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LSAT Tutoring and Instructors

Working as an instructor or LSAT tutor is one of the most common careers for persons who have a high LSAT score.LSAT tutors earn an average of $23,345 per year, according to Glassdoor. Depending on the organization, though, this figure can rise to $48,000.

Law  Clerk                   

Many law school hopefuls can work as clerks for various legal firms after passing the LSAT with excellent grades. However, among law students, competition for law clerk positions can be fierce. According to Glassdoor, the national average law clerk salary is $27,287, which is quite low.

Legal secretary

A legal secretary position is another possible career move you might make with your LSAT score. Essentially, this job comprises supporting firms with legal document creation, editing, and filing, both general and legal-related. According to PayScale, the average legal secretary's pay is $54,015. This is a solid starting point for entry-level jobs in general, but it is far from the most lucrative career path in the industry.

Legal Assistant 

Legal assistant job postings are fairly popular, and they are sometimes confused with paralegal employment. The average legal assistant income, according to PayScale, is $46,870, which is lower than the average for legal secretaries. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic career option to pursue because the experience and on-the-job training will prepare you for greater and better things. 

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