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CLAT What To Study

Here nothing changes. CR, Single statement questions, and DEDUCTIVE and Conditionals.


In paper 1 arrangements were asked, while in paper 2 they asked Blood relation, number, and letter series but the number of ques is only 6 and 4 respectively. So one thing is sure no questions must not be more than 8. But they can ask all variety of questions which we teach in the classroom. All questions are doable though.


Paper 1 more calculative + they have asked a caselet based on TSD concept while in paper 2 they have asked reasoning based DI along with calculation based. Paper 2 is more analytical than paper 1. So the student must cover a variety of questions based on Calculation based DI As well as Reasoning based DI. But both papers are easy to moderate level. A student must also cover all conceptual topics like TSD, basic algebra(only linear equations), percentages, averages, Ratio, Work–Time, etc and even probability because on any topic they can ask caselet type questions as we have asked in mocks.

If we give 15 mins time for this section, 10–12 is a good attempt.


GK section of the latest sample paper, released by CLAT CONSORTIUM, was quite good. There was only one passage, based on ART AND CULTURE, that troubled all the students. Except that all other passages were average. The average score could have been 26 to 28 in this section and 30+ could have been a good score. The questions are intended to test the depth of understanding of different events. Avision Institute is providing the Law coaching classes in India in the various zone. We provide the updated GA/GK section on a daily basis. There is also one topic mentioned in the UG CLAT SYLLABUS i.e. HISTORICAL EVENTS OF CONTINUING SIGNIFICANCE, that has not been asked in any of the two sample papers. While the focus of the passage will be on recent events, questions may test you on HISTORICAL INFORMATION related to such events. 

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