Here are some of the best RPF preparation books:

      Lucent General Science

      A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

      Fasttrack Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publications

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