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NDA Interview 2023

NDA Interview (SSB Interview) chooses the appropriate candidates and is conducted for a period of 5 days. The interview is conducted by the Service Selection Board to select the candidates for the Navy, Army, and Air force in the National Defence Academy which comprises two different stages.

Those who clear the NDA Exam will be called for the NDA Interview 2023. The first stage of the interview procedure will comprise the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and Picture Perception and Description Test (PP and DT), while the second stage consist of command task, conference, psychology test, and group testing officer tasks. 

NDA Interview Process

The SSB Interview will be held for 5 days. Below are the interview procedures for all days.

NDA Interview Day 1 - Screening Test

      Candidates will be screened on the first day of the interview, based on the non-verbal intelligence and verbal test, which will be followed by the PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test).

      The intelligence test will consist of a total of 50 questions from both non-verbal and verbal reasoning.

      Here, in the PPDT test, the candidate will be shown a picture for 30 seconds, and then the candidate has to narrate the story in under a minute.

NDA Interview Day 2 - Psychology Test

      Self Description Test - 5 questions related to teachers, family, friends, and perception about yourself .

      Word Association Test -  15 words will be shown that would be used in our day-to-day life. The candidate has to write what comes to his mind when he sees those words.

      Situation Reaction Test - Here, a booklet consisting of 60 different situations is given. The aspirant has to respond to the questions in 30 minutes.

      Thematic Apperception Test - Similar to the PPDT test, they will be shown 12 pictures, and they’ll have to write a story based on the picture. Each picture will be displayed for 30 seconds, and the aspirant has to write the story in 4 minutes.

NDA Interview Day 3 and Day 4 - Group Test by GTO

      Group Planning Exercise - Here, one candidate will be provided with a real-life problem for which he/ she has to give a solution. After giving the solution, the candidate has to explain the issue with the group and will have to provide a mutual solution.

      Group Discussion - The whole group will discuss the topic given by the group testing officer. The officer shall monitor every candidate of the group in this discussion.

      Snake Race - Two groups have to contend with each other in this test.

      Progressive Group Task - This test will have four stages. You have to cross them with your group members with the help of materials like a wood log, rope, etc. The challenge of a barrier will keep on rising.

      Individual Obstacles - This is an individual task that will have 10 stages, and it should be completed in 3 minutes.

      Lecturette - Here, every candidate has to give a lecture on any specific topic for 3 minutes.

      Command Task - The candidate shall be made as a commander, and he/ she will have to free the barrier using his/ her two juniors.

      Half Group Task - This task is similar to the progressive group task, but here, your group will be divided into two halves.

      Final Group - This is the final GTO test, in which the candidate has to clear a few barriers along with the group. The personal interview will be conducted along with the GTO test.

NDA Interview Day 5 - Final Assessment and Conference

      The final test will be conducted individually by a group of officers. The main intention of this round is to test the attitude and confidence of the candidate towards general troubles in life.

      After conducting an individual discussion with the candidates, the panel will announce the results within an hour.

      The final shortlisted candidates will have to undergo a medical examination which will be conducted after 3 to 4 days.

NDA Interview Preparation Tips 2023

Here we have provided some useful NDA Interview Preparation Tips that will boost their preparation.

      Candidates must know the entire process and procedure of the interview and understand it clearly.

      Candidates have to be fit and healthy as it is mandatory to go through physical tasks during the SSB Interview Process.

      They have to improve their communication skills, to perform well in the personal interview rounds and group discussions.

      They have to stay updated with all current affairs through magazines and newspapers.

      They must focus on personality development and practice using professional and alert body language to leave an appropriate impression in the minds of the interviewers.

Some Common NDA Interview Questions

Following are a few Common Questions for NDA Interview are as follows.

1.     Why do you want to join the Defence Forces?

2.     If you are a repeater, then why have you not cleared SSB in the previous attempt?

3.     Whenever you go through any issue in your life, who do you do, or how do you work it out?

4.     How did you travel to reach the SSB centre? What were the notable stations you came across in between, and how did you pass your time in the train?

5.     Tell me something about CPEC. What are the names of the ports it joins?

6.     Can you guess the estimated volume of water in the glass on my table?

7.     As all of us have some ideal in our life, may I know yours and why you think he or she is your idol?

8.     What characteristics do you see in a person before making them your friends?

9.     What qualities make you fit for this role in the Indian armed forces?

10.  What is the South China Sea, and where is it located. Also, tell me its importance.

NDA Interview FAQs

What are the documents that I should carry for the NDA interview?

The candidates have to carry the following documents for the NDA Interview

      Original 10th, 12th and degree certificate to support your educational qualification.

      Identity proof along with address proof

      NOC (Applicable only for candidates who are currently working for government organisations).

      Original ticket copy ( if the candidate is eligible for travel allowance)

      Cast or category certificate. (Applicable only to reservation candidates)

      20 Passport size photographs.

      Risk certificate for minor candidates signed by guardian/ parent.

What are the reasons to get rejected in the NDA interview?

If you were a part of the NDA Academy earlier and due to the lack of inappropriateness, shall not be appointed again and will be disqualified in the interview.

Do I have to pass in both the NDA interview rounds?

Yes, both the NDA interview round cut off will be considered for the candidate to get shortlisted.

Is it mandatory to fill the PIQ form before the NDA interview?

Yes, personal informative questionnaire form has to be filled before the interview begins.

How long will the NDA interview be conducted?

There is no fixed time for the interview, it could last for more than an hour, or sometimes it’ll get over in 30 minutes. It varies from person to person.

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