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Preparation Strategy for LIC Assistant 2023

We will present some of the preparation strategy in detail and the key preparation tips which must be followed by aspirants in the remaining time span. They must follow the below-mentioned points to achieve success in LIC Assistant Prelims exam-

Strict Time-Table -First & Foremost Step!

(1) For the remaining 25 days, they must plan their time in a smart manner.

(2) follow the plan religiously and schedule all breaks, sleep cycles, and the study time within the time limit of the timetable.

(3) Cover the entire syllabus properly by breaking the tasks into smaller ones. Thus, a student should divide and redivide the topics of each section and practise them accordingly.

(4) Give more attention to important topics. Mark the important points with a highlighter and afterward, revise them anywhere you get the time.

(5) Watch the video sessions related to syllabus as well as exams and practice as much as possible. 

Mock Tests -Test Yourself!

(1) Attempting mock tests is the best way to analyse preparation level. Aspirants can learn time-management as well as handling exam pressure during the actual exam.

(2) by attempting the mock test, they can easily know how much improvement is required in each section. You can easily do the SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis afterwards and can work upon them to improve.

(3) Regular practice of mock tests will help you a lot in improving your speed as well as your accuracy.

Attempt LIC Assistant Mini Mocks from here

Practice - It makes you perfect!

(1) As the old proverb says, 'Practice makes a man perfect', it's the foremost advice to practise as much as you can.

(2) Practice concepts of each and every section. They can take two sections to practise in a day like Reasoning and English on a day, while Quantitative Aptitude on the next day followed by a mock test.

(3) Now only a few weeks are left for the exams so start with practising more and more quizzes and mini mock tests which are available on gradeup. Then analyse the performance.

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Speed and Accuracy - The Required Elements!

(1) Due to the introduction of sectional timing, speed and accuracy have become vital in the selection of the candidates. They must work & focus on speed as well as accuracy to score well in all the three sections.

(2) As a smart approach, they must solve the easier questions at first and leave the tough ones for later. Once they are done with easy to moderate questions, they can switch on to or try tough questions, if time allows.

(3) Aspirants are advised not to devote too much time on a single question. Spending too much time on a single question will waste precious time.

LIC Assistant Prelims 2023: Weekly Study Plan

 So follow these tips as well as the study plan whole-heartedly and remember  -

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” - Beverly Sills

LIC Assistant Preparation Tips FAQs

Q. How will attempting LIC Assistant Mock test help me?

Ans. Attempting LIC Assistant Mock Test will help you in effective reinforcement of the entire syllabus and bring out the areas of improvement so that you can work on them thereby enhancing your perfromance.

Q. Should I make a time-table for LIC Assistant preparation?

Ans. Designing an effective time-table is very beneficial in preparing for LIC Assistant exam. A time-table will help you in proper time management and so help in covering all the topics in an adequate time.

Q. Is practicing LIC Assistant question papers enough to clear the LIC Assistant exam?

Ans. Practising LIC Assistant question papers will give you an idea about the nature and type of questions that can be asked in the exam. But just practising LIC Assistant question papers is not enough. Candidates have to study thoroughly the entire syllabus with time to time revision for the fruitful results.

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