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67th BPSC Study Plan 2023

BPSC 67th exam will begin in the last week of August 2023. Aspirants must focus on preparing for the upcoming exam. We are providing a comprehensive and detailed week wise study plan for the aspirants of the 67th BPSC Prelims Exam along with complete BPSC study material both in Hindi & English. 

BPSC Study Plan 2023

Aspirants can find out the best study material notes and PDFs which will help them know the basics of each subject. The following article covers the week wise study plan for History, GS, Geography, Polity, etc. 

67th BPSC Study Material


Bihar PSC Study Material (Hindi & English)

Week 1

History of Ancient Bihar: Part-1: Click Here

Chronology of Indian History: Click Here

Indus Valley Civilization: Click Here

Early Vedic Period: Click Here

Later Vedic period: Click Here

Buddhism & Jainism: Click Here

Shishunaga Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty, Mahajanapadas, Haryanka Dynasty: Click Here

Mauryan Period: Click Here

Week 2

History of Ancient Bihar: Part-2 Click Here

Foreign Invasions in India Click Here

Kushana Empire Click Here

Gupta Period Click Here

Sangam Age Click Here

Chalukya Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty Click Here

Palas, Rashtrakutas and Pratiharas Click Here

The Rajput States Click Here

Week 3

History of Medieval Bihar

Vijaynagar and Bahmani Kingdoms Click here

Delhi Sultanate Part-1 Click Here

Delhi Sultanate Part-2 Click Here

Mughal Empire Part-1 Click Here

Mughal Empire Part-2 Click Here

Mughal Empire Part-3 Click Here

Mughal Empire Part-4 Click Here

Week 4

History of Modern Bihar: Part -1

Bhakti and Sufi Movement

The advent of Europeans in India

Peasant Movements in India

Tribal Revolts in India

Revolt of 1857

Political & Socio-religious Organization Before INC

Governor-General and Viceroy of India

Week 5

History of Modern Bihar: Part -2

Indian National Movement: Part-1

Indian National Movement: Part-2

Newspapers and Journals during British India

Indian National Movement: Part-3

Education during the British Period

Revolutionary Movements During British Period

Development of Press during the British Period

Week 6

Geography of Bihar

Post Independence Consolidation of India

Land Revenue System

Indian monuments and their builders

Classical Dances, Folk Dances and Martial Arts

Indian Paintings

Famous Temples in India

Indian schools of Ancient Indian Philosophy

Week 7

Tourism in Bihar

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites in India

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

GI Tag

Puppetry, Theatre Forms, Musical Instrument

Mughal Architecture

Architecture During Delhi Sultanate

Ancient Indian Architecture

Week 8

Minerals and Energy Resources

Mahatma Gandhi: Father Of Nation

Important Articles of the Indian Constitution

Historical Evolution of the Constitution

Making of Indian Constitution

Preamble, Union and Its Territory, Citizenship

Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties

Directive Principles & State Policies

Week 9

Agriculture, Transport & Industries in Bihar

President of India

Vice President of India

Indian Parliament Notes

Indian Judiciary

Constitutional Bodies

Non-Constitutional Bodies

Governor, Council of Minister and Chief Minister

Week 10

Vegetation in Bihar

Lokpal and Lokayukta Act

Representation of People's Act

Basic Structure of the Constitution

Anti-Defection Law

Essential Commodities Act


Public Interest Litigation

Week 11

Bihar Basic Information: General

Political Philosophies

Important Amendments

The local Government system

Five Year Plans

National Income

Various Price Indices in India

RBI and Monetary Policy

Week 12

Industries in Bihar

Different type of Unemployment


Poverty in India

History of Banking in India

Money Market

Capital Market

Balance of Payment

Week 13

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Bihar

Introduction of Union Budget

Microeconomics Notes

World Trade Organisation

NITI Aayog and the Important Reports

International Labour Organization


India and the Administrative Units

Week 14

First in Bihar

Physiography of India Part-1

Physiography of India Part-2

Drainage System in India

Soils and Agriculture in India

Important Lakes in India

Indian Climate Notes

Natural Vegetation in India

Solar System

Week 15

Important Tribal Revolts in Bihar

Census 2011

Important Dams in India

Minerals in India

World Geography Part-1

World Geography Part-2

World Geography Part-3

Interior Structure of the Earth

Week 16

Summary of Bihar Budget 2021


Geomorphic Processes

Classification of Clouds


Important Tribes of India

Important Straits

Environmental Conventions

Coral Reefs

Week 17

Mediterranean Type Climate

Steppe Type Climate

Agriculture in India

Ozone Layer, Ozone Hole Recovery

List of Thermal Power Plants & Nuclear Power Plants

Important Scientific Laws and Theories

Diseases and their Affected Area

Environmental Organization in India

Acid Rain

Week 18

Biotechnology and Its Applications

Missile Technology

Environment & Ecology Part-1

Environment & Ecology Part-2

Biodiversity Hotspots

Tiger Reserves in India

Biosphere Reserves

National Parks

Ramsar Wetlands

Ozone Depletion

Week 19

Ocean Acidification

Environment Pollution

Biogeochemical Cycles

Climate Change

Sulphur Cycle

Phosphorus Cycle

Important facts about India Part-1

Important facts about India Part-2

Week 20

List of nicknames of Indian Cities

List of Important Indian Cities on River Banks

Famous Sports Personalities in India

International Organisations Notes

National Symbols of India

Tricks to Remember Wildlife Sanctuaries in India





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