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RPF Books 2024

RPF Books 2024 is the most important study resource for aspirants of RPF Exam since preparing for the RPF exam is easier when candidates have the best and most suitable study materials. They can use the list below of the best RPF Books to prepare for different stages of the exam and find out RPF books that would be useful in covering the entire syllabus.

RPF Books for Mathematics

Aspirants should study good books from which they can practice sufficiently. Check the list of RPF Books to prepare for the Mathematics section below.

Books Name


Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations


Fasttrack Objective Arithmetic

Arihant Publications

Objective Arithmetic

S Chand

Quantitative Aptitude for all Competitive Examinations

Abhijit Guha

AVISION'S Exam Prep Maths Quizzes


RPF Books for Reasoning

Reasoning is a scoring section and candidates must aim to prepare in properly. It is important that candidates choose the books which provide them with the best tips and tricks for the same. Check the list of RPF Books for the Reasoning section below.

Books Name


A modern approach to verbal & Non-verbal reasoning

Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

A new approach to Reasoning

B S Sijwali & S Sijwali Arihant

Analytical Reasoning

M K Pandey

AVISION'S Exam Prep Reasoning Quizzes


RPF Books for General Awareness

Those who are preparing the General Awareness section should choose the correct RPF Book with enough practice questions. Here we have provided a list of General Awareness books for the RPF Exam below.

Books Name


Lucent G.K.

Dr. Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

Lucent General Science


AVISION'S Exam Prep Science PDF



Read any good newspaper regularly

Important of RPF Books

Aspirants must work hard up until the exam day to pass by making use of the best RPF Books.

      It will save candidates time to read from books rather than needing to write down the syllabus and look for study materials online.

      Additionally, it offers an in-depth and conceptually sound covering of the entire syllabus, assisting applicants in gaining a firm comprehension of the subjects.

      It also simplifies the candidate's fundamentals, enhances memory, and also contains practice questions. As a result, candidates must use the RPF Books specified above in order to pass the exam.

How to choose the best RPF Books?

Aspirants should consider the key elements listed below when it comes to selecting books:

      By going over a sample test or exam from the previous year, candidates can identify the subjects or areas where they lack experience.

      Look over the list of books that are available right now for each topic.

      Candidates can read online reviews and features to see if it meets their needs.

      A book with lots of practice questions and an explanation of the ideas is preferable.

RPF Books for Preparation

Aspirants must avoid selecting too many books and study materials because it will likely confuse them and risk their study objectives.

      The book must contain the entire syllabus for that subject.

      Always choose books that provide sample examinations and answers to RPF Question Paper of previous year's exams. Before the exam, it's essential for candidates to complete as many questions as they can.

      Verify the year of release and edition before purchasing any books or study materials for the RPF exam. The most recent editions of the book will have fresh information, images, and other relevant items.

      Select the book that is both highly suggested by the mentor or instructor and covers all the necessary subjects by looking through the book indexes.

      If RPF Books are recommended by well-known writers or respectable publishing companies, they are more trustworthy and valuable. There will be a discussion on every important topic.

RPF Books FAQs

Q. Why is checking RPF Books important for preparation?

Ans. It's important to get the best RPF Book for preparation. Candidates who are preparing for the exam can get the books for each subject of the RPF Exam here. Candidates can learn a lot about a topic by reading books and also can take notes while avoiding the internet as well as other distractions.

Q. Can I finish studying for the exam with RPF Books in three months?

Ans. The amount of time needed to study for the RPF exam depends on how quickly the candidates finish the entire RPF Syllabus and begin completing practice tests and revision. Depending on candidates preparation plan and selection for the RPF Books, three months may be regarded as sufficient to finish the preparation.

Q. What are some of the best RPF Books for Mathematics?

Ans. Candidates can refer to the following RPF Books to prepare for the mathematics section of the exam. These books consist of many practice questions as well as explanations with each answer for easy understanding and conceptual clarity.

1.     Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R.S.Aggarwal

2.     Fasttrack Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publications

Q. Which is the best RPF Books for Reasoning?

Ans. A modern approach to verbal & Non-verbal reasoning by Dr. R.S. Agarwal is considered to be one of the best RPF Books that candidates can use to prepare for various topics that are asked in the exam.

Q. What are the benefits of preparing from RPF Books?

Ans. Preparing from RPF Books ensures that candidates are able to find information about the exam from one place. These books also consist of various practice questions which can help in better preparation. RPF practice set book is especially helpful in ensuring candidates are able to practice a wide variety of questions from all topics

Q. What are the best RPF books for General Awareness?

Ans. Lucent's GK is referred to as the best RPF book for General Awareness. Additionally, candidates can also refer to AVISION'S Exam Prep General Quizzes to practice their knowledge of current events and general awareness daily.

Q. Why should I use the RPF Books to study?

Ans. Candidates can save time by using RPF Books because they contain all the essential topics from the syllabus. Additionally, they feature practice questions that can assist candidates to improve their preparation and gauge how well they have done thus far.

Q. How should I prepare with the RPF Books?

Ans. Maintain a list of reliable research sources. Exam experts suggest using RPF Books to make sure you can access all of your study materials in one location rather than searching through various websites. Make thorough chapter-by-chapter notes highlighting important ideas, formulas, or basic factors that will be more thoroughly examined.

Q. How should I pick the best book for the RPF 2024?

Ans. Among the options available, choosing the best RPF Books for preparation is essential with the competition in mind. To properly study for the exam, choosing quality books for RPS Preparation is essential. When choosing a book for the exam, candidates should consider the following:

      The book covers the entire syllabus.

      The topic covered in the books are in simple language and way to understand.

      It has an excellent set of RPF Question Papers for practice.

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