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LIC Assistant Salary 2023

Those recruited as Assistants in LIC are paid according to the 7th Pay Commission. According to the latest LIC Assistant salary, the basic pay of a LIC Assistant (Clerk) is Rs. 14,435/- per month on the scale of Rs. 14,435-840(1)-15,275-915(2)-17,105-1030(5)-22,255-1,195(2)-24,645-1,455(3)-29,010-1,510(2)-32,030-1,610(5)-40,080 and other admissible allowances as per rules.

There are many emoluments included in the salary which are House rent allowance & City compensatory allowances wherever depending upon the classification of the city and meal coupons will be approx. to Rs. 30,000/- per month. The gross annual LIC Assistant salary lies in the range of INR 3 to 3.4 lakhs.

LIC Assistant Salary Structure

The basic LIC Assistant salary is Rs. 14435-840 (1), 15275-915 (2), 17105 - 1030 (5), 22255 - 1195 (2), 24645 - 1455 (3), 29010 - 1510 (2), 32030 - 1610 (5), and 40080 on the scale. There are additional allowances in accordance with the law, which are the following:


      Medical Allowance


      Transport Payment

      Static Compensation

      Other Allowances

LIC Assistant In-Hand Salary 2023

The LIC Assistant in-hand salary is the amount an employee receives in their hand, with other deductions being carried over. Those recruited for the position can expect to make between INR 28,000 and INR 32,000 a month, according to the estimate from the prior year. There is a difference between gross and net salaries, which is that deductions from the gross compensation, such as payroll tax, occupational tax, and other company policy deductions, are subtracted from the salary.

LIC Assistant Perks and Additional Benefits

Recruited individuals are eligible for many other perks along with the LIC Assistant salary 2023, as outlined in the LIC rules and regulations. It is important to note that the compensation and other benefits may vary depending on the location. The following are some of the perks granted to LIC Assistants.

      House Rent Allowances (HRA): This depends on the employee's job location. If LIC Assistants are assigned to metropolitan cities, big cities, or other locations, the HRA can be as high as 9%, 8%, or 7% of the LIC Assistant basic pay, depending on the region.

      City Compensatory Allowance (CCA): This varies by job location and can be as much as 4%, 3%, or 0% of the LIC Assistant's basic income.

      The Dearness Allowance (DA): The Dearness Allowance is a quarterly adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). It accounts for 40% of the base salary. Because the CPI is based on the rate of inflation, it fluctuates a lot. As a result, DA fluctuates a lot.

      Allowance for Lunch.

      Insurance Allowance: As per LIC norms, group personal accident insurance, vehicle loan (2-wheeler), and so on.

      Defined Contributory Pensions, Gratuities, and Other Benefits.

LIC Assistant Job Profile 2023

All those who wish to work as an Assistant should know the LIC Assistant job profile 2023. The following are some of the major work responsibilities of a LIC Assistant.

      Daily dealing with customer grievances.

      Processing and analyzing all the documents related to Insurance Documentation and checking their authenticity.

      Handling documents related to policy claims, settlements, accounts, etc.

      Handling both online/offline transactions.

      After the appointment, the candidate will be on probation for a period of 6 months, which might get extended to 1 year.

      Performing duties of Clerical Staff, including Cashier, Single window operator, Customer Service Executive, etc.

      Handling cash counters and working on files given by Assistant Manager.

      Assisting in back-office work.

LIC Assistant Career Growth and Promotion

Apart from the LIC Assistant salary, there is enormous career growth and promotion. Employees receive promotions based on LIC's internal requirements as well as their expertise and interests after they have been hired. Those employees with good performance are promoted early.

      It provides you with time-based promotions.

      Employees get promotions based on their years of experience and performance.

      Employees also get a chance of promotion via Departmental exams.

FAQs on LIC Assistant Salary

Q. What is the LIC Assistant salary 2023?

Ans. The gross annual LIC Assistant salary 2023 will be in the range of INR 3 to 3.4 lakhs. LIC Assistant salary structure has basic pay of Rs.14435-840 (1) - 15275-915 (2 ) - 17105 - 1030 (5) - 22255 - 1195 (2) - 24645 - 1455 (3) - 29010 - 1510 (2) - 32030 - 1610 (5) - 40080 on the scale.

Q. What are the LIC Assistant benefits?

Ans. Assistants have additional advantages in addition to their LIC Assistant salary and allowances. Candidates will be informed of all benefits once they have been selected for the post.

Q. When will I get an increment in my LIC Assistant salary?

Ans. There are yearly increments in LIC Assistant salary. After one year on the job, candidates will receive their first raise.

Q. What is the LIC Assistant job profile 2022?

Ans. LIC Assistants are typically in charge of clerical work as well as dealing with customer complaints. They perform Cashier, Single Window Operator, Customer Service Executive, and other clerical services.

Q. What are the LIC Assistant allowances?

Ans. LIC Assistants are eligible for various benefits, including Dearness Allowance and House Rent Allowance. In the official recruitment notification, candidates can find a detailed list of allowances granted to the LIC Assistant.

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